2019 update

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This fall I continued to work on the Critical Code Studies book (to be published with MIT Press) and launched a few new projects. A new version of Salt Immortal Sea was featured in the gallery of the ELO 2018 conference in Montreal. The kids and I enjoyed sharing Mrs. Wobbles, episode 4 Spy E.Y.E. at IndieCade. I also presented on teaching Fake News at the 4Cs conference with Talan Memmott (my co-teacher at UAC), Robert Emmons, and Dennis Jerz. You can see the syllabus for my Fake News course with exercises here. The kids and I are working on the next Mrs. Wobbles story (my daughter’s “The Land Down Under”) and the Hallmark Holiday Movie generator bot.

Recent Publications

  • Salt Immortal Sea: an interactive storygame about the endless return of war.
  • Spy E.Y.E., the latest episode of Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House
  • Baksteps: a netprov about self-improvement apps with Rob Wittig
  • Behind your Bak: A netprov about the joys of push notifications (also with Rob)

This Spring

  • Teaching a course in digital literature at USC
  • Finishing up the Critical Code Studies Book
  • Publishing Special Issue of Hyperrhiz: Buzzademia: Scholarship in the Internet Vernacular. (with Anne Cong-Huyen & Kim Knight)