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Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine HouseTempspence netprovOccupyMLAMarginalia in the Library of BabelLiving WillLA Flood ProjectHallmark Holiday Movie BotStravinsky's MuseA Show of Hands12 Easy Lessons to Better Time TravelGrammar Porn ClassFake News CourseBestieFoneChanging Faces Lofo

Flight of the CodeMonkeys: An interactive fiction in which readers change the outcome of the story by changing the computer code that makes up the story. Published in New River Journal.

Coronation: A webcomic, chronicling my family’s experience of the COVID-19 quarantine.

Salt Immortal Sea: A storygame that adapts the tales of the Odyssey to the Syrian Civil War, made in collaboration with John Murray, Joellyn Rock, and Ken Joseph. Published in New River Journal.

Monstrous Weather: Twine adaptation of a story-cycle netprov

Netprovs: Online Improvised Literature. Many of my recent projects are collaborative writing games created with Rob Wittig and our featured players through Meanwhile…netprov studios. See more about them and sign up for updates!

Hallmark Holiday Movie Bot: A Twitterbot that generates synopses for the kinds of movies typically found on the Hallmark Channel. Written with my children.

Souvenirecuerdos: A poetic meditation on the sweet sadness when the party (academic conference) is over.

Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House: The first four stories of a larger anthology of children’s stories set in a magical foster care home. I have written these interactive stories in collaboration with my two children.

E-Sig, a micro-novel published one-sentence at time in my email signature.

Speidishow: a month-long netprov featuring an imaginary reality show for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. The netprov included multiple characters, large story arcs, and weekly episodes live tweeted by featured players and Speidi-fans at large. (Collaboration with Rob Wittig)

Reality: Being @spencerpratt
A 3-week netprov about an unknown British poet who finds Reality TV-star Spencer Pratt’s phone and uses his Twitter account to play poetry games with Spencer’s followers and recount his courtship of his two love interests, Una & Duessa.
See a description and Twitterlog here. This collaboration with Rob Wittig was published in the Electronic Literature Collection, vol. 3.

Living Will:
As an heir to the fortune of the Coltan-magnate ER Millhouse, you can expand your inheritance or become buried in medical and legal fees as you peruse his living will and discover the story behind the fortune he pillaged in the Congo. Written on the Undum system, this story-game combines a choose-your-own-adventure platform, character stats, and a literary hypertext aesthetic. Living Will was shortlisted in the New Media Writing Prize 2012 and was published in SpringGun Press. It has been translated into French for bleuOrange.

Occupy MLA:
A year-long netprov about a fictional occupy movement of adjunct faculty fighting for their dream to secure tenure-track jobs in higher education. See my page about this project.
See the Twitter accounts: @occupymla
Members: @changercharles @comphaze @juanahang
A longer rationale and discussion here.
Read the complete Tweets here.
(Collaboration with Rob Wittig)

The LA Flood Project
a locative-media narrative & netprov about an epic flood hitting Los Angeles, created by a collective called LAinundacion. The locative-media narrative was written across the surface of Los Angeles using Google Maps. The netprov was conducted on two separate occasions over Twitter.
Read more about the project here.
Navigate the map of narratives and monologues.

The Colonization of Memory
A locative corpse (combination locative narrative and exquisite corpse) set in Bergen, Norway.
Written with The Hanseatic Semiotic Traders League (a.k.a. Fiskekaker)
The Colonization of Memory used a variety of constraints, including dates and icons from the Nordic primstav, and a procedural authoring system or algorithm to create a look at the epochs that have written and rewritten Bergen’s history as though etching on a palimpsest.
This piece was published in Hyperrhiz.

a show of hands:
An adaptive hypertext novella, “a show of hands” follows the story of the sisters de la Palma, whose fates draw them into the Immigration Reform marches of 2006 in Los Angeles. Published in Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2. Also adapted into a play, which won 2nd place in the Repertorio Espanol Nuestras Voces competition and was a regional finalist in the David Mark Cohen playwrighting competition.

The Ballad of WorkstudySeth : As Seth Yoo (and a succession of lesser workstudies) takes over my Twitter and Facebook feeds, he documents his exploits and reflections. (2009) Published in 2011 in SpringGun Press issue 5.

Grammar Porn: A Summer Seminar for UnderAcademy College: For those who get their kicks correcting other people’s grammar. Students included: Claire Donato, Jeff T. Johnson, Suzy Hawkfire, Andrew Klobucar, Michael J. Maguire, John Murray, Scott Rettberg, Sonny Rae Tempest, Rob Wittig, Maya Zalbidea, and others who wished to remain nameless.

Marginalia in the Library of Babel [Updated Link]:
An annotated meta-narrative that follows the path of a man into the Web.

12 Easy Lessons to Better Time Travel (PC, MAC)
a hypertext narrative about a young man stuck in a moment.

Labyrinth: The Rulebook without Game
an experimental Flash narrative on games and their manuals.

Stravinsky’s Muse
a Flash narrative about a man, his conflicting loves, and the words in his head.

22 Short Films about Grammar:
A series of intense, artistic expressions on grammar in our world, as illustrated by the Sims.

Bunk Magazine: new media satire zine
The Los Wikiless Timespedia
What does the Los Angeles times do to save itself from the assaults of modern news technology?

A Quiet Laugh,” a short story published in Piedmont Literary Review December 2000

Panda with Care,” a short story published in Booklovers. August 1999

Equivocado,” a short story published in Arkansas Review. December 1997

What is Electronic Literature? Watch this? Or go here!

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