2022 Fall Update

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The new academic year starts with strong momentum. The 2022 Critical Code Studies Working Group was a great success. Building on that, Jeremy Douglass and I continue to work on editing the special issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly. That WG also inspired 2 new book projects. Details forthcoming. Also, the kids and I are working on 3 new Mrs. Wobbles stories, including the first ever print edition. As always, Rob and I have a new netprov brewing. The Spring 2022 Netprov was Grumple.

Recent Publications:

  • We launched the NEW Mrs. Wobbles homepage! It’s got teacher materials and more!
  • Entanglements: Diving into Fishnet Stockings, published in The Digital Review, written with Jessica Pressman and Diana Leong
  • Hopping Time, a hypertext on the anniversary of Julio Cortazar’s Rayuela, to be featured at ICIDS 2022.
  • Common’Hood, a video game I wrote for has been nominated for Indiecade 2022
  • Review of Aesthetic Programming in by Winnie Soon and Geoff Cox in Cultural Studies
  • Forked Chapter of Aesthetic Programming created with Sarah Ciston, explained here.
  • Coronation: A webcomic, published daily by me and my family.

Upcoming talks:

  • SLSA, The Society for Literature Science, and the Arts, October 6-9, 2022
  • 4S, The Society for Social Studies of Science, December 7-10, 2022
  • Workshop Digitale Schriftlichkeit, Germany December 16, 2022

I’ve been doing experiments with AI-generated art and TikTok. Follow me here.