Coronation webcomic

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a webcomic born during the Coronavirus outbreak
and subsequent social isolation of 2020,
written by me with my family.

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Introductory Video from COVID-19 Art Exhibit



Feb 3D shoots a basket: He went out with a bang by making the last shot of his hs career a three pointer. That's clutch! Caption by AI

Feb 1
B and J stand in fab outfits. Second panel Harry Styles. Caption by AI: J: I feel like I could be in a Harry Styles Concert Looking this good. Harry: You were!



Feb 2
D surrounded by Mama and Papa and coaches on Senior Night for Basketball: We're  proud of this tall basketball player on his journey to the next level


Stranger Things

Jan 9
Reminding the kids what renting movies was like, I pose in a video rental set. Freddy Kruger makes fun of me.

Jan 6
Papa and J holding hands out with powerful blasts standing before Stranger Things.

2023 Begins


For the Holidays

Page Jan 4
Lyric: And decide when we go out or stay at home. Top photo: our family at restaurant smiling at camera. Bottom: Mama and D lying on flor by tree with baby Ace the dog.

Page Jan 3
lyric: We want to keep lockdown just a memory. The family decked out stands on the stairs

Page Jan 2
lyric: Whether we're with friends or we're alone. top photo: Marinosmwith Schaafs. Bottom: Marinos alone posing with joy

Page Dec 26
collage a beach photos, song: To California and some time out on the beach. D sees a Christmas sea star.

Page Dec 22
Papa with a large dreidle mascot

The family at the Mission Inn light display


The Altitude of Gratitude

Page Dec 2
Ace reaches the heights with Mama and D lying down!

Page Dec 1
Ace compares hiking to rolling around on the floor

Page December 9
Bday ringing with a lil bit of singing. Karaoke fun

Page December 8
uncommon ramennwith jenna, cousin Diane, and Beth

Page December 7
a breakfast beachside at paradise cove with Beth

Page Dec 5
Fine dining with a fine sis at In N Out

Page Nov 30
Ace asks if we do the hiking by choicd but gets a lesson in Pittsburghese. Hiking up hill with all yinz

Page Nov 29
Ace tries to wrap his head around hiking

Page Nov 28
Ace asks J and D about family hikes

The family a top a high hill.


Fall antics

Page 698
Ace visits usc to see J. Says Not bad

Page 697Mother and Daughter (as a child) amid Pumpkins

Page 696
Papa and D clown with pumpkins. Papa says I'm here for scale.


Seasons Change

Page 695
D in a creepy skull mask and Ace saying it scared the Scooby  Snacks out of him.

Page 694
J as Queenie

page 693
Sometimes our real heads poke through (the photo stands at a farm with scarecrows and Wizard of Oz)

Page 692

Page 691

Page 691
The legendary Chuck and Sam with Uncle Jim!

Page 690
Chris and Laurie pay tribute to their dad

Page 689
Appreciating famiglia with Signorellis

Page 688
Test in Peace to Eugene Pasquinelli

Page 687
D's last first day of school!

Page 686
Andrew? Check. And his fam!

Page 685
plants, check; roomies, check

Page 684
Dropping off j at school, literally, as she plops onto her bed.

Page 683
Seasons Change, D hugs J goodbye before she heads off to school


Imagining with AI

Page 682
Papa with Nana, Uncle Arthur and Aunt Michelle

Page 681
imagining grandkids

Page 680
Future scenes: js graduation, a family book signing, d at the keyboard, Marino family musical

Page 679

Page 678
AI rendering of me and D laughing over a story we wrote together

Page 677
Back to the beach, artificial B and me on the beach.

Page 676
Mama, J, and  dog, dreamy images from AI, such a little j

Page 675
J in another AI style on her first day of school.

Page 674
And I could only imagine Jenna's first day of the new semester, AI images of J

Page 673
when you don't  have any photos of your son from the first day of school, AI drawn images of D

Page 672
an AI generated picture of our family dancing

Page 671
Papa and Mama dance, drawn by Ai

Page 670
an ai image of arguments, meg ryan and richard Dreyfus

Page 669
Imaginary photos of Mama and Papa at the beach.

Page 668
Getting AI to imagine scenes, like me kissing B

Page 667
Dreaming with AI: Peace in the Ukraine, scenes of military parades, soldiers with arms up, a Ukrainian flag

Page 666
Imagining with AI: The end of the COVID pandemic, images of doctors and the COVID virus


Getting Covid
Page 648

Gene, Mama, and D in a giant bird nest acting like birds
Page 647
Gene and Ann with birds!

Page 646
a gaggle of Schmitzs, Grandma, Mama, and her siblings

Page 645
Nana sends papa food up on the chair lift, chicken soup, lobster

Page 644
i quarantine in my childhood bedroom. My caricature welcomes me back.

Page 643
COVID finally catched up to me. A text exchange with Diane mentioning my symptoms and my positive test results

Page 642
text messages from Diane abt people reporting COVID positives after the wedding.

Page 641
D plays hide and seek, Nana with groups of fam at table.

Page 640
3 Generations believe it or not: Crystal and Ria, Beth and Gigi

Page 639
and the celebration continued at Nana's house. Nana blows out the candles.

Page 638
At the wedding, Diane gives a shoutout to Nana for her birthday

Page 637
Let's rewind. Remember that wedding, with all those people, in that great hall. Photos of the guests.

Page 636
Let's not forget why yhis comic is called Coronation. And then I got COVID


The Road of Wine & Romance
Page 635
celebration of love from year 1 (Diane and Bri) to year 25 (us) and beyond (George and Joan Kolonay)

Page 634
And can't forget to wish my big sis a happy bday!

Page 633
Diane and Bri thank the romantic who made the whole event happen: Happy Gimore

Page 632
Fun on Mount Washington, since we are so inclined: photos of Galardis on the top of Mount Washington atop the Pittsburgh incline.

Page 631
Wedding shots of Bri and Diane. Bri: But the Marinos don't have the market cornered on romance. Priest: Come back in 25 years. Di: That's a date!

Page 630
Getting more marriage inspiration from some romance Champions(Syni and Richard Champion)

Page 629
Taking a Page from an expert couple (the Pages), seeing an engineering marvel (dam), with a marvelous engineering mentor (John Page)

Page 628
And today we celebrate 25 years at Lake Tahoe and Sonoma. Papa says, Cuz I Lake you a Lot. B: 25 years. P: So, no ma puns?

Page 627
At the winery of St. Francis, Mark says, Make me a channel of your pinot. And Barbara says, quoting the prayer of St. Francis, Forgive him. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.

Page 626
Jack London's Office. Sorry, I am not turning your office into a shrine. Ok, says Papa, giving it to a state park will suffice.

Page 625
And roadside blackberries are good in any vintage! (picking berries on bikes)

Page 624
The fruits of the (wine) caves of Gundlach Bundschu

Page 623
Meet Meet the self-appointed Count of Buena Vista Winery, the first Sonoma winery. The Count says, Self King, you have met your match.

Page 622
We set out on bikes through Sonoma. First winner Bartholomew Estates, photos of biking

Page 621
Mama and Papa toast with text a road of wine and romance


Meet Ace
Page 620
Ace snuggling with Jenna says, I cracked my first case: The case of the missing family dog!

Page 619
Ace with Sherlock hat and pipe says, I have a lot to put in my pipe and smoke.

Page 618
Ace curls up in Mama's lap. Sometimes I disguise myself as a kitty.

Page 617
Ace plays with D on the floor: Some of my methods are a bit unorthodox, more like unortho-dogs!

Page 616
So Meet Ace Marino, Pet Detective

Page 615
Ace investigates a tree, sometimes suspects like to hide from the detective.

Page 614
Ace sniffs around some leaves and says, but instead of a detective for pets what if the pet was the detective?

Page 613
Having seen Ace Ventura, Ace says, I saw this movie and got an idea.

Page 612
Ace says he's awfully fond of Birthday girls as J blows out candles above.

Page 611
Or am I the Rescuer, asks Ace, embraced by J.

Page 610
Sometimes I wonder, says Ace, if I am the one who was rescued. and he snuggles with Mama.

Page 609
Ace the dog lounges and says, I'm a rescue

Page 608
Ace looks straight at us and says, Nice to meet you!

Page 607
Meet the newest Marino, Ace the dog who says, I am  ot a pandemic pooch.


Back at Home
Page 606
shots from ciclavia in South LA, including an oldtime bike with a Victrolla on the back and a Skeleton Coca Cola bike next to a guy with a God is Good shirt.

Page 605
Slurpee day celebration with fam. observed seven 11 and in November outside U.S.

Page 604
Dragon Boat races on Echo Park Lake, paddling straight intot he fountain and so are we!

Page 603
Pics from the LA Lotus Festival with the family including a lotus flower, dance, and our lady of the lake

Page 602
The fam in Swan boats on Echo Park Lake. Hey, says D, can't swans pedal themselves?

Page 601
2nd Smash. Rojo Mojo rear-ended on the 710.

Page 600
Back to immersive theater, Signals by Last Call Theatre, Are they making the play or are we? asks Mama. Both says and actor

Page 599
And Home means time out with friends for tasty food. Photos of our trip out with Lei's family to Chinese restaurant

Page 598
We need to keep Mamas and Babies safe and healthy, saya Fara sitting next to her mom in the window. Below is our family on the 4th and bow more pictures of mamas and daughters.

Page 597
Back at Home means family friends. Ping Pong brings families together, but if you want to be serious about it (Barbara and Mrs. Erike play a mean game of ping pong) bring out the moms!

Page 596
But we made it to the concert safely. Thanks, Mom. The Hollywood Bowl without masks!

Page 595
Everyone was okay, but Andrew's car Newton (a Scion) got totaled

Page 594
Images of Cinque Terre Coast: I was home only a few hours when I thought Wouldn't it be nice to remain in that Cinque Terre frame of mind, when the phone buzzed...

Page 593
Meanwhile... Back at Home, Papa snoozing on the plane..


Cinqua in Cinque

Page 592
Photos with the Plankenhorns in Florence, eating Panini

Page 591
More photos from ELO 2022. Ciao, Como. Ciao, Gelato. Ciao, Leo (outgoing ELO Prez.)

Page 590
Many thanks to Gio di Rosario, Mateo, and the whole ELO italia team!

Page 589
Hablando Español en italia, Vero Gomez, Tina Escaja, Maria Goicoechea, Maria Mencia, and Perla Sasson-Henry

Page 588
Various selfies at ELO italia with Leo Flores, Søren Pold, Lyle Skains, Sarah Ciston, Lai-Tze Fan, Samya Roy, Serge Bouchardon, and Hartmut Koenitz

Page 587
Pics from Lake Como with speech bubbles: I think-que I heart Like Cinque. And Also Como in Slow Mo

Page 586
Shots from the Cinque Terre hike: Vistas, vineyards, jewel-like towns, rustic steps

Page 585
I find a statue of St. Francis, which I hope my Great Aunt Frances who had passed that day.

Page 584
photos from Cinque Terre: I finally made it. Il Gigante statue says Benvenuto a Cinque Terre. Beach and charming building. Monterosso

Page 583
Graffito: Don't forget to address who you are becoming. Tree covered building: I am becoming a forest. Mark before Leonardo da Vinci: I am becoming more pretentious. Mark with Anastasia and John: We are becoming tourists.

Page 582
Photos from Mark's talk at Casa della Cultura

Page 581

roof of duomo. Statues and I say, It was Ascension Thursday, so I went up.

Page 580
our steps start in Milan where the ancient story medium (Duomo) shares a piazza with the new (Netflix)

Page 579
I am standing before Cinque Terre, saying, in My 50th year, I dreamed of Going to Cinque Terre, Italy

Vol. 40

When Masks Come Down

Page 544
A jigsaw puzzle. Marinos and Dansers work on it: B: um, fewer pieces next time. When Covid is not the biggest puzzle anymore.

Page 543
Mama, J, Andrew, and his mom: B: We are found of fondu. A: My mom and I like it too!

Page 542
Students with goats. Student: We are two G.O.A.T.S. Goat: Not Baaaaad. Student eith goat on her back: Getting goat yoga corrections.

Page 541
More scenes from Papa's students' goat yoga project. What do you call this pose, Coach? Downward Goat? More like Skeptical Goat!

Page 540
Papa in yoga pose with goat on back: I am sorry for pooping on your back says the goat. Well, says papa, as Covid has taught us, poop happens.

Page 539
A Meeting: What are you? A goat. I'm a Doodle. How nice!

Page 538
And time for goats. Introducing Gizmo and Doc, 2 goats interacting with students.

Page 537
Christina laughs with D. The return of laughter...unmasked!

Page 536
Marinos and Gahans (Michelle, Christina, and boyfriend Andrew) all clustered on couch: Now we can gather closer with friends

Page 535
Papa in front of Tommy Trojan with and without a mask. What Happens When Masks Come Down?

Vol. 39

Year 3 Begins: Spring Break

Page 534
Michelle: It's a little sunny in this seat. Nana, It's Always Sunny in Pittsburgh. Uncle Arthur: TGIF and Papa, cuz it's Always Friday when you can reunite with your family!

Page 533
Turns out Hallmark movies are a year-round thing, though they can make you sleepy! Papa and Nana (asleep) before a Hallmark movie in March.

Page 532
Belated Happy St. Pat's from a Pittsburgh institution: Eat N Park

Page 531
a Bevy of Brodricks and Kelleys. Out to dinner with Mom!

Page 530
Papa with the Petris stand beforea Bob Evans farm mural. And even in Pittsburgh you can take time out on the farm.

Page 529
A visit with Great and Francey: On a break, it's important to make time for some conversation, she says.

Page 528
Uncle Arthur and Papa: Masks and Batman sweatshirt: How do we beat the Covid blues? asks Papa, Uncle Arthur replies: quick to the Bat mobile!

Page 527
Uncle Jim, Papa, Nan, saying, Nice Lobby! I Know isn't it? Nana: But I want to be in the Room where it Happens (music notes)

Page 526
Uncle Jim, Laurie, Nana, saying: And We are here to see Alexander Hamilton. Uncle Jim is testing to see if we think he is smiling in his mask

Page 525
From the seats Nana and Papa say Finally back to seeing plays. Raise a glass to vaccines!

Page 524
A night of Theatre with Mom and Uncle Jim, but Papa and Uncle Jim quibble about using the American or British spelling.

Page 523
Uncle Jim stands before ice cream and says It's important to stock up on necessities.

Page 522
And the trip begins with a stop to see Uncle J, Laurie, and the boys

Page 521
A yellow plane,  Year 3 begins with a snowy trip to Pittsburgh for Spring Break

Vol. 38

And in other news…

Page 520
picture of Ds broken foot with toe tattoo from Dr. Tam

Page 519
D crammed in a conpact car with his broken leg

Page 518
D in the kitchen cooking while sitting on wheelie chair: adapting to new conditions

Page 517
D playing piano with briken leg: But Covid timea have taught me to be more flexible

Page 516
xray of Ds brokwn bone and note: so when we were done with covid we had to deal with this

Page 515
Image of Ds brokwn leg with note that sometimes domestic news happens even closer to home

Page 514
Headlines of US embargo of Russian oil: Of course, Domestic and International matters are not entirely unrelated

Page 513
Gas prices well over $5: And the pain at the pump

Page 512
news reports of inflation: And in the US people feel the pinch in the price of milk

Page 511
Ukranians with gas masks: Ukrainians are forced to upgrade their masks

Page 510
Headlines about the Ukraine invasion: Covid falls to a more pressing global threat.

Page 509
a map of the Russian Ukraine invasion with caption: followed by Ash Wednesday

Page 508
And it's Mardi Gras! Of course Barbara leads the parade: images of B leading dancers around a zydeco band

Page 507
Headline: Russia invades Ukraine. Picture of Putin. caption: And in other news...

Vol. 37

Meet Tommy Omi

Page 506
Papa and D: Cuz if omicron were the final word in Covid... they would've called him Omicron

Page 505
J says to papa, Wait! You made up Tommy Omi just to get people to stop pronouncing Omicron with a long o?

Page 504
J sticks swab up her nose and winces. Tommy: What's Tommy Omi's favorite kind of music? Disco! Cuz I love the Boogie!

Page 503
Photo of family at fast food restaurant. Why is Tommy Omi like fast food? He goes In-n-Out!

Page 502
Shots from bball game: Why does Tommy Omi make fans wear masks but not players? Cheering is Infectious!

Page 501
Tommi Omi Send us Into a Pit of Dithering, special guest Daniel Temkin who is at Honor Fraser with his Dithering project.

Page 500
Tommy Omi in front of a masked Mark and J frowns saying, All this masking and vaxing is so rude, it's downright inhospitalable

Page 499
Some wild Covid And Stock market charts: I'd say tommy gives charts Arrhythmia, but i dont have the heart

Page 498
Why did the government take so long to send out free rapid tests? They had to use snail mail, says a speeding Tommy Omi over a recently received test

Page 497
D on the screen of a computer on the counter of the kitchen: Tommy Omi asks, Why was the boy videochatting with his dad from the other room? He was waiting for normal life to ReZoom!

Page 496
A negative Covid Test: How is Tommy Omi like a bad student? It's positive it passed a test even when it failed

Page 495
Tommy Omi asks How does he turn adults into punished adolescents? He makes them Quaranteen. A shot of a closed bedroom door with food out and a request for more wine

Page 494
positive results for D and B and a new character Tommy Omi

Vol. 36

Really, 2022?

Page 493
remembering Aunt Carol and Uncle Dick with a photo of her and WC Fields bc he would have enjoyed that.

Page 492
Paul and Min, married for 75 years

Page 491
Paul Pagano and his granddaughters, a passage abt him by J. Bathanti, talking abt his service during WWII

Page 490
B is recovering, we here of the news of Paul Pagano's passing

Page 489
more text messages of B symptoms, fever chills

Page 488
B shows symptoms, D asks how to do laundry

Page 487
text message updates on D, his test is negative, meanwhile in the burgh...we get word b is sick

Page 486
B has a pounding headache, is arranging a test for d

Page 485
weighing options, changing flights is too expensive, getting D tested

Page 484
News comes in that the bball tournament is canceled due to covid

Page 483
as a plane lands, B and D plan to take a covid test before his game

Page 482
Barbara alone at home with xmas decorations

Vol. 35

Holidays Together…at last

Page 481
Nana, The Marinos, and the Harts but missing one person B

Page 480
Mark with the Petris

Page 479
the fam with the great aunts!

Page 478
the cousins stand before a giant Heinz Pickle

Page 477
the kid cousins at the PPG skating rink

Page 476
the fam opening gifts wearing party hats

Page 475
Glamorous Gals: J, Ria, G, G, and B

Page 474
Gathering around Nana's tables.

Page 473
Cousins with fries and tunes in the van with Funcle Mark

Page 472
Together at Westside Story with a Vaccine parody of America

Page 471
Family together in shade and sun at the old mill

Page 470
The kids, grandma, and Ann sleighside

Page 469
a tale of two couches: schmitz and marino

Page 468
we eat an xmas meal with Mom, Gene, and Ann

Vol. 34

Three Vaccines for Covid-19

Page 467
J and A say Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Page 466
The whole fam before an xmas tree: Go get your boost today

Page 465
Xmas tree brownies with the words Omicron, Delta, Make us all yell out!

Page 464
Cartoon of scientists with virus variants: Variants have come out to play.

Page 463
Last verse: stats on the virus, new cases, words, Covid-19 has not gone away.up 83%

Page 462
B and Mark at tavern: That We avoid the corner bar

Page 461
Fauci's asking. Dr. Fauci

Page 460
Distancing, Masking... Photo of our masked fam at USC game.

Page 459
2nd verse of 3 Vaccines with j and d at airport. 3 Vaccines for Covid are / Allowing us to travel so far.

Page 458
They're in CVS and Walgreeens, Bs vaccine bandaid

Page 457
Pfizer Moderna J and J (the 3 kings visit in a renaissance painting

Page 456
And Boosters for those over sixteen (d gets a booster)

Page 455
Three Vaccines for Covid-19 song parody, tree on Manhattan Beach pier

Vol. 33

Feeling Grateful

Page 454
Mark and his teaching colleagues

Page 453
Thanksgiving for Syni and Richard Champion

Page 452
Mark and Dustin cosplay Ghostbusters

Page 451
thanks for Fara with Mark and D

Page 450
more photos from Van Gogh

Page 449
fam at Van Gogh exhibit

Page 448
Mark birthday meal with fam and andrew at redondo pier

Page 447
D wraps his sis in a towel

Page 446
the kids in the cold ocean

Page 445
the family hikes

Page 444
D and a giant turkey leg

Page 443
the fam around the table for Thanksgiving

Page 442
two turkwy cookies gabble

Page 441
The fam out out to eat

Vol. 32

Special Guests

Page 440
Grand Dames Carol and mom

Page 439
cousin tim on his B-day

Page 438
visiting Tim and Carol in Bend out in nature with grandma

Page 437
Grandma on her bday with B

Page 436
Mark and Grandma out in nature

Page 435
B and grandma by the fire

Page 434
the Schaafs visit usc

Page 433
the fam dressed as Lokis

Page 432
Carving pumpkins with new guest Andrew

Page 431
Cristina stops by on Halloween

Page 430
page 430

Page 429
Page 429

Page 428
page 428

Page 427

Vol. 31

Swappin’ with the Subers

Page 426
Page 426

Page 425
Page 425

Page 424

Page 423
Page 423

Page 422
Page 422

Page 421
Page 421

Page 420
Page 420

Page 419
Page 419

Page 418
Page 418

Page 417
Page 417

Page 416

Page 415

Page 414
Page 414

Page 413
Page 413

Vol. 30

A Big Bday

Page 412
Page 412

Page 411
Beth and Tim and Uncle Mark's toast to Beth's loyal friendships.

Page 410
Page 410

Page 409
A selection of dishes from the big bday!

Page 408
a custom drink, the beth, lavender, blackberry, ginger, tequila, and bubbles

Page 407
Preparing the house, boarding the pooch

Page 406
The gathering board, a charcuterie marvel

Page 405
plates and lots as the chefs prepare

Page 404
wild flowers for beth bought from her friend.

Page 403
Lola the Sheepie discusses Pandemic Pet Adoption

Page 402
Reunited with the geege. She shows me how to hold an imaginary gun.

Page 401
Pierre the pig with welcome chalkboard sign

Page 400
Balloons for my sister's 50th bday!

Vol. 29

Off to School

Page 399
Dungeons and Drafting, her first class

Page 398
Page 398

Page 397
A special guest on her way to college

Page 396
Page 396

Page 395
Page 395a

Page 394
Page 394

Page 393
Page 393

Page 392
Page 392

Page 391

Page 391

Page 390
Page 390

Page 389
Page 389

Page 388
Page 388

Page 387
Page 386

Vol. 28

Still Trippin’

Page 386
Page 386

Page 385
Page 385

Page 384
Page 384

Page 383
Page 383

Page 382
page 382

Page 381
Page 381

Page 380
Page 380

Page 379
Page 379

Page 378
Page 378

Page 377
Page 377

Page 376
Page 376

Page 375
Page 374

Page 374
Page 374a

Page 373
Page 373

Vol. 27

The Wit & Wisdom of Ted Lasso in the days of COVID-19

Page 372
Page 372

Page 371
Page 371

Page 370
Page 370

Page 369
Page 369

Page 368
Page 368

Page 367
Page 367

Page 366
Page 366

Page 365
Page 365

Page 364
Page 364

Page 363
Page 363

Page 362
Page 362

Page 361
Page 361

Page 360
Page 360

Pahe 359
Page 359

Vol. 26


Page 358

Page 357
Page 357

Page 356
Page 356

Page 355
Page 355

Page 354
Page 354

Page 353
Page 353

Page 352
Page 352

Page 351
Page 351

Page 350
Page 350

Page 349
Page 349

Page 348
Page 348

Page 347

Page 346

Page 345

Vol. 25


Page 344
Page 344

Page 343
Page 343

Page 342
Page 342

Page 341
Page 341

Page 340
Page 340

Page 339
Page 339a

Page 338
Page 338

Page 337
Page 337

Page 336
Page 336

Page 335
Page 335

Page 334
Page 334

Page 333
Page 333

Page 332
Page 332

Page 331
Page 331

Vol. 24

The Good Doctor
Page 330
Page 329

Page 329
Page 329a

Page 328
Page 328

Page 327
Page 327

Page 326
Page 326

Page 325
Page 325

Page 324
Page 324

Page 323
Page 323

Page 322
Page 322

Page 321

Page 320
Page 320

Page 319
Page 319

Page 318
Page 318

Page 317
Page 317

Vol. 23

The Son Also Rises
Page 316
Page 316

Page 315
Page 315

Page 314
Page 314

Page 313
Page 313

Page 312
Page 312

Page 311
Page 311

Page 310
Page 310

Page 309
Page 309

Page 308
Page 308

Page 307
Page 307

Page 306
Page 306

Page 305
Page 305

Page 304
Page 304

Page 303
Page 303

Vol. 22

White Picket Fences
Page 302
Page 302a

Page 301
Page 301

Page 300!
Page 300

Page 299
Page 299

Page 298
Page 298

Page 297
Page 296a

Page 296
Page 296

Page 295
Page 295a

Page 294
Page 294

Page 293
Page 293

Page 292
Page 292

Page 291
Page 291

Page 290
Page 290

Page 289
Page 289

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