Reality: Being @spencerpratt,
a netprov

by Mark C. Marino & Rob Wittig

Being the full collection of texts sent from Spencer Pratt's Twitter account during his time sequestered in the British Celebrity Big Brother house.

Or read the final exchange between Tempspence and Spencer Pratt once he's freed from the Big Brother house. Also available with running commentary from the Twitterverse.

As the weeks wore on, this temporary Spencer was dubbed @tempspence. Peruse a sampling of the conversations about @tempspence.

The Tweets

2/1/13 6:15 Testing...testing...
2/1/13 6:18 OMG!
2/1/13 6:20 Woh
2/1/13 6:23 Yes, cheers, everyone, this is actually Spencer Pratt!
2/1/13 6:32 And I am married to Heidi Montag. Wow.
2/1/13 6:35 I can see that there are lots and LOTS of you following this feed. Brilliant.
2/1/13 6:38 @WhatNotToWear13 no, I am definitely NOT hacked. This is me tweeting from my account.
2/1/13 6:40 Now, surely, I could not reply to each of the messages you are all tweeting, but let me try a few. Okay?
2/1/13 6:41 RT @eeevaaa6: @spencerpratt please can I have a retweet?!
2/1/13 6:42 This is awesome!!
2/1/13 6:43 RT @chiichii916: @spencerpratt you never pick me ! Retweeeeeeeet
2/1/13 6:44 @rdrags51 thank you, I think.
2/1/13 6:44 @meganebding you should see this feed. It's incredible.
2/1/13 6:45 @LGM777 oh, yes, London is quite nice.
2/1/13 6:45 @RupaliJain96 hello
2/1/13 6:46 This is incredible!
2/1/13 6:46 @cassayy22 there, young lady, your life is made.
2/1/13 6:47 @danton3 what's that?
2/1/13 6:48 @tayymuerte Heidi is brilliant! I love being married to her.
2/1/13 6:49 @alvescindy How about you?
2/1/13 6:50 @katiebarnesss go love, dear girl! It is a splendid thing!
2/1/13 6:56 @danton3 yes, of course, BUCS or ULU?
2/1/13 6:57 @abbyhamblin yes, Heidi is the epitome of generosity!
2/1/13 6:58 @brenn_btrlover what is reoly?
2/1/13 7:00 @Lady_Noga Yes, I would give you a chance. Why wouldn't I. I suppose some people use their fame to be selfish, but I see no reason for that.
2/1/13 7:01 @PasccMarie tweet!
2/1/13 7:02 @abbyhamblin Doesn't my status say that? Yes.
2/1/13 7:03 @Jesscosgrove what kind?
2/1/13 7:03 @RupaliJain96 are we? Did we meet?
2/1/13 7:03 RT @KateMcCurry: @spencerpratt I would love it if I could get a retweet!!
2/1/13 7:04 @katiepool what question, my dear?
2/1/13 7:05 @MrsDHammond @eeevaaa6 why am I not a role model. I am enrolled in a political science degree.
2/1/13 7:06 Do I really just keep retweeting you all? Wild.
2/1/13 7:07 RT @amandamalik12: @spencerpratt what everyone gets a retweet but me! :( can I have a retweet please? @spencerpratt
2/1/13 7:08 @rachel_30xo your life is made.
2/1/13 7:08 @MarkRobertCash well, then, happy birthday!
2/1/13 7:09 @RupaliJain96 sorry. My memory isn't what it used to be. Refresh me.
2/1/13 7:10 @KateMcCurry I think you mean 'you're'.
2/1/13 7:12 @MrsDHammond @eeevaaa6 yes, you should really listen to Mrs D Hammond. Everyone should try to behave nicely!
2/1/13 7:14 @VinceRodino how about what now? My fingers can barely keep up with all these tweets. It's like nothing I've ever seen!
2/1/13 7:15 Maybe I should just say: I love you all followers, except maybe the people who are tweeting nasty things about me right now.
2/1/13 7:16 Although being a celebrity, I suppose I have the magnanimity to love even those who spew forth twitter hate!
2/1/13 7:17 RT @bluecupcake416: @spencerpratt I love you ��� RT if you see this tweet :P
2/1/13 7:18 @RupaliJain96 dear me, you are insistent. Didn't I reply to you already? Or did you want a retweet?
2/1/13 7:19 Surreal doesn't begin to capture it!
2/1/13 7:19 @amandajharris97 and I love you!!
2/1/13 7:22 RT @elishabeee: @spencerpratt omgggg, if only you'd retweet me _��� as if though.
2/1/13 7:22 @hanalord yes, I have a cardie with that embroidered into it!
2/1/13 7:24 @Rachel_Garland and I wish the same to you!
2/1/13 7:24 @DrewTempleSwag it is really quite a lot to keep up with!
2/1/13 7:25 RT @eilidhbr: A RT from @spencerpratt would make my 213 :D
2/1/13 7:25 @KateMcCurry I miss so many things. Life is short and too soon spent!
2/1/13 7:26 @LauMrslaurah but is that enough to motivate a twitter exchange? Think about it.
2/1/13 7:26 @eeevaaa6 be kind. Rewind.
2/1/13 7:28 @haychiiebaby lol!
2/1/13 7:29 @tbrownee brilliant! You?
2/1/13 7:29 @carlcfa yes, I study political science there.
2/1/13 7:29 RT @LaurenPopeFans: a RT from @spencerpratt would definatley make my 213 new year remember-able
2/1/13 7:29 RT @sassyyysam: can @spencerpratt retweet me I WANNA MAKE IT A FACEBOOK STATUS
2/1/13 7:30 @Terrilea71 I am quite likable. Give your mum a kiss from me!
2/1/13 7:31 RT @sassyyysam: @spencerpratt is retweeting everyone except me...okay):
2/1/13 7:32 @jennymannion93 hi.
2/1/13 7:32 RT @brittnillynn: I feel like I should be like @VinceRodino and tweet the hell outta @spencerpratt so I can get a RT!!!!
2/1/13 7:33 RT @marissabrak: Really @spencerpratt RTing everyone but me? _���
2/1/13 7:34 @KellieDiMaggio I want you to know that I have noticed you, and I apologize if I neglected you in the past.
2/1/13 7:35 @armstrongtyson sorry, dude. Fate has a way of taking me off course! Perhaps next time! Dude!
2/1/13 7:36 RT @GainesAlyssa: @spencerpratt I think I should get a rt too, it will only be fair (:
2/1/13 7:37 @bithoodlum again, 'you're'.
2/1/13 7:37 @RupaliJain96 you seem to think you are. But look at the poor girl getting attacked by the australian lady. That deserves attention, no?
2/1/13 7:38 What's all this about crystals? Can someone fill me in? I'm ata a loss.
2/1/13 7:39 @carlcfa good luck to you!
2/1/13 7:39 @Mcguire14 what?
2/1/13 7:39 @aliciarrrrr is a silly jilly.
2/1/13 7:40 @chantelle_jr um, that's rather harsh.
2/1/13 7:42 @eeevaaa6 stay awesome, young lady!
2/1/13 7:43 @yeahsoup and you are mine.
2/1/13 7:43 RT @AudreyGaines1: Retweet me please!!!!!!!!!!!!! @spencerpratt
2/1/13 7:43 RT @HeyImFrvrAlone: @spencerpratt RTing and twitting with others? How about me? RT/Tweet back? ��� Puhlease?
2/1/13 7:43 RT @marielcid_: @spencerpratt Your replying ' & rt'ing everyone . Are you ignoring me ?
2/1/13 7:43 RT @cindylunderwood: @spencerpratt has a sweet tat, he may have a cat, but I highly doubt that #rapsforspence RT?
2/1/13 7:44 @AudreyGaines1 thank you!
2/1/13 7:44 @BobbyMir what are all those letters?
2/1/13 7:45 This is truly exhausting! But lovely!
2/1/13 7:45 @aliciarrrrr what does that mean? Is that a meme I haven't yet encountered?
2/1/13 7:46 @Abi_Hancock you're (sigh)
2/1/13 7:46 @PUNKAsMOMMY what is not to like about Santa Barbara?
2/1/13 7:49 @_helloimalice_ yes, all the tweets that use my @ show up in my TL.
2/1/13 7:49 RT @AshtynGaines: @spencerpratt PLEASE RT ME !!!!!!!!!!!! :)
2/1/13 7:49 @DMG_876 lots of reading. Cloud Atlas is brilliant. Raw Shark Texts. Oh and I highly recommend Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino!
2/1/13 7:50 @MzLaTiNaHeaT very well. We just received a new tea set as a gift.
2/1/13 7:50 @paaigeyy do not be sad due to twitter. #notworthit
2/1/13 7:51 @catherinecainnn perhaps not your entire life.
2/1/13 7:52 @gisselleeee_ hi
2/1/13 7:52 RT @leyagb95: @spencerpratt should so retweet me seeing as he unfollowed me _��� plus it would make me happy!!!
2/1/13 7:52 @LayanPb me too what?
2/1/13 7:52 @StephenFMark can you give me some options?
2/1/13 7:53 @MariamElasmar mine too!
2/1/13 7:53 RT @MikaylaB1: @spencerpratt please rt or follow me!! Xxxxxxx
2/1/13 7:53 @shaqattack3 pears
2/1/13 7:54 @shodyisakillah tonight!
2/1/13 7:54 This rt-ing is wearing out my thumbs. Perhaps a challenge is in order: rt's only for haikus
2/1/13 7:56 RT @petershaw1984: @spencerpratt do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?
2/1/13 7:57 @_helloimalice_ hey, I heard that.
2/1/13 7:57 @ZoeOkeefe see my haiku challenge.
2/1/13 7:58 @kelle_gates happy birthday, dear! May your year be a delight!
2/1/13 7:59 @JacquelinePoole I'm having difficulty remembering all the people I encounter via twitter. Please don't take offense.
2/1/13 8:00 @MzLaTiNaHeaT ?
2/1/13 8:00 @chantelle_jr oh, all right then. Cheers.
2/1/13 8:01 @HoranKisses20 it is a bit exhausting.
2/1/13 8:02 Was that right? #qualitylaugh I've honestly never seen that one.
2/1/13 8:02 @waterrob lol #qualitylaugh
2/1/13 8:03 @BakerNikita really? You can do that poorly?
2/1/13 8:04 @eeevaaa6 or good morning!
2/1/13 8:05 Well done '@hannahw430: @spencerpratt oh i miss speidi//best reality couple//come back to me please'
2/1/13 8:07 Though @hannahw430 I believe haikus require a reference to nature.
2/1/13 8:08 @cassandra1128 not the traditional 5-7-5, but I like it.
2/1/13 8:08 RT @cassandra1128: @spencerpratt Waiting on the moon To bask in the sun New year
2/1/13 8:10 They call it the kigo, aka a seasonal reference. Be sure to include at least one. #haikus4rts
2/1/13 8:14 RT @BlowingTree: @spencerpratt The crystal is bright But the dark will block its shine Until the moon wakes
2/1/13 8:14 RT @rachfranklin123: @spencerpratt Spencer and Heidi An interesting couple Life is hard always
2/1/13 8:15 @hannahw430 are you counting syllables or is this one of the newfangled sort?
2/1/13 8:17 RT @yoursuchaSKANKK: @spencerpratt winter time is sad summer makes me happy true I'd spend seasons with you
2/1/13 8:17 @laurenlines do you think llamas might be related to unicorns?
2/1/13 8:18 @yoursuchaSKANKK can you use / to show your line breaks? Love the enjambment!
2/1/13 8:19 RT @eeevaaa6: @spencerpratt spencer Pratt is cool/ spencer Pratt is so awesome/ the sky is so blue
2/1/13 8:20 @SarahAnneJoulie yes, though not everyone subscribes to the syllable count because they are not the same as *on*.
2/1/13 9:26 @yoursuchaSKANKK like it, but line breaks?
2/1/13 9:26 @MariamElasmar hmm, not quite a haiku. Keep trying. Revision is key!
2/1/13 9:26 @Pughsley4 so one is possessive; the other a contraction. I hardly think it's difficult to remember.
2/1/13 9:26 @Norixmaidana that would be a lark!
2/1/13 9:26 @JodieStarkx there's this unfollow button, luv.
2/1/13 9:26 @bethanystiles1 There's reality/and then there's reality/real as melted snow.
2/1/13 9:26 @Norixmaidana but I am not in LA.
2/1/13 9:27 Truly amazing morning. One I will not soon forget.
2/1/13 9:27 All right. I need to attend to some business. Keep working on your haikus, luvs! Cheers!
2/1/13 9:27 @md3sai needs a kigo.
2/1/13 9:27 @daliahendo who is your sister?
2/1/13 9:27 @Jenny5o3 It's not just poetry I'm in search of. #haikus4rts please read the guidelines.
2/1/13 9:27 @katiieex33 sweet, though rhyming is superfluous in haiku.
2/1/13 9:27 @SagitJefferspin kigo or no-go, chap
2/1/13 9:27 @mirandajaye You are about to do a header into a Limerick!
2/1/13 9:27 @sandramosley It feels like the first day of a new life for me. Kisses.
2/1/13 9:27 @yoursuchaSKANKK now no more submissions from you until you add the kigo!
2/1/13 9:27 @rachfranklin123 what part of Ormskirk? I love it there. Once went to New Park Wood. Delightful!
2/1/13 9:27 @HeyImFrvrAlone love it!
2/1/13 9:27 @KassiPowell haikus, please #haikus4rts
2/1/13 16:10 Thank you to all who tweeted their haikus. Perhaps this evening we can try villanelles!
2/1/13 16:13 @PaulaColeT wait, what does that mean???
2/1/13 16:19 @PaulaColeT when is that???
2/1/13 16:20 @ianthebrush Nice Limerick, but I need villanelles today. Might require multiple tweets, sir.
2/1/13 16:28 @PaulaColeT I don't know what you have heard about me, but I WILL be tweeting for a long time. Why would I stop this?
2/1/13 16:29 @ianthebrush a man must have standards, should he not?
2/1/13 16:30 @Holi_Barton dear girl, happiest of birthdays to you!
2/1/13 16:32 It is AMAZING how much stock people put in the twitters of celebrities: follow, rts, etc. are treated like the most generous of gifts.
2/1/13 16:34 And yet, do celebrities realize what power they wield in 140 characters, the power to bring an emoticon smile to someone's feed? I doubt it.
2/1/13 16:35 Well, I am hereby asserting that I am a new man on Twitter, like Scrooge after the ghostly visits, a man of generosity and deep good will!
2/1/13 16:39 If I don't answer your tweets immediately, I sincerely apologize. I have a few matters I'm attending to. A celeb's life! Heidi Montag & all
2/1/13 16:50 Oh, and clearly I found my phone. It was lost under Heidi's intimates, tremendous as they are. Thanks for the concern.
2/1/13 17:42 @misslisacarroll hardly, metered forms are some of the simplest. Primary school children churn them out with ease!
2/1/13 18:03 @abbieebartlett You have been trying that line for a while now. Are you new to last name puns?
2/1/13 18:04 @misslisacarroll A for effort.
2/1/13 18:12 @simpletonmail why yes, it is! I tried that this morning and now my fingers are sore!
2/1/13 18:13 @gemmafinkill a box of frogs! I must write that one down!
2/1/13 18:16 @DenningC no, I don't believe so.
2/1/13 18:17 @daliahendo is she on twitter? Why is your handle her name? Why is your profile picture an egg?
2/1/13 18:18 @gemmafinkill How about if I just embody it? :)
2/1/13 18:19 RT @misslisacarroll: @spencerpratt Football is almost done for the season| what will I ever do| Baseball I guess I need a reason| I coul ...
2/1/13 18:19 RT @misslisacarroll: @spencerpratt (continued ) Reruns there are a slew| Sounds good because outside it's freezin'. How's that for a vi ...
2/1/13 18:23 @daliahendo well, that is all remarkably strange. But, Dalia, enjoy the end of being single. May you be as happy as I am!
2/1/13 18:41 @abbieebartlett classy.
2/1/13 18:57 @abbieebartlett You know reality tv is largely scripted. I am not the man you think I am. I attend university, write & read poetry...
2/1/13 19:04 As Sir Elton sang: I'm not the man you think I am at all. Oh, no, no, no!
2/1/13 19:15 @Laura_Burns shiz will be f-ed.
2/1/13 19:15 @Ham_Shitviak why are you shouting, dear girl?
2/1/13 19:16 @ThePiecesOfE Well, that's up to interpretation, no? Awkward.
2/1/13 19:22 In the right hands, celebrity Twitter accounts, such as mine, could actually be used to affect positive change in the world. I wonder...
2/1/13 20:46 London rocks. Across the pond, they have nothing that can compare!
2/1/13 21:16 @JimmyLee1987 then
2/1/13 21:21 @djmichaluk19 to match what? I lean Burberry.
2/1/13 21:25 @JimmyLee1987 try harder. Correct spelling & grammar are keys to success in life.
2/1/13 21:34 @WhatNotToWear13 Please consult my previous Tweet.
2/1/13 21:42 @Angela_Macf I once knew a lovely girl from Armagh. Go Cuchulainns!!
2/1/13 22:00 Twitter break to recharge my crystals w my wife Heidi. She's taking a break from reading V Woolf's Waves. Luvs it more than Lighthouse!
2/1/13 23:11 I've got to turn in now. Wiped out from London & all this tweeting. But feeling charged enough for Heidi. ;-) Luv to u all. Cheers!
3/1/13 7:03 Good morning, London! Good morning, Twitter! I'm back! What shall we tweet about today?
3/1/13 7:07 I had the most amazing dream my poem was accepted by for issue 2! Truly ace!
3/1/13 7:09 @critagel oh, I'm much too shy for that!!
3/1/13 7:10 @UKKardashDolls great idea! Let me see if Heidi is up for a little shopping!
3/1/13 7:13 I came across a notice for The West Port Book Festival in Edinburgh and thought Heidi & I might grab a flight!
3/1/13 7:16 @KatzannY my poem is about loss & soulsearching, but I use a metaphor of a tarantula egg.
3/1/13 7:21 @LisaBanks88 'buried in a burrow/ no hatchlings awake/ the web breathes still'
3/1/13 7:26 @patrickmirani I recommended Invisible Cities yesterday morning. I would add 'House of Leaves' and 'Rayuela' (Hopscotch).
3/1/13 7:29 Of course, being Spencer Pratt has no impact on my ability to place poems! I must slog away at my craft like everyone else!
3/1/13 7:32 @patrickmirani I have been on a bit of a metfiction binge lately. Tweet me if you enjoy them as much as I did.
3/1/13 7:35 @ChrisOsmoreNY and even in translation, his prose is so beautiful. (I can't read Italian.)
3/1/13 7:37 @CoreOrange thank you! I want to put together a chapbook, too. Maybe even something handmade. IDK.
3/1/13 8:03 @Amanda_Nash_ @patrickmirani well, as I mentioned, Heidi's been reading Woolf's Waves, though I rather prefer Dalloway!
3/1/13 8:06 I rather fancy myself a Septimus figure...Fear no more, says the heart...
3/1/13 8:09 Heartily! '@HarjitSarang: @spencerpratt Will you support your gay followers by RT'ng a 'Yes' in support of #equalmarriage please?'
3/1/13 8:14 @krsee32 editors are so fickle!
3/1/13 8:17 Once you fall...hunan nature is on you. Holmes and Bradshaw are on you. They scour the desert. They fly screaming into the wilderness.
3/1/13 8:18 The rack and the thumbscrew are applied. Human nature is remorseless. (Ah, so painfully beautiful... So true.)
3/1/13 8:21 @Ggi_May oh, dear, right. I've turned it into some sort of Chinese dynasty! Sigh.
3/1/13 8:25 Can anyone recommend little bookstores in London where I might find some quality poetry? I'd like to buy something special for Heidi.
3/1/13 8:26 @Ggi_May touche!
3/1/13 8:28 @Blu_glitter yes, I know all about those. But I'm looking for favs. Undiscovered gems! The more obscure the better!
3/1/13 8:30 Right, excellent! '@Dancox1984: @spencerpratt waterstones x'
3/1/13 8:33 Planning out my day as a movable feast of these! '@cuntkenny: @spencerpratt John Sandoe, on Backlands Terrace or Waterstones, on King Road'
3/1/13 8:35 @Oog OMG, I saw the miniature print exhibition there. Simply brilliant! #lovefoyles
3/1/13 8:37 @JadeKayaMcNicol yes, agreed.
3/1/13 8:41 RT @LuShuMuFu: @spencerpratt waterstones is more of a chain- I would try Foyles, Charing Cross / Joe Sandos Books, Chelsea or Black Gull ...
3/1/13 8:42 @Oog to be lost among belle lettres is to be found...always.
3/1/13 8:46 @carrieplumb I remember the 1st time I stepped through Hatchards doors, the staircase spiral, like the first time I laid eyes on Heidi.
3/1/13 8:49 Btw, while we're on the subject of poetry, how do you all feel about Kenny Goldsmith?
3/1/13 8:58 @epounders08 I have. I'm just trying to stir up a discussion. It occurs to me that twitter could be a useful forum for a poetry circle.
3/1/13 8:59 For I am crazy Spencer, always stirring things up, whether on The Hills, my uni, or elsewhere!
3/1/13 9:05 RT @kalouha1: @spencerpratt anything by pablo neruda. 'i want to do to you what spring does to the cherry trees' - flawlessly amazing
3/1/13 9:12 RT @bushell: @spencerpratt daunt books on marylebone high street is worth a visit
3/1/13 9:30 @clairesmith1984 @Dancox1984 oh, really? Do tell. ;)
3/1/13 9:46 Off to do a little bookshopping. Perhaps some writing, too. Why don't you try & we'll compare fruits tonight or tomorrow like Sir Gawain!
3/1/13 10:39 Yes, I do prefer the Oxford comma!
3/1/13 10:39 Proposal: everyone write at least 1 line of poetry, tag it #spencerian, & we'll make a big cadavre exquis! Theme: The Hills are alive!
3/1/13 15:30 Found this wild book of poetry for Heidi. It's called Between Page and Screen by Amaranth Borsuk: some kind of augmented reality poetry.
3/1/13 15:31 It's got those square codes you can scan with a camera, makes things pop right off the page!
3/1/13 15:32 Turns out she attended my uni, though I don't believe our paths ever crossed. Brilliant concept, though.
3/1/13 15:34 My fellow poets, don't forget to use the hashtag #spencerian to join in our little cadavre exquis w the theme: The Hills are alive!
3/1/13 15:35 @ianthebrush now that's not a very nice question to ask a loving husband, is it, mate?
3/1/13 15:39 From the looks of this feed, the Spencer haters have emerged today. Oh & they think the Pratt lastname joke is very clever. V original.
3/1/13 15:42 N.b., The #spencerian lines do not have to rhyme! We can combine them later in various orders. That's the beauty of this particular game!
3/1/13 15:44 @MelanieSands you should really see it in action. There is probably a demo somewhere online. It is truly ace!
3/1/13 15:49 @hotelallison Twilight's fans are no doubt just as rabid as reality tv fans, so I'll refrain from comments on that particular Mary Sue tale
3/1/13 15:51 RT @MelanieSands: @spencerpratt You're right, it is very cool: Here's another cool online demo of Between Page & Screen' it: http:/ ...
3/1/13 15:51 @JoHnnY_Boiiiiii if you wish to be included in the cadavre exquis, you must use the #spencerian hashtag.
3/1/13 15:52 @MelanieSands isn't it brilliant? Usually I don't need my poetry augmented, no fancy illustrations, but this work is charming.
3/1/13 15:55 @JoHnnY_Boiiiiii Yes, if you wish it to be included. Hashtag facilitates search & weeds out all the @spencerpratt tweets calling me an arse
3/1/13 16:00 Melanie, fantastic! I like this video even more. RT @MelanieSands: @spencerpratt'
3/1/13 16:31 RT @usweekly: New photos: @heidimontag and @spencerpratt tour London, visit Buckingham Palace
3/1/13 16:54 RT @emilykrugerxo: @spencerpratt #spencerian crystals hanging in my home make me feel I'm not alone,creating such a lovely sight perform ...
3/1/13 16:56 @michaelmu there are many sides of my character of which the broader public have no idea.
3/1/13 17:37 Seeking a publisher for our collaborative cadavre exquis! #spencerian Anyone know editors at small poetry houses? Pls. RT!
3/1/13 17:42 Many of you have begun DMing me links to your chapbooks and online poetry. All I can say is: thank you! Cheers!
3/1/13 17:44 @Pughsley4 you're
3/1/13 17:48 @KnightsGirl82 @mopomoi77 hei! Tak!
3/1/13 18:25 While I'm thinking on it, are there any good poetry readings (slam or otherwise) over the next few weeks in London or surrounding area?
3/1/13 18:28 So grateful for all of the kind tweets and DMs with bookseller suggestions, tho I don't recommend telling me your phone #s
3/1/13 18:30 RT @AnshulaBain: @spencerpratt yeah I'm doing a poetry recital of my take on Sylvia plaths poems at Beaumont school, st albans. Drop by
3/1/13 18:30 RT @fLip_uk: @spencerpratt Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden
3/1/13 19:13 RT @MonicaChabria: @spencerpratt Try Farrago Poetry slam at RADA Foyer Bar, Malet Street WC1. Can we expect Speidi on BB tonight?
3/1/13 19:45 RT @Crushcrushchris: @spencerpratt and @heidimontag while you're in London, do you want to come to Central School of Ballet-make my abso ...
3/1/13 19:59 @meganxworrall taken
3/1/13 20:02 Sounds delightful! MT @nikkisar: @spencerpratt try the traditional pie and mash shop Cockneys my aunt owns it!!
3/1/13 23:52 Okay, Let's get back to poetry! I gave you the Sir Gawain challenge. I went on the hunt, what do you have to share? What did you write?
3/1/13 23:58 @Laura_springer come on, girl, it's reality tv. I get special exceptions. Are you really surprised? Now back to poetry!
4/1/13 0:03 @RenaeeWalters you're
4/1/13 0:05 Listen, tweeps, keep calm and carry on. This is perfectly explainable. I have been allowed to tweet as a plot device in the season.
4/1/13 0:09 Can we PLEASE just get back to discussing more important things. Don't blow a fuse over nothing. It's just how reality tv goes.
4/1/13 0:16 Everyone treats this shit as if it were sacred. It's all a game. So I can tweet. So what? Heidi's right here telling me what to write.
4/1/13 0:26 @MissSunshine079 allowed
4/1/13 0:32 Now, who's got some new material for our cadavre exquis? Remember to use the #spencerian tag, and it does not have to (read:shld not) rhyme.
4/1/13 0:43 A few of you have asked for me to snap photos. Now surely that would not be allowed, or, as some would have it, aloud.
4/1/13 0:49 @GillianCWard Now you are just baiting me, young lady!
4/1/13 0:54 Can't we just move on to another topic? I followed you, RTed you, responded to your questions accurately. The rest can sod off!
4/1/13 1:25 RT @srlove85: @spencerpratt #spencerian pokes pickled pockets @ the pity party while prodding pots and pans and paper mans :) x
4/1/13 1:27 For the love of God & for the LAST time, I found my phone in Heidi's purse!! Getting so very tired of this.
4/1/13 1:45 The show's writers are working right now on a cover story to play with you. Don't be surprised if I deny all this on next week's show.
4/1/13 3:31 Can't sleep
4/1/13 3:36 Or euros, dollars, yen!
4/1/13 3:36 I'll tell you this much: if somone did find my phone, I bet it'd be worth a few quid.
4/1/13 12:02 Thanks for the concern. No hacking here. Actually it's good I found my phone. Contacts, pictures, all sorts of things some1 might want.
4/1/13 15:25 Surely, the tabloids would have a field day with the contents of my phone, their cup o' tea. :)
5/1/13 13:03 Well, dears, it appears people suspect I am not the real Mr. Pratt. If that were so, then I would be a man with a phone to sell.
5/1/13 17:01 @tinamillward n.b., there is a vast chasm between stolen & found.
5/1/13 22:25 Some have suggested that this is NOT my phone. To them, I share one of the many photos of my lovely wife Heidi.
5/1/13 22:26 There are many more where that came from that I could share, given the right incentives...
5/1/13 22:40 @DebbieL06 have a butchers. Let me know when you find it.
6/1/13 14:54 Just another taste of what's on my phone. DM me with serious inquiries. Isn't Heidi so fit?! :)
6/1/13 15:05 And while you're at it: I challenge you to come up with puns on the name Spencer. Even I've become bored of the Pratt joke.
6/1/13 16:06 RT @gleavitt1983: @spencerpratt challenge accepted. 'She spencer time in front of a mirror putting on make-up and doing her hair.'
6/1/13 16:07 RT @JoHnnY_Boiiiiii: @spencerpratt hey I just bought a new gumball di-spencer.
6/1/13 16:07 RT @amcgowan1970: @spencerpratt When you go back to your sundrenched home with your beautiful wife I'm sure their insults will keep you ...
6/1/13 16:07 RT @ta152c: @spencerpratt I went to get some flu remedies, but was unsuccessful-the dis-Spencer-ry was closed. #beatthat
7/1/13 7:43 I have a feeling that today will be a capital day! xxoo to all the fans & haters alike!
7/1/13 7:46 Haven't heard any genuine takers yet. Another teaser taste for you, Heidi on our crosspond hop!
7/1/13 8:16 RT @vadaashley: @spencerpratt PEZ DI Spencer? I want one with ur head on it.
7/1/13 8:23 RT @alexillest: @spencerpratt The suSPENCER of it all!
7/1/13 8:23 It's quite refreshing to see how much more creative even haters can be, punning on Spencer rather than Pratt. Really Ace!
7/1/13 8:26 @mcoop oh, right.
7/1/13 8:28 RT @SpencerSquires: @spencerpratt We have the same name. I don't know why I am tweeting that...
7/1/13 8:31 RT @stephanie_rgh: @spencerpratt Inde-SPENCER-ble
7/1/13 8:34 RT @CharlotteFoxx: @spencerpratt spare a penny for spenny!
7/1/13 8:37 Brilliant, though sixth would be more unusual, no? '@hollysuth3rland: @spencerpratt I have a fifth spence'
7/1/13 8:38 RT @spencersand: @spencerpratt my name is Spencer and I go to Pratt!
7/1/13 16:37 Ok 1 more piccy & then I'm going to have to require a deal: a shot of Hedi from the privacy of home. Enjoy!
7/1/13 16:48 @MeinirFon yr wyf yn hapus!
7/1/13 16:49 @Kira7214456 you're, you are, tu eres...
7/1/13 16:57 I did say no more sirname puns but this is original. :) '@MariamElasmar: @spencerpratt is PRATT-tically retweeting everyone but me!'
7/1/13 17:14 RT @sexilady143: @spencerpratt Hi I hope you all can help make a donation for autism or Retweet. Thanks in advance
7/1/13 17:47 @NicolaLinton7 of course, have a pint for me! Happy Birthday!
7/1/13 17:54 @heidilovers I see a message but no offer. :(
7/1/13 22:05 No true offers for the contents of the phone. Figures. Spencer's too far down the celeb list, I suppose. Poor bugger.
7/1/13 22:09 This is the UK and I can't SELL a ruddy mobile of a celeb?! What happened to this country?!
7/1/13 22:14 & people keep tweeting: this isn't REALLY Spencer! A reality tv star= ventriloquist dummy: saying other people's words as if they were yours
7/1/13 22:15 I'm just a bloke with a phone. Sod off, the lot of you!
7/1/13 22:16 RT @xJox86x: @spencerpratt LOL dude..imagine the fun you could have with the account! And instead your tweeting pics and a l ...
7/1/13 22:26 You mean, me, rt? The one tweeting. Rt? '@hcapurro: @spencerpratt I love you dude ��_'
7/1/13 22:27 @raeskarma that would mean it's legal, right?
7/1/13 22:32 Found/=stolen '@StephD2708: @spencerpratt Could be because in the UK it is a crime to handle STOLEN GOODS'
7/1/13 22:33 Suggestions? '@angie_hunter_: @spencerpratt.. So you have custody of the phone, and this is what you do?! #fail'
7/1/13 22:36 @xJox86x @StephD2708 double check that, dear. Was it Spencer or @Spencerpratt who claimed that?
8/1/13 8:20 Can't sell the phone. Peeps DMed me & said I can keep using the account till he gets kicked out of the house.
8/1/13 8:22 They still don't know who I am & I'd prefer to keep it that way, except it hit me that this is my big chance, sort of.
8/1/13 8:24 If you haven't guessed, I'm something of a budding poet here in the UK. Poets don't exactly have Speidi-sized readerships.
8/1/13 8:27 So if I can't sell this ruddy phone, I COULD get my verse out. There. Just can't let on who I am. Call it the bollocks paradox.
8/1/13 8:28 Some of you might just call it bollocks bc you think I am one of Spencer's friends or PR men. Fine. I can't change that.
8/1/13 8:30 But how could I let you know who I am without anyone ever figuring out my identity? I propose we play a game.
8/1/13 8:32 1st: you kept tweeting I wasn't really me bc I didn't talk right -- or I wasn't arsehole (bell end) enough. Fine.
8/1/13 8:37 So I started thinking, how would I prove to my mum or a mate it was me? Not Spencer me, but me-me. What would I have to tweet?
8/1/13 8:38 And angry mob of spencer-following tweeps, how, for that matter, do I know it's you and not some fake you? Someone pretending.
8/1/13 8:40 I've been watching Spencer on this show thinking: ok so the Hills was a fakehim, is this the realhim? How would he prove who his Me-me is?
8/1/13 8:41 So let's play a game...
8/1/13 8:43 Tweet something that proves you are you, not someone pretending to be you, but You-you. Not dinnerwiththevicar you but the intheloo you!
8/1/13 8:44 A book I read called this a Shibboleth. (Look it up, mates) Tweet a something that only you could with the tag #shibboleth
8/1/13 8:46 I don't mean a password or your birthdate or your mum's name. Actually anone could find out those. Let me give an example... #shibboleth
8/1/13 8:51 In primary, there was 1 drinking fountain you knew to avoid (the 1 behind the headmaster's office) bcause it was ALWAYS manky #shibboleth
8/1/13 8:53 Noone but my old mates would know that, and it would be a good test to see if it were really 1 of us or just some impersonator. #shibboleth
8/1/13 8:55 So let's play this game. What is your #shibboleth? Prove that it's you. Gawainstyle we'll share what we come up with at the end of the day.
8/1/13 8:56 I will assume if you tweet it, I can retweet it. I will choose from my favs. #shibboleth
8/1/13 9:00 RT @electricstar_sg: @spencerpratt this older kid Bo used to stand in the shadows of cheerleading practice in 8th grade creepy style- ju ...
8/1/13 9:01 My point. '@MrsFacer: @spencerpratt well it's very clear that you're British, as American's don't use the term 'manky' #thief'
8/1/13 9:02 Also my point. '@MichellaRivers: #manky does not prove that he's British. It proves that he is using a Google dictionary of British words'
8/1/13 9:05 @waterrob is this a #shibboleth? Could work. But was there something more specific from the day?
8/1/13 9:07 RT @x_AbbyLou: @spencerpratt we're not filming a saw film you know..
8/1/13 9:08 @ianthebrush but for the sake of argument, my partner in spencerian, how would you prove that? #shibboleth
8/1/13 9:10 @Janey_Platty I hope this means you will tweet a better example for you, my dear. Come and play. #shibboleth
8/1/13 9:23 RT @kalouha1: @spencerpratt sporting terms give me away as a sport neophyte. Watching tennis: 'was that a touch down?' #shibboleth
8/1/13 9:28 Ok, I've got some errands. Keep up the #shibboleth game. I'll check in later. Remember, tweet something that would prove it is really you.
8/1/13 14:32 Nice. '@TiffanyJenyns: @spencerpratt if someone touches my nose I have to touch it in the same spot. Everytime' #shibboleth
8/1/13 14:36 RT @Wheres_Wynan: @spencerpratt my mum would hitch a ride on my school bus so she didn't have to catch a public one. Embarrassing at 16. ...
8/1/13 14:43 RT @kateritownsend: @spencerpratt when I was a teenager I did some extracurricular activities with a bf in the snow. #shibboleth
8/1/13 14:46 RT @ianthebrush: @spencerpratt #shibboleth All the world's a stage and we but tweeters on it.
8/1/13 14:52 RT @hollisleighann: @spencerpratt I have an overwhelmingly large collection of post-its. Kind of nerdy, but I love all the different kin ...
8/1/13 14:55 RT @missjasmith: @spencerpratt I'm absolutely petrified of apple stickers .. You could end up eating one!!!
8/1/13 15:03 RT @siandeleere: @spencerpratt when I was younger I drank paint and thought I was going to die so I said sincere goodbyes to my classmat ...
8/1/13 15:55 @SugarPinkLoz ok to rt?
8/1/13 15:56 RT @eviebabes: @spencerpratt terrified of frogs, they always tend to jump on my feet and scares me to death #shibboleth
8/1/13 16:14 I find this notion touching in its innocence: The REAL Spencer Pratt. #shibboleth
8/1/13 16:34 RT @Cat_n_the_Hat: @spencerpratt im scared of toes i would rather not have any their gross there just so independent from the rest of yo ...
8/1/13 16:34 RT @LisaHayes8: @spencerpratt I cant leave anything on the number 13 (tv volume, song no. ect) it freaks me out n i think its bad luck # ...
8/1/13 16:40 RT @LeeesieLou: @spencerpratt I am terrified of butterflies . Or really anything that flutters. #Unpredictable #shibboleth
8/1/13 18:34 @JadeCashmore No, I feel unfamous, unable to be famous, like peope knowing who I am would be the end of me.
8/1/13 18:35 RT @SugarPinkLoz: @spencerpratt I once laughed so hard in the school playground that I wet myself. That was at the age of about 14.
8/1/13 18:36 RT @Holly_Jenner: @spencerpratt I have to have the tv/radio volume on a even number. Odd numbers are just so odd! #shibboleth
8/1/13 18:37 RT @2charms2arms: @spencerpratt I am afraid to put my purse on the floor for fear that I will never have money. NEVER put your purse on ...
8/1/13 18:38 RT @StaceyG143: @LeeesieLou @spencerpratt I thought I was the only 1 afraid of butterflies. Whew. A burden since childhood has just been ...
8/1/13 18:40 RT @JessLovesCM4eva: @spencerpratt i know the lyrics to every ed sheeran song :) #Shibboleth
8/1/13 18:42 '@DaniAuerbacher: @spencerpratt I'm PETRIFIED of snakes. Like even seeing a picture of one gives me the creeps! Uchh #hateem' #shibboleth
8/1/13 18:45 '@antaninakuz: @spencerpratt I'm terrified of dogs and cats! They freak me the EFF out!' Both? #shibboleth
8/1/13 18:46 Remember, your #shibboleth does not have to be a phobia. Just some tiny detail that if you say it, it proves you are you. Play on!
8/1/13 18:50 Woh. '@amycole23: @spencerpratt I can bend my toes all the way back to touch the top of my foot, does that count? #shibboleth'
8/1/13 18:53 @Diijana maybe retweet it?
8/1/13 18:54 @LizzieIbarra1 you're
8/1/13 18:54 @PEricHall I said mine this morning.
8/1/13 18:55 RT @Si3RRRA_mist: @spencerpratt #shibboleth i dont like being on a highway when theres a big massive truck next to me, i have to shut my ...
8/1/13 18:56 '@F_YOUR_Thoughts: @spencerpratt I hate even numbers, & when I drink something I always take an odd amount of gulps.' #shibboleth
8/1/13 18:58 Lots of sock #shibboleths!!
8/1/13 18:59 RT @hayleykenny: @spencerpratt I can't bear the sound of a paper bag crunching, freaks me out! #shibboleth
8/1/13 18:59 '@meganbruce98: @spencerpratt I am absolutely terrified of spiders xx won't go in my room if ones there #shibboleth xx haha' me too!!
8/1/13 19:00 RT @JadeHazel1: @spencerpratt There are 9 words that can help my friends know it's really me. 'My nan can only eat two eggs a week' #ins ...
8/1/13 19:02 RT @mikaelamillar: @spencerpratt my birthmark is shaped like a mouse #headatleftside #unique #shibboleth
8/1/13 19:05 @Si3RRRA_mist I can't decide if these physical ones are the purest shibboleths or not tech. shibboleths at all: not acquired thru life.
8/1/13 19:07 Re: '@Si3RRRA_mist: @spencerpratt wait i can make my tounge look like a scoop chip, it also kinda looks like a clover _ٍ� #shibboleth'
8/1/13 19:08 That is beautiful: '@mirandajaye: @spencerpratt i got a tattoo that says just breathe because i have one lung #shibboleth'
8/1/13 19:09 RT @hollixandra: @spencerpratt pretty sure I'm THE ONLY GIRL that can make her face look like the dog, Doug, offa Up! :) ...
8/1/13 19:11 @Si3RRRA_mist No, I am really just not certain of the requirements. Can someone consult the rules of #shibboleth and let us know?
8/1/13 19:15 @cristianoswife love it! Er, I mean syetrtwjsshd
8/1/13 19:24 Meaning? '@Diijana: @spencerpratt there are no rules for you Mr Pratt, right?'
9/1/13 0:30 RT @ErinBrown1247: @spencerpratt age 29 & still sleep w/baby blankets. even took them on honeymoon in Mexico in October #notashamed ...
9/1/13 0:31 RT @generationkay: @spencerpratt I have to sleep with a heating pad!! #shibboleth
9/1/13 0:32 RT @NPower85: @spencerpratt my husband has to say out loud 'the door is locked' before leaving our home. Otherwise he can't walk away #s ...
9/1/13 0:35 RT @nicolemeldy: @spencerpratt The sound of pouring water/wine etc i.e. the 'glug glug glug' sound gives me the HEEBIE JEEBIES! #shibboleth
9/1/13 0:35 RT @pennypent87: @spencerpratt I'm scared of balloons, not the foil helium type I'm talking bog standard latex balloons #theygobang #don ...
9/1/13 0:36 RT @alexandraareid: @spencerpratt I open mouthed kissed a kamel once though #shibboleth
9/1/13 0:39 All these #shibboleths are so great, but I'm beat. I'll look forward to catching up on these in the morning. xxoo luv u speidi-tweeps!
9/1/13 10:39 Well, my run might be reaching an end, depending how voting goes. All our #shibboleth tweeting did get me wondering something...
9/1/13 10:44 What do you think Spencer's #shibboleth is? I'm off right now to pick up a copy of his book & prolly need to watch his shows at some point.
9/1/13 10:47 RT @kaseymclain: @spencerpratt I can't eat Popsicles or anything that is attached to a wooden stick. Makes my skin crawl. #shibboleth
9/1/13 10:48 RT @DenningC: @spencerpratt I'm 43, and I still can't be in the same room with knee high dolls. They look like they're watching me.
9/1/13 10:50 Lovely work on the #shibboleths, everyone. Let's keep them coming for one more day. Did anyone determine whether physical attributes count?
9/1/13 10:55 @TaraArthurs No, it's not, dear. We were trying to establish a finer understanding of #shibboleth & the ? arose whether it could be physical
9/1/13 10:59 I'll miss you all if the vote goes poorly & I have to return the phone before I could tweet out enough to help my poetry career. Cheers.
9/1/13 14:05 RT @x0chloelouise0x: @spencerpratt #shibboleths If I'm walking behind someone, I have to walk at the same pace, and on the same foot til ...
9/1/13 14:09 RT @GemWalker1984: @spencerpratt im frightened of ravioli! #parcelsofsurprise #shibboleth
9/1/13 14:50 RT @joshuamighty: @spencerpratt I do my Kundalini for an hour when I'm sad. #shibboleth
9/1/13 14:57 I like dactylic more than trochaic. #shibboleth
9/1/13 15:44 We all have r ticks '@angelakey6: @spencerpratt #shibboleth Can't believe all these Weird phobias? Feeling extremely normal at the moment..'
9/1/13 16:27 @zeekelder 10 points for gryffindor! Touche!
9/1/13 17:06 If devo max came to pass I'll secretly miss Scotland, but of course I could never say it oot loud. #shibboleth
9/1/13 17:23 @amycole23 Those who know me (MeMe not HimMe) will get it. That's how a #shibboleth works.
9/1/13 17:47 @amycole23 you see my bind, dear. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. How could I possibly tweet that?
9/1/13 17:54 Feeling a sense of gathering gloom (if #teamspeidi are evicted from cbb). I tremble in the consciousness of Doom.
9/1/13 17:55 @amycole23 hopefully not by a visit to the clink.
9/1/13 18:28 Might be last hours 4 #shibboleth game. N.b., doesn't have to b a phobia, just something that would identify you to mates or mum.
9/1/13 18:29 E.g., I had a longtime crush on Martine Croxall. Nobody I'd rather have read me the news. #shibboleth
9/1/13 18:55 RT @LisaMarie921: @spencerpratt I had a longtime crush on Tom Petty, since 6th grade! He's twice my age & all my friends made fun of ...
9/1/13 19:02 Ran into 1 of my flatmates on the way back from cornershop, asked me for the rent. This mobile could've solved some problems.
9/1/13 20:06 I'd like to feel I'm the Ed Miliband type but my friends think I'm more of a David. Sigh. #shibboleth
9/1/13 21:02 Let's see what happens. My fate is in your hands and then, no doubt, those of the authorities. Go #teamspeidi!
9/1/13 22:43 God Save Speidi! Cheers! God Bless You All! #reprieve!
10/1/13 14:42 What a glorious day it's been after yesterday's vote! Slept in till about noon, awoke hugging my hottie like Spencer would Heidi.
10/1/13 14:50 Don't get chuffed. My hottie is a worn hot water bottle from back home.
10/1/13 14:58 @brodywills You guessed it! But now that you ask, there is a certain someone I've got my eye on. She works at the bookshop near my flat.
10/1/13 15:05 @GennaKenyon There's the rub. I obviously have 1 & would like you all to know it but the current circumstances make disclosing it unwise.
10/1/13 16:23 I wonder if she'd be impressed if I told her about the whole phone thing, showed it to her.
10/1/13 16:30 I doubt she follows @spencerpratt. Not that type of girl.
10/1/13 16:56 I could show her the phone, tho. We've only talked in the shop, book & poetry recs mainly. She pointed me to Noel Williams & others.
10/1/13 17:01 @jillianburtonuk No more than anyone does, which I'd contend is not at all. But I think I will pick up his book today. Trip to the bookshop!
10/1/13 22:20 Didn't have the steans to show her the phone today. Didn't have the energy to leave the flat. Maybe tomorrow.
11/1/13 0:02 I should come up with a new game for us to play tomorrow. That #shibboleth one was fun. You tweepies are clever. Xxoo
11/1/13 6:31 Why am I up? The guilt. The opportunity. Well, fake opportunity. And then I had an idea for a game.
11/1/13 6:38 @deycallmeGee my nose peels, the rest flakes #twouplets
11/1/13 6:51 @sydneycunanan to hashout the plot of rejecting telly hate instigation #twouplets
11/1/13 6:52 Still working out the kinks, obviously. Let me try a few more.
11/1/13 6:56 @sydneycunanan hang on, let me try a few more.
11/1/13 7:02 @itsamandaross for that would far exceed the pain of living in this hovel #twouplets
11/1/13 7:13 @StephhM96 for the noticed never notice, nor can follow those who hollow be #twouplets
11/1/13 7:34 @Mrock85 played basses... whine of mardy strumming #twouplets
11/1/13 7:37 Game's shaping up. I'm off to see my bookshop love. Wish I could tweet her name. For now, I'll just call her Una as t' other Spenser would.
11/1/13 16:06 All right. Headed into the bookshop. Time to see what Una thinks of all this, the phone & all. Wish me luck!
11/1/13 16:13 See it's really me tweeting from this phone!
11/1/13 16:14 I can send any message I'd like. Like, Rosie Shepperd is the most amazing poet ever!
11/1/13 16:15 Imagine the possibilities! You can try it if you want. Go ahead.
11/1/13 16:16 maybe u should give the fone back
11/1/13 16:27 Bugger me. That didn't go well.
11/1/13 16:32 @angie_hunter_ that it was a tad sad to use somebody else's phone just to make yourself feel important, esp. when no one knows it's you.
11/1/13 16:39 @ianthebrush I did. That's what I tried to explain. Apparently, I've gotten more reactions than he did in 2 years! They think it's great.
11/1/13 16:40 @ianthebrush as long as I don't try to sell the phone, make Spencer declare his love for boys or sheep, or piss of the govt of Costa Rica.
11/1/13 16:42 I tried to explain all of this to Una but she said: it's not like it's actually your followers. They don't want to hear about you, poetry...
11/1/13 16:43 That hurts. '@brodywills: @spencerpratt another night with the hot water bottle then :('
11/1/13 16:48 @lisslovexo tweet the name of my twitter account? Now we both know that's something I just can't do.
11/1/13 16:50 @spencerpratt gets so much hate. Between that and her rejection, I think it's taking a toll.
11/1/13 16:51 @MRettok yes, see my tweet to ian.
11/1/13 16:58 @EmmaRhi *you're. I think. You haven't used any punctuation.
11/1/13 18:17 @missXthor I prefer Vanessa Place, Christian Bok, Katie Degentesh, Jen Bervin & John Cooper Clarke!! They are amazing!
11/1/13 18:33 @missXthor Every Beat!! I have a weakness for Mottram, if you include him.
11/1/13 22:15 1 good thing came of the stop in the bookshop: picked up a copy of How to Be Famous. Looks brilliant.
11/1/13 22:18 Brought it to the coffee shop. Got a cup of this new blend there called Mechanical Turkish. Deceptively strong. Lovely.
11/1/13 22:22 Bitterly cold out. but had to get away from the flatmates. Hope my hottie is ready!
11/1/13 23:54 @Westy_Low I hope that hope is picked #twouplets
11/1/13 23:55 The #twouplets form may be too hard: the basic idea is that you write an answer to some1 else's tweet that rhymes w & complements theirs
11/1/13 23:58 This morning I was trying to match the other person word-for-word, but try roughly the same no. of syllables & a rhyme at the end #twouplets
12/1/13 0:01 @birdisthewyrd nice rhyme. I keep thinking syllable count should be roughly the same, but it's challenging. #twouplets
12/1/13 0:03 @ChloeSmith0603 You gave out a holler so what's it to ya? #twouplets
12/1/13 0:06 As with the #shibboleth game, I'll RT the best ones I hear. #twouplets
12/1/13 0:06 But I don't want to be the only twouplet maker. If you see some1 tweet @spencerpratt you can answer them with a #twouplet
12/1/13 0:16 Friday night, my hottie, and all the lovely haters of @spencerpratt. Life has a sense of humour #twouplets
12/1/13 0:21 @ChloeSmith0603 tweeting to me, call me a bitch, just not feelin' #twouplets
12/1/13 0:22 @ChloeSmith0603 feelin'/zealand, yes, a bit of a stretch, but it's late here. You try.
12/1/13 0:28 @ChloeSmith0603 I was focused more on the rhyming the tweet than the tweetinator #twouplets
12/1/13 0:33 '@ChloeSmith0603: @spencerpratt There's no need to hater ;) be a player, congratulator...terminator :-) Smell you later Lol' #twouplets
12/1/13 0:39 @ChloeSmith0603 ok. My favourite colour is orange. #twouplets
12/1/13 0:53 @ChloeSmith0603 Couldn't resist to make you cringe, did not mean to impinge. #twouplets
12/1/13 0:55 Ok, far too late. I'll see you in my dreams. Look forward to seeing the #twouplets in the morning. Rhyme with those who @ the Pratt. Xxoo
12/1/13 7:49 @missXthor good morning, luv. Ace. But the original idea was that you make a twouplet by rhyming with someone's tweet at me. Well done, tho.
12/1/13 7:51 Let's continue with the #twouplets. Rules of the game, write a tweet that rhymes with a tweet some1 else tweets @ me by replying to them.
12/1/13 7:53 It only has to rhyme with the last word. Extra points for matching their syllable count and complementing their content. #twouplets
12/1/13 7:55 We could also build on #shibboleth by having each person in the #twouplet say something about themselves. #twouplets.
12/1/13 8:00 But if you're responding 2 some1 tweeting @ me, they're prolly: asking for a follow, calling me a bell end, cheering team speidi, or hating
12/1/13 8:03 I tend to obsess over syllable count & matching the rhythm bc I'm thinking about heroic couplets #twouplets
12/1/13 8:06 But let's make it easy. Tweet something at me, a simple line, e.g., I like overcooked rice. #twouplets any1 can reply & try to rhyme it.
12/1/13 8:11 Just like Speidi, everything is better in pairs! #twouplets.
12/1/13 8:22 O & the name of this game is a portmanteau of twitter & couplet, tho you prolly figured that. #twouplets I'll RT the best ones
12/1/13 8:25 @gibbsgirl3031 pls fix the apostrophe & tweet that again, I want to give it a go.
12/1/13 8:27 @acciomontana I did that one last night. Great minds...
12/1/13 8:31 @evelyn__manf lol but remember, you're rhyming with some1 else. #twouplets
12/1/13 8:33 @evelyn__manf practice a bit and merely aim to match #twouplets
12/1/13 8:35 @gibbsgirl3031 you said birthdays, you meant birthday's (birthday is), right? Or are you playing me?
12/1/13 8:39 @damienjr88 a Girl needs 2 please you like a fish needs a bike #twouplets
12/1/13 8:43 @Erination85 Kenneth Clarke hates plants #twouplets
12/1/13 8:47 RT @Sabrinz_Malik: @spencerpratt @gibbsgirl3031 and one way that's the biggest newsday #twouplets
12/1/13 8:48 '@ChloeSmith0603: @spencerpratt A girl doing girls is offensively, called a dyke #twouplets' Well done, dear!
12/1/13 8:50 @gibbsgirl3031 the bovine kind are fond of grazing #twouplets
12/1/13 8:54 '@JajaMarais: '@TerriblyBlonde : shut up you are boring' I'd rather lister to my grandma snoring @spencerpratt #twouplets' ace twoupled hate
12/1/13 9:00 @GerryConfiant @gibbsgirl3031 I should reply instead of RT so people can see the chain. Brilliant.
12/1/13 9:00 '@GerryConfiant: @spencerpratt @gibbsgirl3031 and his followers have become his plaything #twouplets' :-)
12/1/13 9:04 @Sabrinz_Malik You all could twouplet away the haters. Nice work.
12/1/13 9:06 @SarahAnneJoulie: @spencerpratt well this is just awful , I was just called a twat waffle #twouplets/ lol but we're rhyming w others' tweets
12/1/13 9:09 @wehheartit to make others reconsidaaaahhh #twouplets
12/1/13 9:12 @ChloeSmith0603 did you really just start following me? You're good. (Don't forget the hashtag)
12/1/13 9:14 '@ChloeSmith0603: @spencerpratt The shit from the mediaaaaaaaa!' #twouplets
12/1/13 9:15 @GerryConfiant @wehheartit Excellent!
12/1/13 9:18 '@GerryConfiant: @spencerpratt @wehheartit while they lay in bed or sit on the sh!taaahhhhh' #twouplets
12/1/13 9:21 Got to dash. You've got the hang of it now. I'll check back in later, Gawain-style. Cheers! #twouplets
12/1/13 9:22 @GerryConfiant @ChloeSmith0603 You two win the prize for the morning, btw. Brilliant!
12/1/13 9:24 RT @GerryConfiant: @ChloeSmith0603 @spencerpratt so to hell with the signing, just work on ur timing #twouplets
12/1/13 9:24 RT @ChloeSmith0603: @spencerpratt I'm good at rhyming, but shit at miming! :-) #twouplets
12/1/13 9:26 RT @LauraSmyth1: ���@spencerpratt: '@ChloeSmith0603: The shit from the mediaaaaaaaa!' Will end up on Wikipedia #twouplets�۝
12/1/13 18:22 Winter is so long/ Winter moves on... Song is stuck in my head. Why?
12/1/13 18:29 Seems apropos, I suppose...
12/1/13 18:30 Well, a nation turns its back and gags...
12/1/13 18:34 Any more #twouplets, luvs?
12/1/13 18:41 @DenningC nice, don't forget the hashtag #twouplets
12/1/13 18:42 @DenningC depending on how voting goes, may have to pack the bags. #twouplets (I'm packed...)
12/1/13 18:45 @ianthebrush but is there such a thing? We'll never know the answer. #twouplets (slant rhyme)
12/1/13 18:48 @rachaelamyy feeling Maudlin with me? :)
12/1/13 18:50 Those who play the game with a holler are getting rewarded with a...
12/1/13 18:52 @Lottie_McAdam whether the weather is hot, whether the weather is cold... #twouplets
12/1/13 18:53 '@EmilyMoore95: @spencerpratt follow' exactly. Now, back to the #twouplets
12/1/13 18:56 I wonder if we could write some #twouplets for Una. She might be tickled. Tag them #una too if they're for her.
12/1/13 18:58 @littlenicky666 okay, but no more just for that rhyme. The rest go to game players: Poets for Pratt!
12/1/13 19:01 @AmeliaQJ you'll find you develop amnesia if you don't get some sleep too #twouplets
12/1/13 19:03 Got to dash. Back later. Keep up the #twouplets. Rhyme with any1 who @s spencerpratt. Use the #una tag if they're for her.
13/1/13 9:01 Wow. What has Spencer Pratt been up to?
13/1/13 9:02 I can always tell from reading the tweets the next day, when the hate rolls out like an endless scroll.
13/1/13 9:04 '@ChloeSmith0603: @spencerpratt #twouplets' Well, I hope you all have been. Reading back through now.
13/1/13 9:06 RT @StephanyCollin1: #una is a mystery, a figment with a mind. We will never know of her, this is so unkind #twouplets
13/1/13 9:07 @StephanyCollin1 Nice work on this one. #twouplets
13/1/13 9:08 @ChloeSmith0603 This one cut me to the core. #twouplets
13/1/13 9:10 '@blissnilsen: @spencerpratt what is twouplets??' Did you miss our game? Just rhyme with a tweet some1 send to me, you know @spencerpratt
13/1/13 9:12 O & don't forget the hashtag. Search for #twouplets & you'll see some of what people did yesterday. Special ones for #una are tagged too.
13/1/13 9:14 @ChloeSmith0603 This is clearly due to the Tweeps luv of poetry games & poets. I luv you all for it!
13/1/13 9:21 @gisselleeee_ @julielindabass payment for poems'd be bliss #twouplets
13/1/13 9:24 What I love about this game is that you all get a chance to see the gobsmacking mess of tweets that gets sent this way. #twouplets
13/1/13 9:27 @HannahMel21 Which one of your tweets was for #twouplets? Who were you rhyming with?
13/1/13 9:29 @ChloeSmith0603 Ace. But I worry people will think a twouplet is just them rhyming themselves. Not the end of the world, of course.
13/1/13 9:30 @selenagfans12 Almost there. Now rhyme with some1 else's tweet. #twouplets
13/1/13 9:36 Tweeting from here has been the biggest event that ever happened to me but also the means through which I have been most erased.
13/1/13 9:37 I am a middle child, a poet, an invisible man, never noticed except when stumbled over in the dark.
13/1/13 9:39 I thought through you, through Una, through my days in the Mirror, my life would change, but I am merely the 1 who is & isn't @spencerpratt
13/1/13 9:40 @HannahMel21 keep trying, my dear. :)
13/1/13 9:44 @gisselleeee_ I thought you were just teasing me or making a pun.
13/1/13 9:47 RT @SarahAnneJoulie: @gisselleeee_ @spencerpratt to play the game right you must reply in rhyme to other tweets tonight #Twouplets
13/1/13 9:51 Added challenges: try to match the rhythm & syllable count of the tweet you rhyme. Remember, any tweets at Pratt are fair game #twouplets
13/1/13 9:52 Also, if you tag your #twouplets #Una, I'll work them into a poem I'm planning to present to her someday.
13/1/13 9:58 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 Nice layers here. The irony is sweet & tangy.
13/1/13 10:03 @AshleighHBowers Of course, this is my conundrum. Would luv to show myself to you but doing so would be my end.
13/1/13 10:05 @AshleighHBowers That's got me thinking of a new game. I'll work on it a bit. Maybe after today's round of #twouplets
13/1/13 10:08 @RavneenSinghx so far Spencer Pratt has been the topic. But would luv for it to be abt my luv Una or even abt yourselves as in #shibboleth
13/1/13 10:13 @ChloeSmith0603 the pull of the hateful and awful cavorting I read, makes it hard to tweetback each rhyme you have said #twouplets
13/1/13 10:21 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 but those looking for Speidi, may feel themselves misled #twouplets
13/1/13 10:34 @misseharding Una is my love from the bookshop, wrapped in tattoos and piercings. She knits and swears like a sailor.
13/1/13 10:39 @RavneenSinghx The goal is rhyme with someone else's tweet, though we have been rhyming internally as well. #twouplets
13/1/13 10:52 Una writes Twilight fan fiction, by the way. Calls it Mary Sue squared.
13/1/13 15:58 @therealtb Luv it!
13/1/13 16:00 I came back to look at the #twouplets and found waves upon waves of Twitter hate!
13/1/13 16:02 I should watch this Big Bro show to see what those two do every day, but I don't own a telly.
13/1/13 16:07 And it's fascinating to find out what your alter ego has done by reading Twitter. Must be how Dr. Jekyll felt.
13/1/13 16:15 Can someone, for example, explain to me who this Rylan is? Or is that a typo?
13/1/13 19:28 I keep trying to think of ways to make myself visible to you while keeping on my cloak of invisibility. This is the story of my life.
13/1/13 19:29 I have a new game for tomorrow that might help with this. This one uses pictures, sort of.
13/1/13 19:30 Wish I could answer. :('@zoya_kx: @spencerpratt who are u?'
13/1/13 19:47 @Studio468 I am now an allowed fool. They said I can keep tweeting as long as I don't do anything illegal or try to profit off it.
13/1/13 19:48 Apparently I do more with his account than he ever did. And now I have haters of my own, which seems Speidi's specialty.
14/1/13 7:25 So, looks like he got us on the chopping block again, as he and I are inexorably linked.
14/1/13 7:26 If he goes, I go.
14/1/13 7:32 My impending demise made me think of a new game to play with you. I wanted to reveal myself before I'm locked out. It reminds me of a movie.
14/1/13 7:35 What is this movie? Trading Places? Prelude to a Kiss? S1mone? A movie where some1 wakes up in some1 else's body? Being John Malkovich?
14/1/13 7:39 What if I described a picture of myself? And what if you did the same? But you can't link to the picture, only use words.
14/1/13 7:43 We could cal it a revealing game, the game of ekphrasis. Yeah, that would make a good hashtag. #ekphrastic
14/1/13 7:44 Here, let me write a few examples based on pictures of me: #ekphrastic
14/1/13 7:46 Here's us in primary school. I'm the 4th anonymous forgotten kid from the left in the penultimate row. See me? #ekphrastic
14/1/13 7:50 Here's every1 having fun at a party at my friend's. See me? No, you don't. As always I was taking piccies, not joining the fun #ekphrastic
14/1/13 7:58 Here's me on holiday with my family. I'm the lobster in the back who can't sit down. Burned to a crisp. See me? #ekphrastic
14/1/13 8:10 RT @ChloeSmith0603: @spencerpratt Here's me, I'm tired after a gym workout, and can't sit down due to my ass being sore from the RPM bik ...
14/1/13 8:11 RT @TheMikeAnthon: @spencerpratt Here I am with my best of friends having the time of our lives in Disneyland. #ekphrastic
14/1/13 8:13 As always, I'll RT and maybe even follow the best. #ekphrastic
14/1/13 8:14 @hannahmitchelll don't forget the hashtag #ekphrastic and do try to reveal yourself, not just your status as a fan.
14/1/13 8:17 '@Markus_Hill: @spencerpratt HERE I AM drinking red wine, wearing my mother's clothing in bed when I was 7.' #ekphrastic
14/1/13 8:22 @mangerine_ Ekphrasis is recreating 1 art form in another, like describing a picture. You are representing the picture in words. Follow?
14/1/13 8:24 RT @SarahAnneJoulie: @spencerpratt Here I am on a cold winter day barely 24 , wearing a neon pink sweater wiping icing and smushed cake ...
14/1/13 8:25 @therealtb do you mean 'sitting' or 'seat' or? Not sure.
14/1/13 8:28 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 I had a feeling I could count on you two. New games take time to warm up.
14/1/13 8:29 @LYONSjeni Don't forget the hashtag. Also, 'sat'? Did someone sit you there? #ekphrastic
14/1/13 8:31 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 different games for different days. Maybe you could make this interactive. Ask questions, build on piccies?
14/1/13 8:33 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 you can always keep playing #twouplets. I might go to the bookshop tonight and #Una should be there.
14/1/13 8:34 RT @therealtb: @spencerpratt here's me on my family gathering. I'm the stone sitting on the corner, and being forgotten. See me? #ekphrastic
14/1/13 8:35 RT @AmAnDaBr33Zy: @spencerpratt Here's me! the one with curly hair in pigtails and self cut bangs all by herself in a corner #ekphrastic
14/1/13 8:36 @LYONSjeni did you answer my question?
14/1/13 8:38 RT @hannahmitchelll: @spencerpratt here I am laying in bed wishing it would snow outside instead of just being frosty, freezing, and dry ...
14/1/13 8:38 @ChloeSmith0603 Me? I'm just 1 person. We're all playing here. You want to build on the game? Do it. You know how to take the talking stick.
14/1/13 8:40 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 hey, are two trying to needle me with the grammar?
14/1/13 8:42 @LYONSjeni I couldn't understand the verb tense you used in the Mario Kart tweet. Can you try that one again?
14/1/13 8:44 @_Bissette play the game and your wish is granted. Happy Birthday, btw. Perhaps you could describe a piccy from a bday in the past.
14/1/13 8:47 For #ekphrastic you are not describing what you are doing now; you're describing a revealing picture, 1 that shows who you really are.
14/1/13 8:49 @SarahShatan see my note about the pictures, and maybe you should watch what you let him eat for dinner. :)
14/1/13 8:52 RT @lezleehay: @spencerpratt Here I am, spinning in circles as the rain darkens the color of my already brunette hair. #ekphrastic
14/1/13 8:53 @SarahAnneJoulie I don't like to flood people's TL. But I do need to dash in a bit.
14/1/13 8:56 @_Bissette nice, but I don't want anyone to attach actual pictures. The goal of #ekphrastic is to do it better with words.
14/1/13 8:58 @CharmyBlueEyes Describe a telling piccy from your past, not tonight. #ekphrastic
14/1/13 9:01 @_Bissette As a poet, I cannot agree. I believe you can describe it better. The camera did not feel the moment as you did #ekphrastic
14/1/13 9:03 @katcgg ��Juega con nosotros! #ekphrastic
14/1/13 9:04 RT @luvevanally: @spencerpratt I'm in a hospital gown, exhausted, pale, hair a mess, mascera smeared, but grin from ear to ear w/my bund ...
14/1/13 9:06 @_flutterbug I will stop using it when he gets out of the Big Bro show, unless I'm told otherwise.
14/1/13 9:24 RT @_kaylamitchell: @spencerpratt here's me at daycare, with my awful mushroom cut hairstyle because I wanted to be 'one of the boys' #e ...
14/1/13 9:33 RT @_Bissette: @spencerpratt #ekphrastic sitting around the table 1 by 1 pulling miserable but yet some happy faces = fluidity was upon ...
14/1/13 9:46 RT @Sweet_vero: @spencerpratt #ekphrastic Heres me, sitting on my couch looking like an Asian drag queen because my toddler wanted to pl ...
15/1/13 0:09 Just met the most amazing woman, completely exhausted, may have to wait till morning.
15/1/13 0:20 @x3xnikkix3x I am just a poor poet who lives inside of @spencerpratt
15/1/13 0:21 What happened to out #ekphrastic game?
15/1/13 0:27 @shelbs642 Did you read the directions? Just search the hashtag for examples. I doubt anyone else is using it.
15/1/13 0:44 Don't get chuffed. In REAL life I'm allowed to do this. However, usually the people tweeting are hired and paid.
15/1/13 0:52 Do you really expect to hear the inner thoughts of tv personalities? The REAL Spencer? I've already voted that notion out of the house.
15/1/13 0:57 Sorry to get so bothered. Did you like my cbb allusion? I tried to watch a few minutes of that program online today. Unbelievable.
15/1/13 1:00 Sorry, too. It's late here & I so want to tell you what happened at the bookshop tonight. But it will have to wait. Stay #ekphrastic!
15/1/13 5:48 Couldn't sleep. Had to watch a bit more CBB online. Saw a very large former footballer getting waxed. The horror. The horror.
15/1/13 6:12 Went to the bookshop to hear a reading. Una wasn't there. Gutted.
15/1/13 6:14 @suups3xual Una? The girl from the bookshop. We've been writing poetry for her.
15/1/13 6:18 The author never showed either....but then I saw this perfectly luvly lass. Thick glasses. Khaki green army jacket. Knee high socks.
15/1/13 6:22 Shame, having a reading like this & no author, I said. Yeah, total waste, says she.
15/1/13 6:26 Thought about showing her the phone bc I didn't have much to say but instead asked what she did. I'm a writer, she said.
15/1/13 6:28 Imagine?! I told her I'm a poet & she asked what kind of poetry I liked. We swapped names, favs. Had quite a few in common!
15/1/13 6:32 I asked her what she'd do now. She said, dunno, maybe go for a pint. I joined her for 1 or 2. 3.
15/1/13 6:36 After a few, she tells me the reason she was at the reading. Turns out, she helped write the book. Uncredited!
15/1/13 6:37 Said night at the pub, but she gave me her number! Thought it'd be ace to call her from the Speidi phone, but they cut service except wifi.
15/1/13 6:38 This might be my Duessa. Una look out!
15/1/13 6:42 @gibbsgirl3031 Happy birthday! Party like Speidi!
15/1/13 6:44 @MissyMissyMia I didn't mention them. Should I? Una was so unimpressed. Anti-impressed.
15/1/13 6:46 @kbfamilyof That's the heart of my dilemma. I can't give my name, might as well not have a name. I am Spencer Pratt's inner poet.
15/1/13 6:53 @MissyMissyMia Una found it...pathetic. Many @spencerpratt followers agree. #myownprivatehaters
15/1/13 6:58 @AneeqaaBabes Remember the #ekphrastic game asks you to describe a revealing piccy of yourself, not what you are doing now.
15/1/13 7:01 @Embird83 I really just found it.
15/1/13 7:03 @WadieBen I wonder. Spencer is still an enigma wrapped in a thick sheet of realitytv to me & I am even reading his book.
15/1/13 7:04 '@AneeqaaBabes: @spencerpratt and and and what does #ekphrastic mean?' I don't want to be rude, but you should look it up.
15/1/13 7:12 '@ChloeSmith0603: @spencerpratt Did you respect her as a women on top of a huge pile of poetry books? :)' I am a gentleman & we just met!
15/1/13 7:13 @nicolaosborne36 @Embird83 I will. I am told there will be no consequences. No charges. No arsekicking.
15/1/13 7:20 @ChloeSmith0603 Now I might be tempted to do something naughty with a sestina, tickle her with a pantoum. ;-)
15/1/13 7:21 @MissyMissyMia @nicolaosborne36 @Embird83 I like that name. Temporary Spencer. Temp Spence. Ace!!
15/1/13 7:22 @Danarazzi I can't say I've seen enough to understand this show, but they do seem to have staying power. I hope.
15/1/13 7:24 @nicolaosborne36 @Embird83 I think they're starting to flutter off. I'm realizing I'm a different sort of fellow than this Pratt.
15/1/13 7:26 @ChloeSmith0603 some1 new. I'll refer to her as Duessa to keep our theme. Look back in the feed from earlier this morning.
15/1/13 7:27 RT @MissyMissyMia: @spencerpratt @nicolaosborne36 @Embird83 yes! #tempspence
15/1/13 7:29 @SarahAnneJoulie Still playing #ekphrastic. I want to challenge you all to find more revealing moments in the piccies. Emotionally revealing
15/1/13 7:34 '@SarahAnneJoulie: @spencerpratt I dont have any photos that really mean anything :-(' Look closer & in ekphrasis a picture's worth is words
15/1/13 7:43 Call me #tempspence. I think I would prefer that to douchebag.
15/1/13 7:46 @ChloeSmith0603 How can anything be personal to me? I'm invisible! Anonymous! Obviously a woman with a way with words will always win me.
15/1/13 7:48 Waves of hate and love with each tweet, that is what you see when you live as @spencerpratt #tempspence
15/1/13 7:50 @missXthor Love it! Don't forget the hashtag. #ekphrastic
15/1/13 7:51 @TheMikeAnthon You win the prize for making me laugh this morning.
15/1/13 7:52 @HunnnieBeee was contacted by. We reached an agreement.
15/1/13 7:54 @ChloeSmith0603 She's a published author for one & had a way of turning everything I said on its head or arse. A witty one she. #duessa
15/1/13 7:56 @_Kathy128 and I have always loved you.
15/1/13 7:56 RT @missXthor: @spencerpratt I am sitting on Dad's lap, grinning at the camera. He is looking at the TV screen, emotionless. Tired of wo ...
15/1/13 7:58 @Woodsy_gal that is too touching for twitter. I feel like a prat reminding you to use the hashtag. #ekphrastic
15/1/13 8:02 Ok, got to dash. As always, keep up the #ekphrastic game. I'll retweet my favs tonight or when I get a chance. Luv to you all! Haters, too!
15/1/13 8:03 RT @Woodsy_gal: @spencerpratt here I am months after starting feel sick, no diagnosis. Losing friends & family yet still love life ...
16/1/13 7:13 Good morning, luvs. Today might spell the end of #tempspence, depending on the vote. I can't get a feel for the show. Predictions?
16/1/13 7:16 @GraemeDavidReid How about a personal Happy Birthday greeting? Hope it's worth tweeting about!
16/1/13 7:19 @Sarah_Rapa I love you, too, Sara Rapa! Luv to all the #tempspence and Speidi fans in Oz!
16/1/13 7:21 '@kpee: @spencerpratt Lacey will go!!' Really? Why do you think so? Why don't people like her?
16/1/13 7:26 '@BethanUsher: @spencerpratt because she's boring' Is she? What's her story? She's a model or something, right?
16/1/13 7:30 '@GiaDuprey: @spencerpratt I'm hoping Clare goes. There is no one more boring than her!' Why is she famous?
16/1/13 7:42 @FapBieberHoran oh, right! I have a soft spot for 'Last Thing on My Mind,' but I think I prefer the Bananarama version.
16/1/13 7:52 There was something in your voice, it was telling me don't be too sure, arousing my suspicions... rather like our #shibboleth game
16/1/13 8:03 @SarahAnneJoulie ok. I'm glad you asked. In the new game let's return to writing poetry, this time a massive collab poem.
16/1/13 8:11 The only problem is, I'm not sure if we should write it for Una or Duessa. Perhaps I should imitate cbb & let you decide!
16/1/13 8:21 The #centode game: every1 will write a line describing your bf or gf (real or imaginary) but substitute Una or Duessa for their name.
16/1/13 8:23 #Centode is a combination of Cento and Ode, two poetic forms you've probably heard of. Centode evokes Toadfish, which I heard on cbb
16/1/13 8:29 Here's an example: Una laughs uncontrollably at parts of Trainspotting. #centode
16/1/13 8:33 You advanced poets can rhyme with someone else's line by replying to it, but rhyme is not a requirement. #centode
16/1/13 8:49 @AlexisWTweets Thanks for getting this started! #centode
16/1/13 8:55 @SarahAnneJoulie I'd like to assemble the poem directly from the tweets. But at somepoint I might have to choose between the two.
16/1/13 8:58 RT @RyanPeddigrew: @spencerpratt When Una says 5 minutes really means 50. #centode
16/1/13 9:02 @SarahAnneJoulie Or tweet it twice. Remember, our #centode will make a poem out of all the people we love.
16/1/13 9:09 @FapBieberHoran I try not to read the DMs: those feel like purloined letters.
16/1/13 9:17 RT @SarahAnneJoulie: @spencerpratt Gentle touch, tough skin. A youthful spirit with an old mind. lone star in a dark sky. Beauty unseen ...
16/1/13 9:18 @FapBieberHoran That's a lot of questions. I believe the answer is 'yes' to most of them.
16/1/13 9:29 RT @SarahAnneJoulie: @AlexisWTweets @spencerpratt with every word she speaks my sanity seems to falter . #centode
16/1/13 9:33 RT @AlexisWTweets: @SarahAnneJoulie @spencerpratt Una sits atop a pedestal, my eyes, they do not wander. #centode
16/1/13 9:34 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 We are missing a few members of our usual circle of twitter poets. Hopefully some new ones will join.
16/1/13 9:40 @ChloeSmith0603 @SarahAnneJoulie We should set up a web site celebrating the #tempspence poets, especially since my days are numbered.
16/1/13 9:43 @ChloeSmith0603 @SarahAnneJoulie Add @AlexisWTweets to #tempspence poets. She's Ace.
16/1/13 9:44 RT @SarahAnneJoulie: @AlexisWTweets @spencerpratt with every breath, every thought. I proclaim my devotion.Yet her ears do not hear, her ...
16/1/13 9:48 @Sweet_vero Ok, another example: By the time your hands have clutched your chilly sleeves, Una has already turned on the kettle. #centode
16/1/13 9:50 @Sweet_vero They don't have to sound like poetry. Beauty emerges when you string all these together. #centode & then, voila, u are a poet.
16/1/13 9:58 Got to dash. Keep working on the #centode. I'll see your fruits this afternoon, Gawain-style, tho it may be my last #tempspence
16/1/13 15:25 RT @xD4ni3ll38x: @spencerpratt When Duessa says I promise, that actually means I will do the opposite and have up make it up at a later ...
16/1/13 15:45 Is Lacey being cast as Spencer's Duessa? Would his Una like to see her voted out? #redcrossspeidi
16/1/13 15:50 @maferbarrerab So Ace! Well done.
16/1/13 15:53 RT @maferbarrerab: @spencerpratt Duessa laughs so hard that ha-ha turns into oink-oink, & it's so contagious that you can't help it ...
17/1/13 7:06 Good morning, luvs. Nice to wake up knowing I at least have two more days as #tempspence
17/1/13 7:14 How Speidi avoid eviction is beyond me, but I'm not going to challenge the will of the people.
17/1/13 7:17 '@ChloeSmith0603: @spencerpratt Cool! You know what that means, right? :-)' What?
17/1/13 7:20 1 of my flatmates snores like Razor. In fact, he's kind of a short, Skinny Razor. He's Pakistani, really, from Faisalabad.
17/1/13 7:24 '@nadiiakarii: @spencerpratt i'm just pretty happy you know about Faisalabad.' He talks about it incessantly. Quite homesick, really.
17/1/13 7:26 I called Duessa last night. Thought I'd tell her about the phone during the live eviction. Turns out, wrong number. Ha!
17/1/13 7:40 @SarahAnneJoulie It was not HER number. It was the number for 19 Turing or Touring, couldn't hear
17/1/13 7:44 '@SarahAnneJoulie: Dearest @spencerpratt , Are we continuing our game of #centode ?' Yes! I'm hoping to go to the bookshop tonight.
17/1/13 7:48 If you missed it, we're writing a Cento Ode by tweeting something abt your bf or gf, replace his/her name with Una or Duessa #centode
17/1/13 7:50 Una is a lass at the bookshop, unimpressed with my phone luck. Duessa is a ghostwriter who gave me a fake number. :(
17/1/13 7:52 '@SarahAnneJoulie: @spencerpratt why to Duessa? She did give you a false number.' Why would she trust me? She doesn't even know me. Me-me.
17/1/13 7:55 Let's take a poll: RT this if you've ever given out a fake/false phone number to some1 you just met. #duessa
17/1/13 7:56 RT this is you've never given a fake/false phone number to some1 you just met. #Una
17/1/13 8:06 Looks like #duessa is winning. I'm not arguing that people should be false. I try to be honest, but you just don't know whom you can trust.
17/1/13 8:07 '@Jana_Notah: @spencerpratt I gave out an ex's # _���' Brilliant! #duessa
17/1/13 8:10 @SarahAnneJoulie @thebeanboy23 the line you write for Una or Duessa should be some cute, intimate or quirky fact abt your bf or gf #centode
17/1/13 8:14 I'll RT some examples of the #centode game. I think I'll go to the bookshop tonight to share the poem with Una at least.
17/1/13 8:21 Don't make your #centode lines rhyme. But you can rhyme your line with someone else's by replying. (Starred First poets)
17/1/13 8:22 '@Lyds_G: @spencerpratt I gave out my twin sisters number!' That makes you a doubledecker Duessa. :)
17/1/13 8:24 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 Don't get mad at me, please. I am fairly permissive when we first start a game. I like to see what you do.
17/1/13 8:26 @RebeccaMasters I am the latter, referred to as #tempspence. @spencerpratt's inner poet. :)
17/1/13 8:35 @juliaustin Duessa? She's Ace. Met her at a reading of an author who never showed. Turns out, she ghostwrote the book.
17/1/13 8:41 @lorraineq Er, currently I'm between engagements. I am a poet, you realize? Job market's a bit thin these days.
17/1/13 8:44 Yes, let's get back to #centode! I hope to have a full poem's worth of tweets by the time I go to the bookshop to see Una tonight.
17/1/13 8:52 Una arranges the spines of the paperbacks at the edge of the shelf so she can run her finger along them like a xylophone #centode
17/1/13 8:58 Of all the pages Duessa pens, she never sees her name upon a spine. #centode
17/1/13 9:04 When I ask Una for a book of love, she always hands me mysteries #centode
17/1/13 9:08 @SarahAnneJoulie @AlexisWTweets Let go & let the game take over: the premise & process will write something beautiful. Try to be particular.
17/1/13 9:09 RT @AlexisWTweets: @SarahAnneJoulie @spencerpratt Una spins beneath snowflakes, clad in a grin. Her eyes are russet dawn, laughter preci ...
17/1/13 14:41 RT @SarahAnneJoulie: @spencerpratt a shadow yet to be acknowledged for the mastery of the words binded within the leather #centode
17/1/13 14:43 RT @MelanieSands: @Jana_Notah @spencerpratt I used to give one horrid guy's phone number to other horrid guys. Figured they deserved eac ...
17/1/13 14:44 RT @markiee: @spencerpratt she gave you a fake number because you and Una are meant to be! keep trying with her :)
17/1/13 14:44 RT @AlexisWTweets: @SarahAnneJoulie @spencerpratt Una stuns me, strange, in the nature of her ways. Her fragments inspire my whole-lavis ...
17/1/13 15:10 Una writes fanfiction strange & true, each of her heroines is a Mary Sue #centode #twouplets
17/1/13 15:35 @maggiespencer But I *have* been revealing myself, with every Tweet.
17/1/13 15:47 @maggiespencer Though I wish for you to know me more if known I am I will be no more. #tempspence
17/1/13 15:51 Still need a few more lines for the #centode for Una before I go see her at the bookshop tonight. I'll RT my favs (& I like to follow poets)
17/1/13 16:46 I should be more clear: my follows & RTs will go to poets who play my games: #centode #twouplets #ekphrastic #shibboleth Play on, poets!
18/1/13 7:22 Good morning, luvs. Great to see all the haters & lovers of #teamspeidi & #tempspence getting along so well.
18/1/13 7:23 Went to the bookshop last night to find Una. She was in a back corner on her break working on her fan fiction.
18/1/13 7:27 I showed her the #centode we wrote or a version of it. She coloured a bit, cheeks red beside ears cycloned with piercings.
18/1/13 7:30 @SarahAnneJoulie she said they were perfectly lovely lines but thinks I am taking advantage of @spencerpratt's followers. :(
18/1/13 7:34 I asked about her fan fiction. She writes Harry Potter stories from the point of view of Luna. Luna is a Mary Sue for her, she says.
18/1/13 7:46 She explained that a Mary Sue is a character that stands in for you. That lets you imagine you are someone living in the storyworld.
18/1/13 7:48 I told her it sounded kind of like me being #tempspence & she snapped her journal closed & said it wasn't the same at all. #imfallingforher
18/1/13 8:01 @XxGLAMMAxX but I was doing just what she's doing: pretending to be a character.
18/1/13 8:02 Isn't that what Spencer Pratt is? A character. People love to hate him, to boo him, to throw trash at the bad boy.
18/1/13 8:05 People have been writing lines for Spencer Pratt his whole career, no doubt. So who cares if I'm writing lines as @spencerpratt?
18/1/13 8:08 Apologies. Swallowing all the hate @spencerpratt & now #tempspence get on a daily basis is clearly getting the better of me.
18/1/13 8:13 @XxGLAMMAxX but isn't that what Una does? Pretends she's Luna Lovegood, walking around Hogwarts in a beautiful fog. (She let me read some)
18/1/13 8:25 @gmensss that's the irony. I am unfamous, incapable of becoming famous. If I were discovered, the real me, that would be my end.
18/1/13 8:27 O & on the way out of the bookshop, I snagged a copy of the book Duessa ghostwrote. Thought I might call the publisher, get her name.
18/1/13 8:45 @DaynahRose Who's being taken advantage of?
18/1/13 8:46 @Chels91 Una is the fair inked lass at the bookshop, maybe my one true love, at the moment unimpressed with my courting.
18/1/13 8:48 '@SarahAnneJoulie: @spencerpratt and what is this book called?' I could not Tweet that any more than Tweet who I am.
18/1/13 8:53 Speaking of who we really are: I have a new game to launch for you.
18/1/13 8:56 Gane: draw a doodle that you typically draw, take a picture, & share. Use bright lighting! We can use the #shibboleth tag again.
18/1/13 8:57 '@thebeanboy23: @spencerpratt Is this game going to be easier than the others?' Yes, for some.
18/1/13 8:58 '@thebeanboy23: @spencerpratt How do you feel about tonight's eviction? Do you think #speidi will stay?' I hope. My fate lies with theirs.
18/1/13 9:10 @ChloeSmith0603 @SarahAnneJoulie I don't know a lot about tech. Cld 1 of you set up 1 of those sites where all #tempspence poets cld post?
18/1/13 9:12 I will RT (& maybe follow) those who share their doodles. N.b., they don't have to be fine art, just your signature style #shibboleth
18/1/13 9:14 Duessa was telling me about Tumblors (sp?) at the pub. Could we use one of those for the #tempspence poets?
18/1/13 18:59 RT @hanscans: @spencerpratt my Uni notebook is full of doodles. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Disney! #shibboleth http://t.c ...
18/1/13 19:01 RT @dawnmrobinson: @spencerpratt this is a #doodle I did on my laptop. Trying to create something w/ masculine colors<3 ...
18/1/13 19:02 '@Eamyoncanoe: @spencerpratt long day... #cute tho!' not a doodle, but Ace! #shibboleth
18/1/13 19:07 RT @JoanneCarr1: @spencerpratt #shibboleth
18/1/13 19:41 Here's the online home for all the games we've been playing: thanks: @AlexisWTweets will be posting their soon!
19/1/13 8:29 Good morning, luvs! Well, #teamspeidi were spare the axe once more, so I keep my twitter head as well. The stress is horrid. #tempspence.
19/1/13 8:31 Realized today 1 of my flatmates reminds me of Frankie, very friendly. He's a Green Party fanatic. Very political, vegan/rawtarian, etc.
19/1/13 8:33 Green Frankie always has fresh veggies & nuts piled in bins in the kitchen. He was bothering me about the rent this morning.
19/1/13 8:35 Cheers to @AlexisWTweets for setting up How do we post the games there? #nottechsavvy
19/1/13 8:44 I'm from a long line of Labour with some Social Dems centrist cousins & Scottish Green on my mother's side. I'm left of them all.
19/1/13 8:47 @consar74 I wish I could, but if I revealed who I was, well, long story. Let's just say I'm #tempspence, a poet.
19/1/13 8:49 @AlexisWTweets Can you tell me & the rest how to get content into the tumblr for the #tempspence poets?
19/1/13 8:52 @Adam_Lees Our most current game is a version of #shibboleth where you share a piccy of a doodle you typically draw.
19/1/13 8:54 a doodle isn't a work of art but something you scribble in the corner of a page of notes like a kind of absent-minded signature #shibboleth
19/1/13 8:57 @jasinski_skiii Sorry, slept in. It is Saturday after all!
19/1/13 8:59 @SarahAnneJoulie @AlexisWTweets can you DM me the login info? Maybe we could all use that account?
19/1/13 9:04 '@XxGLAMMAxX: @spencerpratt these are my sort of doodles when I'm on the phone' Ace. Don't 4get the #shibboleth tag.
19/1/13 9:13 @em4n_ Like! but we're posting doodles that would identify us. Not drawing disney but what you draw in the corner of a notebook #shibboleth
19/1/13 9:15 RT @markiee: @spencerpratt im probably in the top 10 worlds worst drawers, but ill put these bad boys all over the place #shibboleth htt ...
19/1/13 9:21 RT @XxGLAMMAxX: @spencerpratt and here's another type #tempspence #shibboleth
19/1/13 9:22 RT @XxGLAMMAxX: @spencerpratt these are my sort of doodles when I'm on the phone
19/1/13 9:26 RT @XxGLAMMAxX: @spencerpratt this is not a doodle tho its a drawing. It's how I imagine Una lol #shibboleth #tempspence ...
19/1/13 9:26 @XxGLAMMAxX Uncanny. Don't forget her ears! She's got them ringed in piercings. She's got a bit of ink, too, a tattoo like a doodle. #Una
19/1/13 9:31 @SarahAnneJoulie @AlexisWTweets @ChloeSmith0603 Of course. Really any of the poets who are playing with us. Maybe a 2 game minimum? :)
19/1/13 9:34 @consar74 look back in the hashtag or wikipedia: a way to prove it's you, the real you, something your mum or bf would recognize #shibboleth
19/1/13 9:36 Our #shibboleth games started weeks ago when people realized I was #tempspence. Some said I used words he'd never use. It became a theme.
19/1/13 9:38 '@Butterscotcheve: @spencerpratt question is will you be returning the phone to Spencer?' Yes, not sure how yet.
19/1/13 9:40 As usual, my payment for your doodles & poetry is a follow from @spencerpratt, but you have to play one of the games!
19/1/13 9:43 @SarahAnneJoulie @AlexisWTweets @ChloeSmith0603 Feel better! Sleep well!
19/1/13 9:47 I awake each day to tweets: how can you tweet if you are in cbb? Simply, I am #tempspence, a poet with a phone. My story is out there.
19/1/13 9:53 @consar74 It's an very old concept for ancient logins #shibboleth
19/1/13 9:55 @XxGLAMMAxX I don't want to creep her out too much. Why don't you place it where you'd like.
19/1/13 9:58 @CharlotteEPM I can't elaborate further. Let's say I am, for the time being, an allowed fool. #tempspence
19/1/13 10:18 @nikatron_murs ok!
19/1/13 10:18 @ianthebrush It's the nature of Twitter, I suppose. No one does the reading.
19/1/13 10:27 @ianthebrush did you see the tumblr yet?
19/1/13 10:36 @ianthebrush It's the place we are anthologizing the poetry game submissions of the various #tempspence (as I am now called) poets.
19/1/13 10:42 @ianthebrush @AlexisWTweets set it up. You should try any of the games you missed!
19/1/13 10:43 @ChloeSmith0603 @SarahAnneJoulie @AlexisWTweets has done a lot of brilliant work. She has the login info.
19/1/13 10:46 @ianthebrush I've never used it before, but it will be nice to have this as an archive or perhaps venue for the future.
19/1/13 10:48 I believe I have now posted all of the games we have played so far on We'll put favourites up soon!
19/1/13 10:50 @whitknee_s @SarahAnneJoulie set one up for me. I need to prepare it, but, yes, that's the current idea.
19/1/13 10:56 @whitknee_s I can only use the wifi. No phone service.
19/1/13 11:00 @whitknee_s if I revealed my identity that would be the end of me. Must enjoy what little time I have as #tempspence
19/1/13 11:03 '@whitknee_s: @spencerpratt what about after you return the phone?' Even anonymous fame is fleeting. I will return to being an unknown poet.
19/1/13 11:04 Continue posting the #shibboleth doodles. I've got to dash. I'll RT (& maybe follow) my favs when I get back this afternoon or evening.
19/1/13 15:41 RT @isitusher: @spencerpratt doodle, pardon the scribble #shibboleth
19/1/13 15:51 Skinny Razor says I used all his condensed milk, but I only used a little.
19/1/13 15:53 RT @Jennay_5: I hate people who build themselves up in high school, because in the real world no one cares who you were then, they only ...
19/1/13 16:00 @Janey_Platty I only started watching cbb & realized similarities with some of my own flatmates, like Green Party Frankie.
19/1/13 16:49 I need a profile piccy for my Twitter account, combination of Spencer Pratt & Edmund Spencer like a playing card. Can any1 try? #tempspence
19/1/13 17:39 Really I'll trust your artistic inspirations. I would love to see whatever you come up with for my new @tempspence Twitter account.
19/1/13 17:57 '@glenister85: @spencerpratt a picture of spencer looking in the mirror but your the reflection...' Ace!
20/1/13 11:00 Hi tweeps! I imagine there will be another round of nominations tonight. I'll be awaiting the sensation of a short, sharp shock...
20/1/13 11:05 @Danarazzi oh! No, I don't have a telly. I watch the show online several days later typically (& am a little behind). What does this mean?
20/1/13 11:07 @Danarazzi So my fate is set. I either have three more days or five? Time to pack my bags, plan my exit.
20/1/13 11:10 When Spencer leaves cbb, I may be able to continue here @tempspence & here, provided nothing happens to me.
20/1/13 11:14 Called the publisher of Duessa's book, the 1 she ghostwrote. After being 5-6 tranfers, an editor told me there was NO uncredited author!
20/1/13 11:15 So either the editor is lying or Duessa was, which do you think it was? Let's vote cbb-style.
20/1/13 11:17 RT this if you think the editor was lying to me about the book & that Duessa WAS really a ghostwriter on that autobiography.
20/1/13 11:19 RT this if you think Duessa was lying to me about the book & she was NOT really a ghostwriter on that autobiography.
20/1/13 11:26 @LoleneNiAra ok: I met Duessa at a reading at the bookshop. At a pub after, Duessa claimed to have cowritten the book, uncredited.
20/1/13 11:29 '@madelaine_xo: @spencerpratt your annoying' in my brief stay here, I have not succeeded in teaching you: you're vs. your. :(
20/1/13 11:32 New game: as I watch cbb, I've been realizing how much my flatmates match up with the housemates. & I wonder if you do, too #mycbb
20/1/13 11:36 My flat has Skinny Razor, Green Party Franky, Transgendered Claire, Call-Centre Rylan, etc. They map on to cbb well. #mycbb
20/1/13 11:39 To play, make a tweet abt some1 you live with (flatmate, gf, bf, relative) replacing their name with their cbb doppelganger #mycbb
20/1/13 11:42 E.g., Call-Centre Rylan idly thumbs through all our mail while drinking his darjeeling tea. #mycbb
20/1/13 11:46 You can choose whether you want to give your cbb flatmate an epithet or not (like my call-centre, skinny, etc.). #mycbb
20/1/13 11:49 As with the other games, I will RT my favs (& possibly follow you) later today & tomorrow. #mycbb
20/1/13 11:52 Based on the RTs, most of you seem to think Duessa was telling the truth. Maybe I'll return to that pub tonight, ask around.
20/1/13 11:54 Here's another example: Green Party Frankie uses the same knife for the butter & jam = buttery jam & jammy butter. :( #mycbb
20/1/13 12:01 @LoleneNiAra To be fair, we'd just met. She gave me a fake number. Maybe she lied about the book. Could I fault her for pretending?
20/1/13 12:06 All right. Enjoy playing #mycbb. Look up the hashtag if you missed the instructions. I'll RT may favs tonight or tomorrow.
20/1/13 12:07 @katiewood1985 sorry, that refers to one of my flatmates, not one of his. #tempspence
20/1/13 14:30 RT @XxGLAMMAxX: @spencerpratt Rugged Razor scrapes the excess butter back after buttering his toast.I use it in his potatoes I dont like ...
20/1/13 16:28 My flatmate Transgendered Claire keeps a kitten in the closet against building rules. When it escapes, it prefers my pillow. #mycbb
20/1/13 19:04 RT @XxGLAMMAxX: @spencerpratt @tempspence Fisherman Frankie is always telling jokes. He thinks he's a comedian I don't! #mycbb
20/1/13 19:04 @StephanyCollin1 These are brilliant. Can you repost using names from this year's celebrity big brother? Sorry if it wasn't clear. #mycbb
21/1/13 6:07 Can't sleep. My days are numbered and it's getting to me. #tempspence
21/1/13 6:16 Went back to the pub last night. Duessa wasn't there. The 2 bartenders said they knew her but they were describing 2 different people.
21/1/13 6:38 Some ace tweets in the #mycbb game. Let me RT some favs, but let's keep playing.
21/1/13 6:44 RT @XxGLAMMAxX: Sexy Frankie always leaves his smelly trainers in the kitchen. I put them in plastic bags in the cold porch #mycbb @spen ...
21/1/13 6:48 RT @StephanyCollin1: Flustard feeble Frankie, double dip's the mayo, Leaving other's with his special sauce. #mycbb @spencerpratt
21/1/13 6:49 RT @StephanyCollin1: Corky, clutzy Claire, babble's 24/7, making my migraine soar to another deminsion. #mycbb @spencerpratt
21/1/13 7:01 @OdieHashil sure. Just tweet about the people you live with using the names of the people in CBB. #mycbb
21/1/13 7:15 @ChloeSmith0603 @SarahAnneJoulie hello! You realize I can hear you? Ouch. I get hit from every side!
21/1/13 7:20 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 The characters in cbb aren't very complex. Watch 1 episode on yt & you'll have them #mycbb
21/1/13 7:34 @ChloeSmith0603 @SarahAnneJoulie Sorry, I was teasing. Spencer gets beaten up & cursed regularly. Of course, I want you to play!
21/1/13 7:42 If you want to follow the poetry action after I'm gone from here, follow @tempspence!
21/1/13 7:54 RT @lorraineq: @spencerpratt I know it's only Claire going out for her 3am smoke, but I am caught off guard by the sound of the door eac ...
21/1/13 7:58 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 @tempspence #shibboleth the doodle version. Yes, share the doodles.
21/1/13 8:13 When does it become creepy trying to find a lass you met who gave you a fake number? Right away? #duessa (RT if 'yes')
21/1/13 8:19 RT @Yas1251: @spencerpratt when you start trying to look them up on Facebook haha omg
21/1/13 8:20 RT @callumt_: @spencerpratt - When we get the shopping Claire just pigs out on the crisps! so theres none left for me. urgh #myCBB
21/1/13 8:24 RT @ChloeSmith0603: Definitely not the next Van Gogh #shibboleth @spencerpratt
21/1/13 8:25 RT @SarahAnneJoulie: @spencerpratt I have said it from the beginning . If she was interested she would have given a real number
21/1/13 8:28 @anjunalex I met Duessa at a reading for an author who never arrived. At a pub, she claimed she had ghostwrote the book, gave me a fake num.
21/1/13 8:33 Got to dash soon. Let's do at least another day of #mycbb. I'll RT & perhaps follow my favs.
21/1/13 8:47 RT @ChloeSmith0603: @spencerpratt Rylan and Razor like to perch on my bed, clean themselves and shed their fur everywhere... #mycbb
21/1/13 8:57 I'm using the names as pseudonyms. I don't know yet if those characterizations apply. #una #duessa
21/1/13 9:11 RT @SarahAnneJoulie: @spencerpratt @ChloeSmith0603 I really like drawing this 'tree' for some reason #shibboleth
21/1/13 9:14 @Lisa7002 yes, I was selfconsciously alluding to the FQ when I assigned these nicknames. #una #duessa
21/1/13 9:16 @SarahAnneJoulie maybe tonight.
21/1/13 17:53 Remember to play #mycbb, a game where you Tweet abt your flatmates using the names of CBB contestants. I'll RT & maybe follow my favs.
21/1/13 23:26 What did Speidi do tonight on #cbb?? Epic amount of hate spewing from twitter tonight! #tempspence
22/1/13 0:14 Read about the previous games here: where we will post our favourites.
22/1/13 8:04 Morning, Luvs. My, how the twitter hate poured in last night!
22/1/13 8:08 @SarahAnneJoulie something about Claire & refusing a challenge that would win her a letter from her kids, far as I can tell.
22/1/13 8:19 Went to the bookshop last night to see Una. She wasn't there. Did find a printout of 1 of her Harry Potter fanfics, so I snatched it.
22/1/13 8:32 @tajcat I assumed she left it for me or some1 to take. She knows I stop by most Monday nights.
22/1/13 8:40 Ready for a new game?
22/1/13 8:42 This game comes to us from the Oulipo, a group of experimental poets of the finest variety!
22/1/13 8:49 Take a famous Spencer Pratt quote or line from How to Be Famous & replace any noun with the noun 7 later in the dictionary #prattplus7
22/1/13 8:52 Yes, it's a variation of the Oulipo game n + 7. There are even sites online that will do the change for you. #prattplus7
22/1/13 8:55 Alternatively you can speak 1 of Spencer Pratt's famous quotes into your phone speechtotext & tweet the result if hilarious #prattplus7
22/1/13 8:57 You will find famous Spencer quotes online. I did. I'll RT the best. Be sure to use the hashtag #prattplus7
22/1/13 9:00 @DaynahRose I really think she wanted me to find it. It was beside an anthology of conceptual writers whom she knows I love. #una
22/1/13 9:07 As always, I'll RT & follow my favourites. See previous games here & me here: @tempspence
22/1/13 9:16 You can use this site if you don't have a dictionary. though results are strange #prattplus7
22/1/13 9:22 @MatthewDavies__ right so, 'she's just a vagina' becomes 'she's just a valentine.' #prattplus7
22/1/13 9:24 @lezleehay @tempspence replace each noun w the one 7 after it in a dictionary. #prattplus7
22/1/13 9:28 If you don't have a dictionary, just use try both the large + small settings. You might prefer the n+6 more #prattplus7
22/1/13 9:31 Instead of a Spencer Pratt quote, you can also play n+ 7 with a tweet from 1 of Spencer's haters! #prattplus7
22/1/13 9:32 @MatthewDavies__ yes, but replace all the nouns including 'shots' #prattplus7
22/1/13 9:35 '@curLiwurLi1: @spencerpratt ''Did you leave your train outside to match that hat?' #prattplus7 #TheHills' Great quote, now try to n+7 it!
22/1/13 9:38 @Erination85 what's the original quote (or is that it)?
22/1/13 9:41 RT @Emmapinks1: @spencerpratt oh i didnt read ur other tweets, in that case my quote is: my antenatal is get out of my carbohydrate #pr ...
22/1/13 9:44 @SarahAnneJoulie @tempspence that's a quote from the real Spence. I couldn't invent that even with n+7!
22/1/13 9:47 RT @lezleehay: @spencerpratt here we go. 'Want some beef in the streets?' becomes 'Want some beetroot in the stretchers?' #prattplus7 ...
22/1/13 9:50 RT @MatthewDavies__: @spencerpratt Spencer to Audrina: 'You are the lamest glance in this dutter!'
22/1/13 9:53 RT @_Kathy128: @spencerpratt 'When she popped outta my monetarist and they tried to hand her to me, I went like this, 'Ahhhh!'' #prattplus7
22/1/13 9:54 RT @Eamyoncanoe: He wasn't your braid, I haven to breakwater it to you. He was your semi-formal daylight. You can call it what you want. ...
22/1/13 10:01 RT @angie_hunter_: @spencerpratt Speidi are a palisade of tossers but after last nightlights adaptor in the beefburger, we all knew that ...
22/1/13 10:03 If you n+7 one of the hateful tweets coming at @spencerpratt, reply to it with your new version so we can see the trail #prattplus7
22/1/13 10:05 RT @Chelle_Belle_23: @spencerpratt 'We're brownstone and sit-in. At the endowment of the deaconess,I can't chap that.I can't make you un ...
22/1/13 10:06 RT @SarahAnneJoulie: @spencerpratt ' You��are rolling around with my enlargement, so that makes you my enlargement. Do you not see how th ...
22/1/13 10:14 1 of the bartenders at the pub said Duessa likes to hang out at a place called Catfish. I'm going to try to find it today. Wish me luck.
22/1/13 15:29 Lots of great hateful tweets directed @spencerpratt for our N+7 game. Search the hashtag for directions & examples. #prattplus7
22/1/13 15:51 @thebeanboy23 Wouldn't you? Plus, I don't know what's going to happen to me.
22/1/13 15:56 RT @SarahClose7: Stephanie were browse and sitter,an idol I can't chapel, I can't unmake you my sitter, tub me if I could I would #pratt ...
22/1/13 16:10 RT @maferbarrerab: @spencerpratt 'They aren't decisions, they are... surprises.' turns into: 'They aren't decorators, they are... surve ...
22/1/13 16:20 RT @andreaureta3: I rest Mary Kate as a busybody-woodcutter. I'm secretly jealous of her. I want my faction on a lunchbox, too! #prattplus7
22/1/13 16:26 Spent the day trying to find a place called Catfish that the barman said Duessa liked. I'm beginning to think he was playing me.
22/1/13 16:43 '@HSkimming: @spencerpratt catfish is a programme on mtv lol!' What's it about? I don't have a telly.
22/1/13 16:56 @rice27 o, dear. So I am being played, by the barman or Duessa or both.
22/1/13 17:23 @GiaDuprey I know. It's hard to uncover the REAL story these days!
22/1/13 17:30 Don't forget to play #prattplus7 I'll RT & follow my favs. Search the hashtag for instructions.
22/1/13 17:56 RT @XxGLAMMAxX: @spencerpratt @tempspence We're the most famous people in the world = We're the most famous perch in the wound #prattplus7
22/1/13 18:23 @curLiwurLi1 Take a famous Pratt quote or a hate tweet directed at me & swap each noun for the one 7 later in the dictionary. #prattplus7
22/1/13 18:25 @curLiwurLi1 you can also use this site to help transform #prattplus7
23/1/13 7:55 Good morning. Might be my last day again. Now I know what it's like to be a pig on a farm. Never sure if you'll wake up as bangers.
23/1/13 8:11 So I've been reading Una's fanfiction, the story I found at the bookshop: Luna & the Dueling Double. And I realized something.
23/1/13 8:15 I think this story was meant for me, that she deffo wanted me to find it. #una
23/1/13 8:20 In Una's fanfic, Neville Longbottom finds Harry's wand, the dual core one, & tries to use it as his own but fails #una
23/1/13 8:28 In Una's story: Neville ends up dueling Voldemort but doesn't have Harry's powers because it's not really Neville's wand. #una
23/1/13 8:31 In the end, una comes to his rescue riding a Thestral that kicks Voldemort in the head & gets Neville to return the wand. #una
23/1/13 8:34 But at the end of the story, Luna takes Neville to the Yule Ball: it's got to be a message for me. Don't you agree? #una
23/1/13 8:37 @anjunalex no, Una is a lass I fancy who works at the bookshop. Till now I thought she despised me. #una
23/1/13 8:40 @ChloeSmith0603 but if she's writing fanfic for me, that's something, means she's thinking of me. No? #una
23/1/13 8:46 @ChloeSmith0603 What should I do? How can I prove to her I'm done being a Pratt? #Una
23/1/13 8:54 Being real with people is not my strong suit.
23/1/13 8:55 RT @DaynahRose: @spencerpratt But Luna and Neville got together in the film so it's not like Una wrote it that way as a hint.Ur looking ...
23/1/13 8:56 @DaynahRose maybe so.
23/1/13 9:13 Anyway, I intend to go talk w her tonight, tell her how I feel; that I'll be giving up the phone this week. #una
23/1/13 9:24 I attempted a storify of the #shibboleth doodle game.
23/1/13 9:27 @ChloeSmith0603 This seems to be the finale. Friday, I believe #cbb.
23/1/13 9:28 Ok. I'll plan to tell her tonight I'm giving up the phone. #una
23/1/13 9:32 In the meantime, let's play #prattplus7 Just try an n+7 transform on either a famous Spencer quote or a hate tweet directed at me.
23/1/13 9:38 @simpletonmail am I any less real than Spencer Pratt?
23/1/13 9:47 From How to Be Famous: 'Celebrities are there to look hot for the common people' in the #prattplus7 game would be:
23/1/13 9:48 Cements are there to look hot for the common perch #prattplus7
23/1/13 9:54 RT @Chelle_Belle_23: @spencerpratt Centre you have another breach named Lauren Conrad! #prattplus7
23/1/13 9:59 @JesMcManus replace each noun with the one 7 later in the dictionary or you can use #prattplus7
23/1/13 10:03 @greengoestweet I'm a bit ambivalent at this point.
23/1/13 10:09 RT @consar74: @spencerpratt Go to bedroom you sophistry of a blackball spencer #prattplus7 - how's that #tempspence ?
23/1/13 15:06 Please, tweet your #prattplus7 transformations. Search the hashtag for the rules. I will Rt & follow my favourites.
23/1/13 16:43 Hanging around the flat today, Skinny Razor was telling Green Party Frankie about a place called Catfish.
23/1/13 16:48 Apparently, it's a spoken word poetry club, moves around from place to place. It's happening tonight. Call-centre Rylan might perform.
23/1/13 16:50 Footballer Claire & I are planning to go tonight. Maybe I'll see Duessa. I'll still go to the bookshop to look for Una after.
23/1/13 16:53 Una's story really got me thinking about what it means to be legit, to have my own tweeps. I'll be moving to @tempsence soon.
23/1/13 17:00 I like the idea of tweeting from my own account, let people see the real me, the Me-me, but I doubt any1 is real, is who they say they are.
23/1/13 17:02 I mean, who is Spencer Pratt? Who is @spencerpratt? I bet other people else have been writing his words for a LONG time.
23/1/13 17:07 New game: you can all be @spencerpratt for a day. Tell me what you want him to say. Let's crowdsource Spencer Pratt. Use the tag #imspencer
23/1/13 17:10 I'll retweet or say clever lines you write for @spencerpratt, nothing infantile or puerile, nothing about bellends or being gay #imspencer
23/1/13 17:12 @poprocks21772 I hear you. Trust me, I think Una is the one for me, but Duessa has cast her spell on me.
23/1/13 17:33 @LABarbie_xoxo not if I can help it!
23/1/13 17:34 I love Lorna Spaine #imspencer
23/1/13 18:22 I'm not the man people think I am, just a reality star. I'm someone different; I'm more than that. #imspencer
23/1/13 18:30 With the game #imspencer, I am trying to liberate us from the charade that there is a @spencerpratt or a Spencer Pratt. What should I tweet?
23/1/13 19:07 I hope your little girl gets better soon #imspencer @NPower85
23/1/13 19:12 @ChloeSmith0603 Not yet, but I found out where Duessa is going to be tonight, a poetry slam where Call-Centre Rylan is reading. I'm going.
23/1/13 19:24 @ChloeSmith0603 Skinny Razor was talking with Green Party Frankie about it. Footballer Claire and I are going to go check it out.
23/1/13 19:38 Live for yourself and answer to nobody #imspencer @steve_reed95
23/1/13 19:40 @SarahAnneJoulie @ChloeSmith0603 I don't know. Then I'll have a choice to make. #una vs. #duessa
23/1/13 19:54 This is sooo inappropriate. #imspencer @RainbowLuce
23/1/13 20:05 @ReidTamarareid you're=you are. Maybe my last day here & I have not saved a single soul.
23/1/13 22:13 I'm so good at been fake people think I am real, I am a real fake @spencerpratt #imspencer @XxGLAMMAxX
23/1/13 22:21 Claire & I are here at the Call-Centre Rylan's reading & I just saw Duessa walk in! Seemed like she saw me, gave a little halfsmile.
23/1/13 22:28 Saw Duessa hand some pages to a girl who was headed on stage & this passionate lass read Duessa's story in rhyme as tho it were her own.
23/1/13 22:30 Duessa apparently writes confessional slam poetry for other people to deliver & they're winning this crowd over. Might take the slam!
23/1/13 22:58 @SarahAnneJoulie just did. Said she was glad I was there. That she realized she'd probably given me the wrong # since she'd just changed it
23/1/13 23:07 @michaelmu sorry, the #imspencer game let's you put words in my mouth. Just Tweet a line you want Spencer Pratt to say with the hashtag.
23/1/13 23:09 Since Spencer Pratt is a character (he's highly scripted) I figure you all should get a chance to write his tweets. #imspencer
23/1/13 23:14 Every poet who reads 1 of Duessa's slam poems tells a different story as if it were their own: some funny, some sexy, sad. She's amazing!
23/1/13 23:21 I asked Duessa how she could let other people perform poems abt her life. She said they weren't abt her life. They were all made up.
23/1/13 23:25 I LOVE UNICORNS @gabyblamesnolan #imspencer
23/1/13 23:28 One of Duessa's poems won the slam! A pack of poets are going over to her flat to celebrate. She's invited me along!
23/1/13 23:43 I think I'm going to show Duessa the phone when we get to her flat. It's where I've done most of my writing for the past few weeks.
23/1/13 23:51 YOLO guys! #imspencer @Bee_Gbbn
24/1/13 0:06 In the #imspencer game, I'm not tweeting just anything you write. I want something poetic, clever, cool.
24/1/13 0:23 Look. It's really his. Whatever I type shows up in his feed. Do you want to try?
24/1/13 0:25 Wow. Ace. How did you get this?
24/1/13 0:28 am I duessa? Why are you calling me that?
24/1/13 0:39 At least she thought my having the phone was brilliant. Started laughing hysterically after her tweets posted.
24/1/13 0:39 Okay. A tad awkward.
24/1/13 0:58 @meganmachine Sorry, when I showed Duessa (not her real name) the phone, she thought it was brilliant: Una (ditto) was disappointed.
24/1/13 9:12 This is not my flat.
24/1/13 9:19 A b&w photo of Duessa hald-smile, cocked newsboy cap on the night stand. Half-smile. Her flat?
24/1/13 9:22 Someone's in the wc. my. head feels like I haf my brains smashed out by a lemon wrappped around a gold brick
24/1/13 9:25 Something's not right. The smell. The bed. The books about ramblemancy. At least I still had the phone in my pocket.
24/1/13 9:31 @SarahAnneJoulie sorry, I meant toilet. My head is murder
24/1/13 9:32 I remember being at the poetry slam, the tube, a party after... then it gets a tad abstract.
24/1/13 9:39 @SarahAnneJoulie based on toppled empty bottles, looks like wine, cheap whiskey. absinthe?
24/1/13 9:43 I remember Duessa, poetry slam, the tube, a gaggle of poets... not this flat. maybe this flat. Dim sun thru window shade like a spotlight.
24/1/13 9:50 based on all the flannel and jeans, it's a fellow's flat, and based on the sounds from the toilet, I'm about to find out whose.
24/1/13 9:59 Ok. Not Duessa's flat afterall. Says he's her friend. Bf? I dunno. Hosted the party. Has no idea where she's off to.
24/1/13 10:13 Turns out he was v hospitable. Offered tea/toast (y/n). Fancies himself something of a writer, not like Duessa though.
24/1/13 10:15 Duessa's maybe bf told me he writes RPF, Real Person Fiction. Said it's like fanfiction but about real people. wonder if Una knows abt it.
24/1/13 10:17 I didn't wait around for Duessa. Figured bad idea to ask that fellow for her phone number. Back to the tube. Heading home.
24/1/13 10:20 Did think of a new game, tho. Describe what you saw when you opened your eyes on your worst morning after. Let's call this #prattfall
24/1/13 10:23 '@devzy1D: @spencerpratt one direction posters_��__��� #prattfall' Ace!
24/1/13 10:26 @Eamyoncanoe I hope not, not if people are concrete, specific, hones, clever. I'll RT & follow the favourites. #prattfall
24/1/13 10:31 RT @StevenMaso: @spencerpratt a group of Spaniards watching me wake up on a random bench after a night in out in Ibiza #prattfall
24/1/13 10:36 RT @Skeezy_McBeezy: @spencerpratt - someone else's eyes staring into my soul as I slept. Talk about #creepy :3 #prattfall
24/1/13 10:38 RT @ChloeSmith0603: @spencerpratt My ex-boyfriend using my hair straightener to straighten his hair...:-/ #prattfall #awkwardturtle #met ...
24/1/13 10:40 @ChloeSmith0603 I like the new pic, btw. You and @SarahAnneJoulie have both switched them since I met you. Lovely.
24/1/13 10:45 '@lizamcfc87: @spencerpratt ohhhh too embarrassing #prattfall' Try. Choose some small, concrete detail you remember.
24/1/13 10:57 @daintydream Don't forget the hashtag #prattfall. It helps for collecting the tweets later.
24/1/13 11:04 Keep playing #pratfall today. N.b., my days are numbered (2). I will carry on here: @tempspence. Prev. Games are at
24/1/13 15:59 @StephanyCollin1 it was as rough as this morning. Now I'm back at square one. No way of contacting Duessa. May have had tea with her bf.
24/1/13 16:01 Today's game was inspired by it: in #prattfall, you describe the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes on your worst morning after.
24/1/13 16:10 @StephanyCollin1 Really it's more like square 0 or -1. I've got to think about It. She was so great about the phone & me tweeting but...
24/1/13 16:12 I still feel like I have no idea who Duessa even is. The party? The bf? It's all foggy.
24/1/13 16:13 I have spent the afternoon reading online RPF, Real Person Fiction, that her bf told me abt. This stuff is brilliant. Una would love it.
24/1/13 16:26 RT @stephanie_rgh: @spencerpratt The face of a man, who the night before had always been just a friend #prattfall
24/1/13 16:54 @lisa_thomas31 yes, I think it is sad. I am an unknown poet , obscure in every way, but if I make myself known, all is lost.
24/1/13 16:56 @sven111 don't forget the hashtag. #prattfall
24/1/13 16:59 @courtneymcbainX Courtney, I am following those who play the games.
24/1/13 17:05 @courtneymcbainX Courtney, I am following those who play the games. #prattfall #imspencer #shibboleth #mycbb #twouplets etc.
24/1/13 17:13 Assuming there are no consequences, after Saturday you can follow me or unfollow me @tempspence
24/1/13 17:16 @courtneymcbainX you can read abt the old games here: search the hashtag for directions to the current game #prattfall
24/1/13 17:18 @angie_hunter_ @tempspence yes, of course, I am going to return the phone. As they say, no fiction, no foul!
25/1/13 5:09 Who's up? Any of the @tempspence poets? Can't sleep. My last day has dawned & so I don my mask one last day.
25/1/13 5:11 @summerdanielle2 Good morning to you!
25/1/13 5:16 @CesuRomero I am a dead Pratt walking, I guess you would say. My last day as @spencerpratt. After this, I'll just be @tempspence
25/1/13 5:22 Okay. a final game: the CBB celebs represent parts of all of us. We have an inner Rylan, Razor, Claire, Frankie, Lacey, etc. & Speidi!
25/1/13 5:26 For this last game: Tweet about one of your inner CBB housemates. Advanced poets rhyme with some1 else's tweet & reply. Hashtag: #jungbro
25/1/13 5:28 #jungbro stands for Carl Jung meets Celebrith Big Brother. Jung's anima/animus explain those who inhabit our individual big bro homes.
25/1/13 5:29 @deycallmeGee @tempspence That remains to be seen.
25/1/13 5:38 @LABarbie_xoxo you have one more opportunity in #jungbro, or you can play later with @tempspence at the new account.
25/1/13 6:38 #jungbro is the current game, but on this last day, feel free to play any old ones: also #imspence #prattfall
25/1/13 6:40 I will RT, favourite, & Follow those who play the games well!
25/1/13 6:52 Over the 3 weeks I've been @spencerpratt, people never cease to request follows. It's a simple exchange: play the games & I shall follow.
25/1/13 7:10 RT @1sugarnomilk: @spencerpratt stark against the blushing sky, with a twist of lemon and lime.silhouette of a sparrow, watch him as he ...
25/1/13 7:17 @kyle_clarke_ that game works a little diff. In #jungbro, you write about a part of you as one of the cbb players: inner razor, inner rylan
25/1/13 7:23 @kyle_clarke_ sure. My inner Razor is better than fibre when I am stopped up bc it scares the shite out of me. #jungbro
25/1/13 8:01 RT @ShanaBraff: @Spencerpratt Higher than a mountaintop soaring ever onward, to the azure to which I'm lured, Never fearing the drop #ek ...
25/1/13 8:10 So after reading all that RPF, I had this idea. What if I wrote some real person fiction about my life as @tempspence & gave it to Una?
25/1/13 8:11 I mean, I could explain to her through the form she loves (fanfic) what I was thinking, show her I'm not the Pratt she thinks I am.
25/1/13 8:17 @MUTHAEART you must look deep inside your crowded inner house: is there a Rylan or Claire ready to sing? A Razor ready with a wisecrack?
25/1/13 8:23 @ianthebrush There you are! We need to talk! DM, ok?
25/1/13 8:35 @DaynahRose @tempspence I AM making up my mind, I think. Even tho Duessa was all over Spencer's phone, Una seems to be interested in me4me.
25/1/13 9:18 I've begun work on some RPF with the @tempspence poets. Maybe this will be all it takes to win Una. We shall see.
25/1/13 9:32 RT @SeanHowitt: @spencerpratt I see you finding the phone as a scene similar to Bilbo stumbling across the ring in The Hobbit. The phone ...
25/1/13 9:47 @nemi87 @tempspence Una is the clever, inked, & tattooed lass from the bookshop, writes fanfic. She was unimpressed w me using this phone.
25/1/13 9:52 Are there any reality tv shows abt poets and poesy?
25/1/13 9:58 Reminder, as I pack my bags, you can follow @tempspence in the new account & see games here xxooxx
25/1/13 10:04 This is the real Spencer. I want to say I forgive this poet fellow for all he did on my phone. Actually, I think he's kind of brilliant.
25/1/13 15:21 All right. Fine. Maybe that wasn't Spencer. What do you expect? I'm getting nervous. My inner Rylan is going on a cursing spree #jungbro
25/1/13 15:24 1 more day for you to play any of the @tempspence games listed here: for a RT, fav, or follow.
25/1/13 15:33 I also wanted to ask your input on my romantic decision between Una & Duessa. I'm not entirely certain that was Duessa's bf yesterday.
25/1/13 15:36 RT this if you think I should keep writing my Real Person Fiction with the poets, present my story to Una, & try to prove I've changed.
25/1/13 15:40 RT this if you think I should keep trying to find Duessa, since she seems to like all my antics with the phone. Plus she's a poet!
25/1/13 16:23 '@michaelmu: @spencerpratt Definitely Duessa..' really? You seem so sure.
25/1/13 16:35 @michaelmu well, it's not obvious to me. I'm a man of reason and, er, passion so persuade me!
25/1/13 16:51 @eggnogfog Love is a game. And if you don't want to win, why are you playing the game?
25/1/13 17:14 RT @michaelmu: @spencerpratt You seem to connect with Duessa on a personal level.. Like the puzzle piece fits. I have a good feeling abo ...
25/1/13 17:14 RT @michaelmu: @spencerpratt Its difficult between the 2.. Una just strikes me as a solitary woman, thats living in her own world.. Doin ...
25/1/13 17:16 @TalanLautner in the #imspencer game, you tweet & tag something you wabt @spencerpratt to tweet. Did you want me to say this?
25/1/13 17:41 @michaelmu you realize she gave me a fake number and ditched me at some fellow's house, possibly her bf?
25/1/13 17:42 I'm just concerned that Duessa's fascination with the phone is another sign that she's not really interested in me-me, just the spencer-me.
25/1/13 17:54 @michaelmu IDK. I've been working on some RPF with the @tempspence poets to present to Una. Might just win her fanfic-writing heart.
25/1/13 18:13 '@sven111: @spencerpratt it's the you not the Spencer you that's intriguing' This is my greatest doubt. Who is @tempspence w/o Spencer?
25/1/13 20:17 One hour till the cbb finale. One more hour before I learn my fate. I'm headed to the bookshop & Una. The poets & I have a gift for her.
25/1/13 20:17 Cbb is life. Tweet about some1 you live with using the name of a cbb contestant. I'll RT & maybe follow my favs. Use the #mycbb tag
25/1/13 20:19 Here's the story the @tempspence poets & I wrote for Una. It's Real Person Fiction. We wrote it this morning
25/1/13 20:20 Instead of writing the story about Spencer, we wrote it about me, about what my life has been like since I found the phone. @tempspence
25/1/13 20:22 Maybe if she sees me writing as me together with the @tempspence poets, she'll see I'm turning a new page, a new Tweet.
25/1/13 20:30 Mind you, I am following the will of the people cbb-style. Twice as many of you voted for me to pursue Una as Duessa. So, to the bookshop!
25/1/13 20:33 '@noswal16: sitting drinking tea waiting for big brother whilst Claire is on her ipod singing away to tragedy eating a crumpet' Ace! #mycbb
25/1/13 20:35 Remember the lesson I've gleaned from the @tempspence poets: When all else is in doubt, the words are always real.
25/1/13 20:44 RT @noswal16: @spencerpratt sitting drinking tea waiting for big brother whilst Claire is on her ipod singing away to tragedy eating a ...
25/1/13 20:51 Una's reading the story, head tilted into the light, lips in a sweet smile. She says thank the @tempspencepoets for me & lays a hand on mine
25/1/13 21:03 I do not know my fate, but you can follow me & the poets @tempspence & find games & the story here
26/1/13 0:35 Still waiting for Spencer's arsekicking shoe to drop. No doubt it is on its way. @tempspence
26/1/13 0:58 '@ChloeSmith0603: @SarahAnneJoulie @spencerpratt @tempspence I hear Spencer's claws are 'Razor' sharp :)' #mycbb
26/1/13 1:05 The tempspence poets and I are anthologizing the tweets from the games over at
26/1/13 1:19 '@dannyboihinez: @spencerpratt is the real spence taking over now ?' The Real Spence? such a quaint & unlikely notion. Yes, tomorrow.
26/1/13 7:49 Good morning, luvs. I am still here, though just for a moment. Xxoo
26/1/13 7:51 Who is THIS?
26/1/13 7:51 who is this?
26/1/13 7:52 This is Spencer Pratt
26/1/13 7:53 This is @spencerpratt
26/1/13 7:54 Somebody is on this account, who is it?
26/1/13 7:55 Some1 is on this account, who is it?
26/1/13 7:57 Seriously, has somebody hacked my phone? Peter is this you?
26/1/13 7:58 Comically, is some1 hacking this? Duessa is this you?
26/1/13 7:59 @spencerpratt Whose Duessa?
26/1/13 8:00 @spencerpratt Who's Peter?
26/1/13 8:01 @spencerpratt comically, dude, bore off!
26/1/13 8:01 @spencerpratt Seriously, dude, quit it.
26/1/13 8:02 This is the real Spencer.
26/1/13 8:04 @spencerpratt Prove that your me.
26/1/13 8:05 @spencerpratt Prove that you are me!
26/1/13 8:07 @spencerpratt I own an autographed copy of a first edition Robert Frost book.
26/1/13 8:09 @spencerpratt I own a Ted Hughes pencil manuscript, really you can have a look. #twouplets
26/1/13 8:11 @spencerpratt Here's a picture of me on the beach in Costa Rica.
26/1/13 8:13 @spencerpratt I know a lass named Una who'd be lovely in Costa Brava. #centode
26/1/13 8:15 @spencerpratt you sound crazy as Rylan, mate. Maybe I should introduce you to my friend Razor.
26/1/13 8:17 @spencerpratt You southerner crazy as Rylan, matriarchy. Maybe I should introduce you to my fringe Readjustment. #prattplus7
26/1/13 8:19 @spencerpratt yesterday, I thought the crazy was over, when I opened my eyes to the cbb house for the LAST morning! Apparently not.
26/1/13 8:21 @spencerpratt I LOVE UNICORNS #imspencer
26/1/13 8:22 @spencerpratt Heidi is this you??
26/1/13 8:23 @spencerpratt I'm @tempspence
26/1/13 8:26 @spencerpratt @tempspence I see. You will stop tweeting from my account now.
26/1/13 8:28 @spencerpratt Right. It's been real.