The Games

It was just another gloomy day in London for most.

During the course of the 3 weeks that Spencer and Heidi spent in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Tempspence did more than just narrate his love life. He played GAMES with Spencer's followers. And not just any games, but literary games inspired by the Surrealists and the Oulipo (Ouvroir de littérature potentielle).

Each game had a unique hashtag and explanation and were eventually posted on a Tumblr blog. Successful Tweet entries were promptly retweeted.

photo Mark and Rob hold How to Be Famous by Spencer and Heidi

List of Games

Mark hands a mischievous Spencer back his phone

Here is a list of all the games with descriptions with links to archived Tweets when available.


There are two women who deserve our poetic affection, known as Una and Duessa.
Centode = Cento + Ode
To help #tempspence, poets have been invited to submit lines of poetry about their own gf/bf, just a simple line that describes something about them, a quirk or an endearing quality or something dark or beautiful. To submit to the poem, tempspence poets replaced the name of their loved one with either Una or Duessa (though some chose to leave out the name altogether). We are creating poems out of these lines. Tempspence showed one of these to Una.
Hashtag: #centode


Ekphrasis is describing a picture in text (& really, depicting any art form in another). In this game, we try to describe pictures of ourselves, revealing intimate details and moments from our lives, without attaching the photo to our tweet. Since TempSpence cannot share a picture of himself, we take on his burden by trying to share ourselves without showing ourselves. It’s a way to become intimate while remaining anonymous.


Since Spencer Pratt has lived the life of a scripted reality star, reading other people’s lines as though they were his own, Tempspence turned his twitter account into a kind of ventriloquist dummy. Any follower could tweet a line to @spencerpratt using the hashtag, and tempspence repeated the most clever ones.
Hashtag: #IMSpencer


Celebrity Big Brother presents our collective unconscious, or is it subconscious, or is it unconscionable? In this game, named for psychoanalyst Carl Jung, poets imagine their own personalities as being constitute of many smaller personalities based on the housemates in Celebrity Big Brother. Everyone has an inner Razor or Rylan or Claire. To play, you just have to Tweet about one of those inner CBB archetypes.
Hashtag: #jungbro

My Celebrity Big Brother

We imagined that fans of Reality TV fantasize about living the lives of the celebs. So since we knew many of Spencer's followers were also watching Celebrity Big Brother, we asked followers to describe their own lives superimposed upon the situations and characters in the CBB house.
Hashtag: #mycbb


After waking up in what I thought was Duessa’s flat, I had to get my bearing, deal with the blur of memory, and try to determine who the man was in the toilet. For this game, poets describe something the first thing they saw (something concrete, particular) when they opened there eyes on the worst morning after.
Hashtag: #prattfall


This is an adaptation of the classic Oulipo game N+7. In it, you take a line of poetry and replace each noun with the noun 7 later in the dictionary. In this version, players can either take a classic Spencer Pratt quote and transform it or do the same to one of the many, many hateful Tweets people hurl at @spencerpratt on a regular basis.
Hashtag: #prattplus7
A recommended tool for this game is here:


One of the first games we played was #Shibboleth. To play this game, you tweet something about yourself, about the real you, the you-you, that only you and those closest to you, your mum, your best mate, would also know. We also played this game with drawings. You can share a doodle that you typically draw on the corner of a napkin while one the phone, breaking up with your bf or voting for #teamspeidi.
Hashtag: #shibboleth (same hashtag for the intimate detail & the doodles)

Twitter Chain

Twain = Twitter Chain
Poets write a collaborative story about @tempspence's two loves: Una and Duessa, created in a chain of Tweets in a kind of exquisite corpse. Collaborators would continue the story merely by advancing the number on the hashtag.
Hashtag: #twain1, #twain2, #twain3...


We have played several versions of this game. Twouplet = Twitter Couplet. Poets try write replies to each other’s tweets that rhyme. Eventually, we decided these work best when you match the syllable count (roughly) and complement the content by continuing the idea. A LOT of poets would put internal rhymes so that each tweet itself was a couplet.
Hashtag: #twouplets