Written by the Tempspence Poets

A phone has been lost. It is the mobile of Spencer Pratt, one-time (always?) reality star from the States. He is in London to appear with his wife Heidi Montag on Celebrity Big Brother, which is essentially reality torture porn for viewers and participants alike.

It was just another gloomy day in London for most.

The phone has been found by an unknown poet in London. Today is his lucky day, or so he thinks.

Picking up the phone, he looks through the contacts. The numbers are all Americans. Brody? Heidi? Who are these people? Then he opens up the Twitter account...

...and what he sees, sends shock waves throughout his body. Heart increasingly palpitating with every fingertip touch to the phone, palms sweating from anticipation, a sudden realisation hits him with force that knocks the wind from his lungs…This is Spencer Pratt’s phone.

For him it was a brand new start. His chance to break free of his past, from obscurity, insignificance, and to become something else. To be someone else…someone with almost 1 million followers? Imagine? Going from circulating his poetry among his friends to being Spencer Pratt? His every word reaching the far corners of the Twitterverse!

Except. Oh, right. Except that one little rub. He could tweet all he wanted from Spencer Pratt’s phone, but he surely couldn’t let on that it was him, or he’d be dead. Jailed. Thrown in the clink. While many a more accomplished poet had written wondrous words from the clink, despite his faith in his own writing abilities, surely he was not cut out for life in prison. The thought made his pentameter quake.

He breaks from the thought. Knuckles white around the phone. What the hell does he really have to lose. His flat? His friends? What about his family? He laughs loudly. Why is he even debating. His flat could pass as a cell itself. So containing , dark and dusty. Friends? More like acquaintances only seen at the poetry club. He hadn’t seen his family since he left to follow his love of writing, moving from the small Yorkshire town to London. Slowly he starts to type:

@spencerpratt: “Testing..Testing"

a feeling of freedom rushes through him when he hits the send button. Like a hit of poetic heroin. His fingers were moving on their own now.

@spencerpratt: “OMG"
and then:
@spencerpratt: “WOH"
@spencerpratt: “I am Spencer Pratt.”

And with those few Tweets, he became Spencer Pratt or @spencerpratt, taking in his hands a megaphone of epic proportions the likes of which no epic poet has ever known.

Of course, like any epic poet -- say, Edmund Spenser himself -- Tempspence was in love, well, or at least had a muse.

And her name was Una, inky swirls on fairest skin, she had her way with writers every night as she put them in their place on the shelves of the bookshop.

The sight of her was enough to spark a flame inside of him that he had never felt for in any other woman. Whether it was the sight of this incredibly beautiful girl, or the icy chill of the Winter London air which caused goosebumps to appear upon his arms and send chills down his spine, he did not care. For he was bewitched by her picturesque beauty, and he knew this.

He walked to that bookshop every Monday,through any storm, just to catch a glimpse. Yet she didn’t even know he existed. She seemed to stare right through him like she was looking out an open window.

She couldn’t ignore him anymore, not with this, this gateway into another world. A real life version of the fan fiction she cared so much about.

There was only one problem, nobody would believe he is Spencer or if they thought he was him, they’d hit “unfollow” faster than pounding the digits to toss the dullest celeb from CBB.

...and so the visits to the bookstore continued, and with every week that passed, his feelings and intrigue for this mysterious woman became more clear in himself. With the help of his new poetry friends and followers on Twitter, his ideas for poetry and intellectual games were inspired by the ever-increasing love he felt for her.

They dedicated their works to her, their Beatrice, their one true muse. Games with names like #centode, #twouplets, even Real Person Fiction all for her!

Except... there was another. Dark and mysterious entered a second love, Una's shadow, Duessa, a ghostwriter of other artists' confessional poetry, the antithesis to Una's unity and integrity. Still, Tempspence was beguiled and now torn between his first true love and her dissembling double.

In his final moments as @Spencerpratt, Tempspence walked up the steps of the bookshop as though they were the final pages to a novel he had slept beside every night, slowing, as was his tendency, knowing that it was all about to end.

Read the full saga here.

Featured Players

Spencer Pratt

Bad Boy of The Hills

Heidi Montag

Leading Lady of Reality TV

Mark C. Marino

Author and provacateur

Rob Wittig

Father of netprov

Ian Clarkson

Based in Durham City, England, Ian is a creative director at a Newcastle design agency in Newcastle

Sarah-Anne Joulie

Canadian, nature lover, photographer, writer and dabbles in netprov and other media arts

Paula Sawyers

A woman of mystery
An enigma of the Twitterverse

Chloe Smith

A compassionate nursing student dedicated to providing support to those who need it most

Our projects


In October 2013, Spencer and Heidi began Tweeting about a new reality show they were on. The show aired Thursday nights at 8pm, the show was entering its third week, and it already had its superfans. The only hitch: the show didn't exist.

Playing on the conventions of live-Tweeting, SpeidiShow was a month-long netprov that focused around weekly episodes and the behind-the-scenes drama that led up to them. In addition to Spencer and Heidi, the netprov included interns, a slimy producer, and of course, the super fans, along with everyone in the Twitterverse.

Baby Seals

Mark and Rob are also developing a new project with Spencer and Heidi, a choice-based interactive narrative in which Spencer is recruited for a new reality show. The premise: Spencer finally gets to live his dream of being a Special Ops agent, sort of a junior Navy Seal, on a new reality TV program, entitled Baby Seals. However, the reality show starts to become a bit too real.

In the game, players message Spencer, Heidi, and a cast of spy movie oddballs as they try to help Spencer navigate the turbulent waters of an absurd world of international intrigue.
Try it on the Sequel site or on Facebook messenger.