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Happy 2013, everyone. It’s been a busy year so far. A few updates. This year I finished 2 netprov collaborations with Rob Wittig:

  • Reality: Being @spencerpratt
  • : a 3-week netprov in which we told the tale of an unknown poet who finds Reality TV personality Spencer Pratt’s mobile phone and begins to tweet from it, playing poetry games on the way.

  • Occupy MLA: a year-long netprov about three adjunct faculty members who band together to fight for their dream of tenure-track jobs. This project created a bit of controversy at the recent MLA convention in Boston.

Also, you can now read my game story Living Will, which was recently published in SpringGun Press and was on the Shortlist for the 2012 New Media Writing Prize.

The book I co-wrote with 9 other authors, 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10, is now available from MIT press or free download here.

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