Friday: How Did Last Night's Warm-Up Date Go?

1) Find out which quadruple the Mesos put you in!
Search for your name in this document and see your quadruple assignment.

2) Pretend all four of you went on a date last night.
Post in your quadruple’s thread/discussion in the Warm-Up Date category.
Share (imagine/invent) how your date went from your perspective.
Build on each other’s account, and/or contradict each other about the nuances.
Was it comfortable? Awkward?
What went right? What went wrong?
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so the Mesos can put you in the perfect quadruple later in the week!

Fitting in to the quadruple

I've heard complaints about meso's sticking around the quadruple they have set up and I want to hear about other experiences. Having set up a group I would like to hang out with them and see how well everyone gets on - am I expected to just leave? Can we not maintain a relationship with the other thermophiles too?


  • Hmm, it does seem kind of lonely for mesos to just constantly be putting people together and never having a quad of their own... I never thought about that! Now I feel like I would appreciate my meso more and welcome it to all of our quad outings.
  • @hype_leocanis I agree, we are just here to help. Sometime the therms we set up are afraid and we are there to facilitate the process so you guys can learn to appreciate one of another.
  • I totally get you! @meso_conciliantis I get attached sometimes and want to stick around to hangout, but it almost seems like I'm intruding. I guess I learned how to take a clue, but can't we just all be friends?
  • Well, now that I think about it, we acidos actually are pretty cliquey. I guess it's because we just had such great chemistry from the start! I personally do not wish to detach from my quad any time soon...sorry, @meso_potamia123
  • I know it might be uncommon, but I don't see anything wrong with having a meso in a quadruple. I love how mesos always stay neutral in arguments, and try their best to maintain the balance!
  • Thanks for the responses guys! I definitely feel attached to my quads too. I mean, I've invested in their success, why wouldn't I want to stick around and keep in touch?!
  • Everyones entitled to their own beliefs but I personally refuse to use this website for anything other than match making. If I started using it to find love for myself then I'd consider it dating the client and we all know business and pleasures should be kept separate !
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