Friday: How Did Last Night's Warm-Up Date Go?

1) Find out which quadruple the Mesos put you in!
Search for your name in this document and see your quadruple assignment.

2) Pretend all four of you went on a date last night.
Post in your quadruple’s thread/discussion in the Warm-Up Date category.
Share (imagine/invent) how your date went from your perspective.
Build on each other’s account, and/or contradict each other about the nuances.
Was it comfortable? Awkward?
What went right? What went wrong?
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so the Mesos can put you in the perfect quadruple later in the week!

Helicopter Mesos — Help or Harm?

This is a no-brainer! You don’t need some dumb Meso hanging around all the time. For one thing — have you ever tried to get a fifth chair at a restaurant? Tables have FOUR sides. Duh!


  • If you need any help with anything, ask your Acido! Any suggestion a Meso can make your Acido will make just as well! And faster! That’s how the Acido mind works. Bing-bang-boom! Let’s have Thai food! End of discussion!
  • I think I disagree. There were situations in my old quadruple where each thermophile was so into their own mindset that we just kind of froze as a relationship. Like: we kept having a vote: two for the toilet paper unrolling from the front; two for the toilet paper unrolling from the back. Nobody would compromise. Even me.

    I come from a ‘from the front’ family. Our Meso was so nice. Mesos just know how to make everyone feel comfortable. We got a vertical toilet paper holder and it solved everything.
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m hearing a kind of old-school, essentialist “Acidos-know-best” attitude here. There needs to be respect for all four sides in a quadruple. I don’t know a quadruple that couldn’t use a little Meso perspective from time to time to break a deadlock.
  • Great discussion! I think you’re all right!
  • Obviously it's not great for your Meso to be stifling your dynamic as a quadruple, but I agree with Volcanium that sometimes a tie-breaker just works best for everyone. Compromise isn't always the most palatable solution, but it's better than one or two members winning out over the others and creating a tense atmosphere. Being in a quadruple is about working things out together, and if your Meso can contribute sometimes to making that happen, there's no problem with that!
  • If I'm in a quad with an Acido, I think I'd really welcome the Meso perspective. However, I don't really want them hanging around all the time. Just makes them look less Meso and more, say...Obli.
  • Are these Helicopter Mesos the guides I have been seeking? I am feeling and finding so much but have made no lasting connection. I wish to begin to merely conceive of what to fathom as the scape of a true bond and what it may generate. Perhaps I will again transcend.
  • I dunno, I kind of come from a progressive Hype family, and I feel like if mesos want to play with us they should be allowed to! Maybe one day families of 5 including a meso will be just as normal as a family a 4. To be honest a family of 4 seems so boring whenever I think about it.. I would totally welcome a meso!
  • I totally think Mesos just get in the way. Today I made a group of four no problem without the help of a Meso hovering around. If there is a problem in the group the group should work it out themselves. There is most likely a leader in the group and the group should just listen to that person instead of involving an outside party.
  • As a fellow Meso, I thermally disagree. Meso's can adapt to any situations.
  • I think Mesos are cool af.
  • Guys, being an obli and all...I think we should be hie to everyone. Everyone should get a spot in a quadruple and I think it would be wise for everyone to accept all thermophiles.
  • Back to helicoptering, I have seen hovering before. Not good at all. I want my Obli space, I'm a hot girl and need to spread out! I guess for some it's needed, but give me some space Meso!
  • Seriously Mesos...I'm Hype all Day long and don't need you bringing down my heat
  • Yeah, I've had some negative experiences with Mesos trying to control EVERYTHING in the past. Because of that, I am a bit skeptical about this dating site, but you know what? I can't judge all Mesos by the behavior of the few I've known (and believe me, they were some pretty unwholesome characters!). Everyone deserves a chance, and I don't really have anything to lose. If the right Meso can help me without stifling me, I'd be willing to hear them out. The minute I feel that holier-than-thou attitude, though, or the sense that they're not respecting me, my auditory sensory organelles are shutting down!
  • all you thermophiles need to relax here. It's quite obvious that oblis know the solution to everything, so listen up. We don't need Meso helicopters. They're already too controlling as it is. #stopmesos2k16
  • I've rarely known an Obli to make a real decision, but I think with Hypes and Acidos around, the job gets done. Mesos may help, but they often stifle.
  • Don't get me wrong--I think some Mesos are all from them-cell-ves--but to call them all ne'er-do-well-cells is uncool. Calling out all Mesos is heating things up in the wrong way if you catch my drift.
  • @hype_malachite I'm sensing a lot of tension towards Oblis right now.... who overheated you?
  • Fac here. Bring all Mesos all Oblis all thermophiles of any sort. The more the merrier. All Love.
  • You guys are straight up trippin'. Our job is to unite the community. Without us the whole colony will die off from a single antibacterial spray. Us Meso set you guys up to spread some of the good ol restrictive genes to save the colony.
  • How is a Meso supposed to make a good set of matches without observation? I need to have our Meso to be well informed, wise, and all-knowing. You don't want to be stuck with random group of schnooks do you?
  • As a meso, I think that if your quadruples are having trouble with the Meso then you have the wrong one! A meso needs to fit in to the group just as much as the other members, and with the right meso you definitely have the right quadruple.
  • Guys I really think we can all see each other's viewpoint here. There's no reason a quadruple should ever not work.
  • Let us live, Mesos. Let. Is. Live.
  • I mean I'm totally cool if a meso watches us the whole time. I just don't want their ECM to make contact with my ECM while we are conjugating. It just freaks me out. Pulls me right out of the mood.
  • Mess probably have their own reasons for wanting to be included. I agree with @fac_abducensZ
  • I think mesos are useful facilitating the introduction of the relationship and getting the beginning started. However, they can become quite the burden once the quadruple is formed and they begin to hoover--you need to let the relationship flourish naturally!
  • I think they're just trying to help make a good quad. But they do tend to get in the way sometimes... Let things flow spontaneously!
  • I think Mesos are great! They are super caring and want everyone to find love
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