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  • An excerpt from a late 90s cookbook: Basically the same dish, but a lot more expensive. New Age Tycoon. This dish provides a contemporary take on a timeless classic. Nineties sensibilities, layered over traditional disappointments, our "New Age T…
  • Wow... I remember something like this from when I was a kid, "My Deadbeat Dad." I never really knew him. But he came back one Christmas and pretended to be interested in me just long enough to convince my mom to let him stay with us for a couple …
  • What is wrong with the world? I used to think it was just me that had this luck. But I kind of think it might all be intertwined. I was thinking about that guy with the basil I read about, the fake hippie. Your step-dad. The guy who showed up at…
  • I wish I could laugh.... The beef rub is wearing off. I'm out of wine. Morgellons is flaring up, maybe crossing the blood-brain barrier... Mom. RockeHearst. Feeling tired and confused.
  • Definitely. That guy was a total liar, sticking his nose in my business, claiming that I am erratic. I used to (emphasis on USED TO) work with a guy like that at the AM/PM. Cost me my job. They rewarded him by making him manager. WTF! My mom gets …
  • Yeah, I cannot drink the water. Not sure if it is safe. Have been working through my mom's boxes of wine. Though, my provisions are running out.
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