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My Mister-ess

Main Ingredients:
mistress (using “mister-ess” for a male lover)
data entry worker
whole turkey

Spice Pack:
1/2 teaspoon of apprehension
1/8 cup of regret

I have a good, normal, happy life… or at least I did.

I was working in some white office building wearing a white shirt using a white keyboard. My job was 9 to 5 as a data entry worker. I had a husband waiting for me at my normal house with its manicured lawn in the middle
of a normal neighborhood.

I had a good, normal, happy life. But I was bored.

It all started during my lunch break. I decided to switch things up and live a little. I was sick of eating re-heated meat from the whole turkey we cooked the past weekend at our normal holiday with our normal families. I decided to go downtown, and that’s where I met him.

He was working as a waiter at the trendiest diner I had ever been to. After ordering a Caesar salad with carrots (I was really letting loose), he proceeded to hover near me the whole meal. I was a bit apprehensive with all this attention. But what the heck? I gave him my number, and we began seeing each other every lunch break. I paid for the hotels, of course, he was my new secret mister-ess.

I began to have a great, spontaneous, exciting life.

I decided to ditch work and buy tickets to a concert with my mister-ess. On our way, I saw my husband. He immediately knew. Guilt and regret overwhelmed me. I cut off the waiter that instant. But it was too late. My husband left me that afternoon. I begged and pleaded. He never returned.

I have a sad, lonely, remorseful life.


  • I loved your usage of repetition, and was very engaged with the transitions from one section to another. Each revealed a new set of emotions for me to examine; and, with each shift in the writing, I experienced a shift in my feelings towards the characters you developed. Your dish was fantastic, a Borgesian masterpiece!
  • :o Increíble...pero creíble...Me gusta el plato y por supuesto me fascina el comentario....¡Todo delicioso!
  • Very concise and clear sentences which allowed the audience to really imagine even with the smallest details.
    I like how you really brought life to this bored working woman. The ending felt a little rushed, but I felt like it worked because the protagonist's relationship with her husband also came to an abrupt and halting stop.

  • I like the cutting loose with the caesar salad!
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