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From 0 to 100 Real Quick - Rehash

Rehash of Advice to Spare by markcmarino

Level: Chef

Main Ingredients:
• Aunt
• Secretary
• Vanilla
• Condensed Milk
• Bowling Alley

Spice Pack:
• 1 dash of neglect
• ¼ teaspoon of frivolity

“Hannah grab my bags, and put them in my Uber. I simply can’t be late for my flight to Thailand,” demanded my boss.

“Of course Steve. My name is Linda by the way…”, I muttered.

As I watched Steve hop inside that Uber and head for Thailand I was relieved. Being a secretary to that man was a nightmare. He neglected everyone but himself and treated his staff members so poorly that I felt more like a servant than a secretary.

But now Steve was gone for a week which meant my co-workers and I were taking the week off, regardless of the fact that Steve gave us each a million tedious tasks to complete before he comes back.

My co-workers and I were stumped as to what to do. Ben, the clown of the office, suggested that we go to a bowling alley. Once we got there my co-workers and I agreed that no rules would be followed that day/night (except for the ones that could land us in jail). We got there around twelve, a time where ten years olds were having their birthday parties. Right away I suggested to my co-worker Christine, “hey let’s crash the b-day party”. So we pretended to be some random kid’s aunt just to get free vanilla cake that surprisingly had a condensed milk center. After that the night commenced in drinking beer, moon walking along bowling lanes, and sneaking into the bowling alley’s kitchen to eat mozzarella sticks and pizza for free.

And that’s pretty much how the rest of the week went. Carefree. Steve free.

“Why aren’t all these tasks done yet!?,” emailed Steve.

The entire staff responded during this week off, “idk figure it out yourself.”

And that’s the story of how one carefree week turns into unemployment.


  • The boss from hell. Well, at least Linda might have a future in kids' birthday parties!
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