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Recommended Play (for students)

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How to Play

  1. Get a basket from the Protag-o-Matic ingredients machine. Copy and paste your basket at the top of your tale.
  2. Create a small dish of a stirring story -- 300 words or less -- using ALL the ingredients from your basket. Use people places and things as narrative; use food items for a recipe folded into the fiction. Season the tale with the emotional spice packet.
  3. We encourage you also to post a video in which you either tell the story, tell about the story, or tell how you made the story.

Recommendations for Students Chefs & Classes:

  • Post 3 Dishes (at least one should be REHASH of someone else's basket -- label it a Rehash and link to the original)

  • Post at least 1 comment on another chef's dish that you enjoyed.

  • Post at least 1 video of a DISH you made.

This is a kindly kitchen, so please keep it polite and supportive. If you can't say something nice about someone's dish, stuff a hunk of bread in your pie hole -- although do consider dipping it in the soup first.


Videos should be less than 2 minutes long. Less than 1 minute may be best.
(some suggestions)
Audio: Tell the story you wrote: or Tell a new story about how you made that story.
ideas for videos

  • Capture the emotional weight of the story
  • Show some process of making the story
  • Show the ingredients from the story
  • Show people enjoying your story

Below are some prewriting questions:

  • What’s your strongest emotional memory tied to cooking or a meal?
  • What are 3 ways that storytelling and food can be combined?
  • Describe the meal of sadness (not to be confused with the meal of remorse)
  • What are 5 moody cooking ingredients and what is there mood?
  • Tell a story about a time you cooked with someone else.
  • Who was the best cook in your life? Did you ever see their emotions while they cooked?

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