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Like Every Sunday

Like every Sunday, I was always cooking for my husband. But this past Sunday, the meal started off wrong. I started off not following directions. On April 9th, the meal I prepared had an extra kick. The kick which can be described as 1/8 tired and 1/8 smidge of annoyance.

My husband always thought his job was more important than mine so I decided to show the legislator how easy it was to do my job wrong. Oh, you ask me how? Well, I couldn’t show him at my job outside of my home. So, my hope was to cook wrong to show him how easy it was to get it wrong. I was hoping he would see the importance of my job so we could move into the lover’s lane.

The best part about my meal was the parmesan cheese. The parmesan cheese was the best because it was the only thing that tasted right. And for some reason, that alone added 1 dollop of euphoria. The sad part is some of the spices I was using, I was using for the first time. I was not even sure if I was using them right. But, that just made the meal extra perfect. He said he wanted a whole chicken. Well, he didn’t even get the whole.


  • We hope he learns to be more understanding and respectful of what is served to him.

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