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A Friend of a Friend

edited April 2017 in Dishes
Main Ingredients:
friend of a friend

Spice Pack:
1/8 of disgust
1/2 a pinch of jubilation

A friend of a friend has practically lost her mind lately. She is working towards becoming a marine biologist and is a freshman in college. She up until recently never drank alcohol in her life. But the more she drank, the more downhill it all went. One day, she decided to get a tattoo. The tattoo was a last minute decision, and if she were smart, she would have thought about it for a few months before deciding to get it. However, she went on an impulse and decided to get a cartoon drawing of a corn with eyes, nose, mouth, etc. in trousers eating a zucchini. When she got this tattoo she was filled with jubilation, but only slightly, because she wanted to see the reaction of her friends first. Now when she showed her friends, they did not want to hurt her feelings so they did their best to hide their true emotions and pretend to act happy for her. However, a small amount of disgust did come across their faces, and it was slightly uncomfortable for the girl. She soon came to regret the tattoo, and now speaks publicly on the subject of properly mulling over the idea of a tattoo before having it permanently placed on your body.


  • I think this was a really nice use of the ingredients! Your story flowed very smoothly and it didn't seem like you were struggling to incorporate the ingredients or spice pack. Nice job!
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