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Mi querido

REHASH - 'Home Again'

Main Ingredients:
first boyfriend
elementary school teacher
beef broth

Spice Pack:
1/4 pinch of homesickness
1/3 cup of sadness

It was only my second year of high school, but I was confident I had found the one. Regardless of the fact that he was my first boyfriend, Jon was perfect. I told my parents all about him, and today was finally the day when he would come over to meet them. Mom had prepared a dinner of roast duck and a lovely gravy made from cream and beef broth. Jon had been raving about it all week, because he hadn't been home in over a year.
I was listening to my favorite Latin jazz, and had just finished setting the table when I received a phone call. It was Mrs. Hebel, the elementary school teacher that lived just down the street. She was sobbing over the phone, and I could barely make out what she was saying through my old earbuds. "It's my fault," she cried. "Jon is dead and it's all my fault."
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