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A Pinch of Homesickness

A Pinch of Homesickness

Main Ingredients:

Spice Pack:
1/8 whisper of disapproval
1/4 pinch of homesickness

One day a 17 year old boy was walking down the street, dreaming of becoming an archaeologist. He was just about to be home when he saw a tattoo shop. He thought to himself why not check it out. When he went into the shop, he noticed a strange symbol on the sample board. That would look cool on me, he said to himself.
45 minutes later he came out of the shop and started to walk home to find his mom worried sick. “Where have you been!? Your dinner is…” She paused and looked down at his tattoo. “ on the table.” The boy sat down and started eating. “What is in this soup?” he asked. His mom responded by saying “Some coriander and ⅛ a whisper of disapproval.” His cheeks turned a bright shade of red, for even though he felt no pain when he got the tattoo, he didn’t realise the pain might be felt by others.
The next day in school his teacher stopped him at the door. “Where did you get that tattoo?” She asked. He then responded “At the new tattoo store.” She then she said with a seriousness on her face “That symbol you chose is an ancient sign that means that the wearer seeks something. Perhaps what you seek is buried in the past.” The boy was puzzled. The whole school day he was thinking about what his teacher said. He decided to leave home to dig up the past in search of artifacts, traces, and more whispers.
When he arrived at his apartment a bottle of champagne was sitting at the table. “What was there to celebrate?” he thought to himself. The label said “MADE WITH ¼ A PINCH OF HOMESICKNESS”. All of these signs seemed to foretell his departure, like his life was controlled by a divine force.


  • haha i like how you put the pinch of homesickness into the story literally. very creative and surprising
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