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The Danger Zone

Main Ingredients:
warrior princess

Spice Pack:
1 cup of eagerness
1/4 smidge of boredom
1/8 whisper of agitation
1/3 tablespoon of gladness

It was another day in class. Everything was going as they usually do. Math, then science, then social studies, and finally home ec. Joey really hated Wednesdays they were such bland days. Today was Tuesday, which meant tomorrow was Wednesday so today by default was just as bland as the upcoming day.

The day was finally coming to a close. The sun was high in the sky and wind was calling Joey’s name. Joey always looked forward to the end of the school day. Each day, Joey would go to the pier and buy a churro from his favorite churro stand and listen to the waves beat the seashore until the street lights came home, a sign that it was time to head home.

So close yet so far. Joey had to make it through home ec before he can escape to freedom. This slight inconvenience annoyed Joey but he was willing to look past it to get to his churro. The teacher of home ec took his job way too seriously. The class was an elective and even the school administration relegated the class to fringes in regards to money and resources. The classroom was shabby and all they had for cooking materials was the old equipment from the chemistry lab. Today’s recipe: fermented artichoke over broiled broccoli with a vinegar bisque. Easy enough, or at least easy enough to bullshit. Joey threw all of his ingredients into a beaker and placed the heat on high. Although his meal wasn’t close to the recipe, if he finished quick enough he could get to the churro stand before the mid-afternoon rush. While Joey was daydreaming about his delicious churro, he didn’t realize his beaker was boiling over. The vinegar bisque was quickly turning into a vinegar explosion. Before the concoction could claim Joey’s life, his teacher jumped across the room like a warrior princess and saved his life. He spared Joey a trip to the hospital and when Joey chomped down on his churro he appreciated each bite a little more knowing the importance of home ec and safety.
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