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The Perfect Pear

Main Ingredients:
nurse practitioner
bay leaf

Spice Pack:
1/3 cup of jubilation
1/8 teaspoon of annoyance

We grew up like two peas in a pod, my sister-in-law and I. She wasn’t the most subtle so when she would offer to bring leftovers, I knew it was just her excuse to visit my brother. They both loved cooking so their go-to conversation and outings always revolved around food. When they would return, they would brag about how out-of-this-world delicious their meal was. Jack would say, “That bay leaf really made the difference in that potato and kale soup.” And then Ella would respond, “Incredible wasn’t it?!” Did they offer to bring me along? Never - but whatever.
Ella was always very genuine and kind and not to mention book smart. Like Einstein crazy smart! She could have gone and become the CEO of her own company or have found the cure to cancer - but she loved people. She knew she wanted a career that would let her interact with people daily; so she went to school for a few years and became a nurse practitioner. She absolutely loved her job and I never heard her complain about her patients. The only other time I would ever see that sparkle in her eye was when she saw my brother. They were the perfect pair.
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