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Cranberry-Jelly Sandwiches

Main Ingredients:
divorce lawyer
gruyere cheese

Spice Pack:
1/2 dollop of exhilaration
1 tablespoon of gaiety

We grew up together - it was always just the two of us - Amanda and I. She lived in the most beautiful house with more bedrooms than I can count on my fingers. We would play hide-and-seek for hours and look forward to that every day after school. Laughter filled the hallways as we played and were chased by her little pup Milo. If you asked me, she was the happiest kid on the block. Why wouldn’t she be when she had every toy she could ever dream of, including a ball-pit which, now that I think of it, smelled like gruyere cheese. Regardless, she had a caring nanny who built her a doll house we could both play in and made us cranberry-jelly sandwiches. But I never paid attention to the fact that her parents were never home…
It makes sense now - her parents tried to keep their divorce hidden for years - but Amanda eventually found out. She grew up and became a successful divorce lawyer. It’s never really a win or lose situation, but I can tell the courtroom gives her a rush.
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