Friday: How Did Last Night's Warm-Up Date Go?

1) Find out which quadruple the Mesos put you in!
Search for your name in this document and see your quadruple assignment.

2) Pretend all four of you went on a date last night.
Post in your quadruple’s thread/discussion in the Warm-Up Date category.
Share (imagine/invent) how your date went from your perspective.
Build on each other’s account, and/or contradict each other about the nuances.
Was it comfortable? Awkward?
What went right? What went wrong?
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You can read about the 5 Genders here
or find out which Gender you are most like here.
Let your personality shine in public posts and comments only
(no private conversations!)
so the Mesos can put you in the perfect quadruple later in the week!

Getting to Know Us Hypes



  • Actually @xerxes, I'm really not all that freaked out by controversial situations. Bring on the hard hitting topics!
  • Although, on second thought @xerxes, I don't quite have the patience to listen to any ramblings. If you could be brief it would be much appreciated.
  • I suppose that comment may come off a bit rude. For those hypes I have offended, I apologize for my misstep.
  • @hype_bones I'm always open to making new, like-celled therms. Why don't we go upstream instead ;)
  • Hi guys how everyone doing. No ones voting right cause we are too cool!
  • Hope hypes in this thred aren't voting for Acido_naldTrump. Respect your vote if you are, but I am really not trying to see this hot spring go up in flames.
  • I gotta say I do love hypes, you guys know how to keep the party going and no moments is a dull moment when a hypes around regardless if they bring up touchy topics like religion or politics.
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