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Welcome to the Open House of the UnderAcademy College Summer Seminar in Grammar Porn. Here you'll see a sample of the best projects from the course. Given the most minimal instruction by Visiting Crescit Caput Mark Marino, the 24 students gathered on a sultry blog for a lascivious romp through the lusty world of grammar. Collected here are a sampling of the works created for that class.

Watch a student-led lesson by Michael J. Maguire
Michael produced this video as an assualt on the over-exclamation of writing.

See the STEAMY exercises:

Dirty Little Grammar Error:
Pay homage to your favorite grammar error.
"Diagram" by Claire Donato
Claire has taken this playful grammatical slip and slid it into a sentence diagrammer.
Untitled by John Murray
(Parentheses on Parade)
Untitled by Maya Zalbidea
Ode to those too humble to capital-I's.

Grammatical Strip Tease:
Take a poem and strip it down to its grammatical core.
"The Maid of New Orleans Peep Show" by Sonny Rae Tempest
(press the $ to see the show, stripping down the text to just parts of speech with each click)
"Emily Dickinson Striptease" by Suzy Hawkfire
Suzy entices by presenting Dickinson's "I felt a Cleaving in my Mind" in a Dance of the Seven Veils.
"Desiring This Man's Noun" by Rob Wittig
Rob strips down the Bard's sey number 29.

Grammar Lesson & Porn Mashup:
Like it sounds.
"Sadeian Discourse, or the Bindings of Language" by AM Salter
Salter puts the language of the Marquis de Sade into the cuffs of love.
"Denuded 3" by Jeff T. Johnson
Jeff created several iterations of this Strunk & White advice, making concrete poetry the butt of his humour.
"Ornithophilia" by Scott Rettberg
Scott has hidden grammatical fouls on this tribute to Lida and her feathered friend.
Untitled by Andrew Klobucar
Andrew wordles the text write out of the mouth of the seminar itself

Dirty Little Grammar Error:
"Semicolonic Incenst" by Sonny Rae Tempest
In these micro-animations, Sonny Rae puns both visually and textually with the law of the semicolon. Zoom in to see all of the play!

A semicolon (;) binds two related and independent sentences

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