Friday: How Did Last Night's Warm-Up Date Go?

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2) Pretend all four of you went on a date last night.
Post in your quadruple’s thread/discussion in the Warm-Up Date category.
Share (imagine/invent) how your date went from your perspective.
Build on each other’s account, and/or contradict each other about the nuances.
Was it comfortable? Awkward?
What went right? What went wrong?
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Z1 warm-up date

@Acido_EColi @acido_saneliur @hype_solium @Obli_vious
How did last night's date go?
Share (imagine/invent) some highlights or lowlights from your perspective.
Build on each other’s account, or contradict each other.
Was it comfortable? Awkward? What went right? What went wrong?


  • I have to say, last night's date was interesting, but a bit exhausting... I feel like I really clicked with some of my quad-mates, but the others I'm still not so sure about.

    Firstly, I have to give a lot of credit and thanks to @mesodunya_pithicus . I'm usually not too crazy about Mesos controlling things, but I have to say, this Meso seems alright! It's clear xe put a lot of thought and effort into selecting the location of our date. The vent where we all met up was the perfect temperature, and it was centrally located between all of us. Not to mention the beautiful algae blooms! Xe also prepared a delicious meal of proteins and glucose braised in a fungal spore reduction.

    I feel like I got along quite well with @acido_saneliur , which surprised me at first because of xyr gender. As we got to talking, however, it was apparent that xe was not a typical Acido. Xe was quiet at first, and reluctant to lead the conversation, but when xe did speak, there was an understated charm to every one of xyr words. I learned that xe shared some of my travel dreams, and that xe was pretty open-minded. I'm really looking forward to seeing xem again.

    @Obli_vious was kind of hard to get a read on. I think xe was having a good time, but xe seemed somewhat distant and lost in xyr own thoughts. It was clear from xyr expression that they were paying attention to everything we all said, but xe really only spoke up when we got to discussing travel. Maybe xe felt intimidated? I hope it wasn't that xe disliked me!

    As for @Acido_EColi , I was definitely shocked to see xem in my quad. We haven't really been getting along on the forums and, to be honest, I almost turned around and left the second I realized xe was there. I stayed, though, if only to meet the other two members of the quad. It wouldn't have been fair to them if I shut them down because of Acido_EColi's past behavior. At first, I just tried not to talk to Acido_EColi; I didn't respond to any of xyr conversation topics, and I certainly didn't bring up my pets! Most of the things xe said were downright obnoxious anyway... Then xe started commenting on the food. As much as I hate to admit it, xe was quite a knowledgeable food critic! Xe definitely knew more about the culinary world than the rest of us. Xe was talking about flavor profiles and all kinds of things. I was almost impressed, but then xe just started being obnoxious again as soon as the plates were cleared.

  • This date was a cruel prank. I felt personally targeted by my Meso and had to hold back tears most of the night.

    First off, @mesodunya_pithicus let @hype_solium choose what restaurant we went to. (Surprise! It was located in a hydrothermal vent without air conditioning.) Needless to say, @acido_saneliur, @Obli_vious, and I were all really uncomfortable with the heat, but, of course none of us wanted to be the cell to bring it up, so we just suffered in silence while trying to keep ourselves from denaturing.

    Why did @mesodunya_pithicus put me in a quad with @hype_solium anyway? It was the only thing that I could think about the entire time we were eating dinner. And even though my online aggressor was right in front of me, I still tried to be the better cell and include them in conversation for the sake of our other quad-mates. I'd say "I recommend the undercooked ground beef, in my experience it pairs nicely with unpasteurized milk," and they'd lean over and whisper something to our Meso or to @Obli_vious (who really didn't give much of a response, but still, table manners, you know?)

    I left the table to go to the bathroom and just sat on the floor and started sobbing. I cried so much I had to reapply my genetic makeup (my chromatin tangled), but @acido_saneliur came in to check on me and we sat on the floor together for a while and just talked about life and what it means to be a thermophile anyway. There was something they said that really stuck with me too: "It doesn't matter what class you are, what family you come from, or even what domain you're in. Biodiversity is what makes us who we are. We might be the smallest units of life, but we have the largest hearts." And then we touched fimbriae! I think they wanted to conjugate right there, but we both got nervous (and realized we were still on a date anyway!)

    In the end, I'd say it was a good date... At least, I feel like I really connected (physically, even!) to acido_saneliur. But I still felt bad afterwards knowing hype_solium refused to change their mind--even after all my attempts to probe at a deeper conversation. I mean, even if it's in their DNA to think a certain way, ideas are like retrotransposons. Both genes and viewpoints can be alternatively spliced.

    I wish they'd enter into a conversation with me hoping to be changed by it.
  • So, this date wasn't a complete waste of time. The restaurant venue was nice enough and the atmosphere relaxing, it was nice to get out of the house. I've never been one to put too much trust in others arranging blind dates or playing matchmaker, so I had my reservations about being put in a situation with complete strangers.

    Sorry to @hype_solium if I seemed aloof, it wasn't you, just takes me a while to warm up to new people. Travel is indeed a passion of mine, therefore it was a comfortable subject to join in on. I tend to sit back and listen and let the conversation go where it will at first, which during this outing provided some amusement, as watching @hype_solium and @Acido_EColi toss dirty looks over the table all night was entertaining. Not being the gossipy type, it didn't seem like my place to interject at any point, but whatever the beef is with those two, hopefully they find some common ground so group dates aren't so divided in the future.

    Surprisingly @acido_saneliur seemed quite level headed; acidos usually come off as a bit arrogant to me, but xe showed a level of diplomacy that was unexpected. I expect that talking with xem would be interesting during future outings.
  • The date wasn't what you would typically expect from a first date, but I think it went wonderfully.

    The restaurant was comfortable, not too hot, not too cold. Food wasn't extraordinary but contributed well to the homely and relaxing atmosphere. @mesodunya_pithicus made a wonderful choice in location.

    Though I was a little reluctant to speak at first, I quickly became comfortable with the rest of my quad members. @hype_solium shared my interest in traveling and seeing the world, which was quite surprising and awesome. Not many therms are willing to go out and explore far from the vents and acid baths, so that was a great surprise. Definitely looking forward to any future outings with them.

    We didn't talk much but @Obli_vious was the coolest and most collected of the group, but not to the point of being distant. What few words we did exchange were agreeable and refreshing. I would like to chat some more and get to know them better.

    During dinner I didn't talk to @Acido_EColi much, so when I noticed them go to the bathroom I didn't think much of it. When they didn't come back for a while though, I exchanged a few words expressing my concern to @mesodunya_pithicus who encouraged me to go check up on them. I did, and I found them crying. We started talking, getting into some deep conversation when all of a sudden the talk took a more personal turn. I didn't expect to see this side of them, yet I felt we made a real connection. The mood broke when we remembered the rest of the quad was still outside.

    Overall last night's date went quite well for a warm up! I'm looking forward to future dates.
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