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Peptidoglycan thickness doesn't matter... right?

Um, hi! So I'm kind of new here...haha, dating sites are so weird. Anyway... I stain pink (gram-negative), which means my peptidoglycan layer is thinner than if I stained purple (gram-positive). That's not a deal breaker, is it? What do other cells think about lipopolysaccharide capsules?



  • All I know about this right now is I really, really wish I hadn't been home-schooled by my stupid mom with her stupid religion and all that talk about her bullshit "homo sapien" god who didn't want me to become too self-aware. Am I, like, able to see my own peptidoglycan layer? Like, what does it... do? Am I supposed to be able to feel it? How can I tell what color I stain; is there a home kit or something? Do I have to get a friend to tell me? Oh God, I hope that's not it. That would be mortifying. If that's it I think I should probably just quit this site. When I tried to google this stuff I just saw a bunch of videos which were really... confusing.
  • Take it from me...if you take the time to sense the cells in your quad appropriately, they will not even notice the thickness of your layer. And since you are Hypes and Oblis, I'm guessing you'll both do just fine with that.
  • edited October 2016
    Your peptidoglycan thickness should not inhibit you to be in any context which you should hope to be in. I have stained pink and I struggled with this. I learned to accept that if I want to be able to move beyond my gastropod and venture to habitats of nonprimal conditions and temperatures, I can condition myself to capability. It is mind over matter. Hyperthermophiles over facultative thermophiles. You are thermophile and not mesophile. Your polymerases may be the enzymes that synthesize your DNA molecules, but your history of biotechnological processes do not define you. I am always here for your enhanced transfer between #Sulfolobus cells and if you choose, your homologous recombination in order to provide increased repair.

    Remember that you are not alone, and never will be. We all require elemental sulfur for growth, and whatever necessary to counter your peptidoglycan thickness is not something to be ashamed of; nor should you feel naked without it, should you choose to abstain.

    Yours truly,
  • edited November 2016
    And hey, whether @acido_ruminanimalius is right reproduction, at least the thickness of your peptidoglycan layer hella won't determine your dating destiny. ;-) But if you're into talking about, smearing, and gazing at your P.L. (hint: reflective surfaces work great), well, that's another story...

    (....but like in a good way.)
    ( in a "this information will TOTALLY help us help you" way.)
    ( know, meso stuff.)

    (...never mind.)
  • I know some cells who really care about peptidoglycan layer thickness... I saw some ads for pills that are supposed to make them thicker, but I'm hesitant to try them out.
  • @hype_pantuckilis I've had a few friends try these out with some unfortunate consequences. Make sure you look for self-acceptance inside the Plasma Membrane
  • @hype_malachite I can see where you are coming from. I'm an obli and I like to find a middle ground. Sensing cells in your quad is important, but it doesn't make up for your layer. Thickness matters in the long run :o :#
  • No way! A thermophile's peptidoglycan layer is just a way to "segregate" and "categorize" others when in fact we are all just looking for love. Regardless if they're bacillus, spirili, or whatevertheshit you never know when they might be the love of your life. I know it's tough to bypass cultural stigma you might feel like you're actions are always observed under a microscope, but just remember it's your life and your happiness. Good luck!
  • @mesodunya_pithicus I totally agree! I'm so tired of how much judgement is passed on people because of their peptidoglycan! Everyone is different and its disgusting that people don't want others to be able to live and be happy
  • We are all thermophiles here, we are equal. Fight for your right to be you thermo-friend! We must embrace what makes us "different" - like they said, live your life for happiness!
  • While I agree we should celebrate our differences, we should also celebrate what makes us the same... right? Because that is what connects us!
  • @hype_Taquaticus It really does matter honestly. If you ain't thick you ain't gonna get this flagellum #sorrynotsorry
  • I agree with my boy @acido_timous it doesn't matter to them cause they don't have it! Peptidoglycans out for harambe!
  • @acido_dropasaurus acid-bro, you know what's up. They hate us because they ain't us
  • Love has no Peptidoglycan thickness!!!
  • No way that doesnt matter! It's not about the peptidoglycan thickness, it's whats on the inside that counts. It sounds like I'm just saying that but I really mean it! A thick peptidoglycan layer isn't gonna grow old with me and keep me company!

    Plus, gram-negative peeps can be more resistant to some antibiotics! Although we haven't dealt with that in a while, who knows we might encounter some soon and you definitely have the upper hand!
  • Love your thermo body!! Keep eating as much munchies as possible.
  • I agree! Peptidoglycan layer-thickness seldom causes problems in the long run for many quadruples. If it bothers thermos initially, they can get past it. And if they can't, you didn't want them anyway. You shouldn't spend time stressing over things you can't change - think of your other great qualities, and thermophiles in your quadruple will see that!
  • @fac_abducensZ I agree! Differences make everything so much more interesting. Not clashing differences of course ;)
  • Don't stress over whether one of your features is a deal breaker or not. Learn to love yourself and you'll be happier. If your quadruple does not accept you for who you are, don't stress over it, just turn and float away. Don't worry my friend, you'll find love sooner or later,
  • Love what I'm hearing in the group (For the most part). nothing wrong with you regardless of how thick your peptidoglycan is. What really matters is whats inside that nuclear membrane.
  • Let your organelles shine on. My membranes have gotten lumpy with age, but that won't keep me from letting my freak flag fly.
  • Fellow thermophiles, I just wanted to settle the hotly contested debate.
    1. the nae nae is still a thing.
    2. the thermophile who does the nae nae gets down in the thermophiliac bed
    3. thickness of your petidoglycan gland DOES matter. After spending last night with @acido_dropasaurus, I can confirm that greater thickness is correlated with more bioinformatic orgasms :o
  • I don't think thickness matters at all as long as the membranes are still cool.
  • In my eyes, peptidoglycan thickness doesn't matter at all. its how you use it. but like the hype said -- the membranes gotta stay cool
  • my head hurt just reading this. Nonetheless, you will be able to find love regardless of your stains
  • I think peptidoglycan thickness is something on the superficial -- love is what is on the inside of the cell, not the outside!
  • I'm super thin-skinned. It's hard for me sometimes because I get really sensitive and cry a lot. As they say, in life you got to develop thick skin.
  • @obli_coronus you can do it if you put your cell brain to it
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