Friday: How Did Last Night's Warm-Up Date Go?

1) Find out which quadruple the Mesos put you in!
Search for your name in this document and see your quadruple assignment.

2) Pretend all four of you went on a date last night.
Post in your quadruple’s thread/discussion in the Warm-Up Date category.
Share (imagine/invent) how your date went from your perspective.
Build on each other’s account, and/or contradict each other about the nuances.
Was it comfortable? Awkward?
What went right? What went wrong?
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so the Mesos can put you in the perfect quadruple later in the week!

What can you offer?

Hello to all of my Oblis! Just floating around and wondering what an Obli can truly offer to their quads? I would love to hear from some of you Obli and Non- Obli cells! Thanks in advance!


  • @obli_MimosaPudica I think as an Obli I can bring a loving and nurturing spirit into a quad. I like to give great advice to those searching for answers, but anything too confrontational will bring me down. I tend to be in my head a lot at times, but I can still be a load of fun! I hope to inspire my quad and receive as much love as I feel I give.
  • I think I'd be good at reminding my quad about practical things and helping them notice the little everyday things that make life great. Like @obli_wankenobi I get pretty stressed out by conflict but as long as we all work together to get through conflict, I think I'll be alright.
  • @obli_paxthermilia I totally agree! Keep calm and obli on right? It's what we do : ) but I think we Oblis are strong and can band together for stability.
  • We are super sensitive and we never hurt anyone's feelings. We are also super observant and wise, and that offers wisdom to our group and keep our group perfect and in harmony.
  • Aren't you oblis tired of being observant? Of being wise? I want to be reckless, I want to be silly. I want to break the rules... Well, I think I do.
  • I can offer stability to my quad. I'm very mild mannered and peaceful. I'm excellent at communication and conflict resolution. The quad that gets me is the luckiest one!
  • I can offer advice, happiness, and care. I want to be able to give to others what I wish to be given because we all deserve to be treated with love and care!
  • Well... We're super good listeners. At least all the oblis I know. Those hypes really need some audience, don't they?
  • edited November 2016
    I'm always the hippie of the group. I love to unite everyone with music and the harmony of my soul.
  • I hope my quad knows that I will make sure EVERYTHING is in order and well planned out. Nor surprises for us because surprises are for the weak, and for those unable to think ahead. The life of intellectuals like us is a good one.
  • I think we all are able to keep a level head and neutral ground when times can get a little tene between some of the other thermophiles in our quadruples! Relationships are hard and its always nice to have a third party with a fresh perspective bring you back to reality. Unfortunately, however, we can tend to overthink things so it is important to keep that in mind.
  • I agree that we are level headed, I think we make it possible for others to see the right and wrong. We can dichotomize the entire world based on ethics. We should really be the ones running for president.
  • @obli_xenogalactica preach obli preach. Everyone knows those other bozo thermophiles aren't competent enough to even slide across a membrane. We need a level-headed leader
  • Yeah I feel that we can offer order especially when things get tense between the other thermophiles. I just don't know how some thermophiles can be so impulsive at times. Don't they know how to think before they act? It's good to have someone in the quad who actually thinks before acting. We don't want to engage in risky behavior you know.
  • Yes, risks are usually not in our favor. I prefer to think things out until I find the perfect solution for whatever situation I am in.
  • As an Obli, I am a great listener. Though I may be quiet, I will always listen to your problems and worries.
  • It just came to me that we oblis are also deep, deep thinkers, in addition to being wonderful listeners. We could add so much thoughtfulness to a quadruple, and who doesn't love some daily dose of thoughtfulness in their cellular life? I enjoy the quietness and the thinking more than I should haha
  • I think I commented here already, but I like having a place where oblis can just talk to one another without having to worry about anything. Building a community is the best!
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