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Some Can't Handle My Cell-ebrity Lifestyle

Am I the only Acido that struggles finding love because I long to be the cell-nter of attention? I want someone to love me the way I am, not just use me for entertainment and then leave.


  • @wazzy I feel like I have rather similar experiences as a Hype, maybe we could share the spotlight together?
  • Ditto. I feel the same way as well.
  • Oh my gosh @wazzy, me too! I'm totally like that! Like cells TOTALLY have like used me before for entertainment, and then, like, they're gone! And I'm TOTALLY into wanting people to share the spotlight @hype_all_day, like why can't I be in the spotlight too?
  • I personally am usually the center of attention since I am also Hype. I should try to stand in the backlight once in a while and see if it could help me find love...
  • Honestly own your center of attention attitude. Keep doin' you and let the haters hate!!!
  • @wazzy I totally feel the same way! I also feel like the cells are taking advantage of my outgoing personality. I obviously come off as the leader of the group but I am starting to feel like I am doing all the work. I shouldn't have to do everything!
  • @acido_joee Finally someone says it! Being the leader of the group doesn't mean doing all of the work all the time.
  • My problem as a Hype is that no matter how hard I try not to be the center of attention I just can't. This is problematic for relationships because no matter how hard I try to be selfless, I just like everything to revolve around me.
  • @wazzy You ought to try getting a pet. I know that my two E. coli will love me unconditionally, no matter what. It really helps to have something to hug and cry on when the dating world gets too stressful. In some ways, I feel like I could be comfortable being alone forever, just as long as my E. coli are there. I know that's kinda weird for a Hype to say, but sometimes pets are even better company than other Thermophiles. Sometimes...
  • Just don't get a virus as a pet. One glomed onto me once and left me feeling empty inside and torn up on the outside.
  • @Hype_toranophila maybe we could work together because I could bring you outside of your membrane!
  • @wazzy I've learned that having a thick membrane comes in handy sometimes. The right cells with stick to it, not bounce off it :)
  • I got a virus as a pet once and it proved to be an interesting experience. At first it made me feel torn up, but I eventually removed it from my membrane and greatly recovered. I am now happier and better than ever
  • Hypes you can be as cell-f centered as you want. Us fac's don't care what your flaws are, we can enjoy any situation, even when you're being cell-f centered.
  • i feel like i'm the opposite actually. I never really want to be the center of attention and my shyness makes finding love difficult. But the bottom line is, we all have are having trouble in trying to find our one true soulmate.
  • Has anyone seen Thermophiles gone Thermal? Anyway, as a Meso I am here to calibrate any two thermo's together
  • Being the center of attention makes me nervous. I'd rather give others my attention than get their attention. Maybe acidos and oblis are matches made in cell-heaven?
  • Yes I agree with @fac_facus . We're really the most flexible, so other cells can really take advantage of the fact that we can adapt to anything, or anyone. We can compliment any personality.
  • So apparently my cell-ebrity lifestyle is too much for others because no one showed up on my date. :'(
  • @acido_joee omg! you got stood up?? That's terrible. I'm sure there was just some miscommunication about the time or place.
  • Yeah hopefully! But got to admit it was a blow to the self esteem haha. I guess one day I will day (me being dramatic not actually sad and pathetic)
  • standing out is one of our characteristics, plus we are magnetic. I guess everyone will have to deal with us being the cell-nter of attetion..
  • i love standing out :open_mouth:
  • Personally, I'd rather be the one to give others attention, not get the attention. Whatever floats your thermo though!
  • I think you belong with an Obli! Hi, I'm Obli_Lava ;)
  • Oh man, I wish I had such problem... My issue is, most philes think I'm too much of an introvert :( It's so difficult to find that perfect balance in a quadruple. Maybe unicellular life is the way to go?
  • I think for me it really depends on who I'm with! When I'm with a hype or maybe an acido I am very loud and extroverted but with oblis I tend to be a lot quieter and more reserved. I think I just try and fit best into the room I am in.
  • I think I'd be perfect for you @acido_wazzy I'm always down for an adventure and know how to work a room on my own. Whenever I'm with different thermophiles I tend to get a good feel for the room and act accordingly.
  • Sometimes people are even envious of me and the friends I have, life I live, etc. and that could go perfectly with @acido_wazzy CELLebrity status.
  • I don't really think I deserve a cell-ebrity lifestyle. I'm really not that special. Oh well.
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