Friday: How Did Last Night's Warm-Up Date Go?

1) Find out which quadruple the Mesos put you in!
Search for your name in this document and see your quadruple assignment.

2) Pretend all four of you went on a date last night.
Post in your quadruple’s thread/discussion in the Warm-Up Date category.
Share (imagine/invent) how your date went from your perspective.
Build on each other’s account, and/or contradict each other about the nuances.
Was it comfortable? Awkward?
What went right? What went wrong?
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More Than One Fac per Quad? Ewww or Ahhh?

How creepy! Everyone knows a quad means one of each.


  • Think again -- I had two Facs in my quad for a long time and it means double the encouragement. It was awesome. So what if our grandcells never did it!
  • Things evolve, right? We need to let nature evolve us. What’s done is good; what’s good is done.
  • There is a lot of historical precedent for “one of each.” On the other flagellum, there is no necessary biological reason against doubling up.
  • One must step back and reflect upon the big picture. While a double-Fac quad could give joy, aren’t we to feel a bit bad for the Obli, Acido, or Hype who gets left out of the equation — alone in their hopeful bedroom, writing in their journal about the possible quadruple they have such a crush on?
  • Count on this: no Acido is EVER going to get left out of any equation!
  • But that’s why we might want to be in a quad without an Acido. Sometimes you are just too, too much.
  • edited October 2016
    I’m a Fac and I’m cool with it either way, to be honest.
  • Double Fac, Double Obli = extreme peace.
  • And extreme boredom….ugh. Look, I don’t advocate for two Acidos, but there needs to be at least one for spice.
  • Um--hello. Add a Hype for spice and you don’t need to put up with an abrasive Acido. I don’t mind double of any of the other genders, honestly.
  • I think I need to respectfully pop in here and say I agree with Meso A. Plus, I need to remind you that we do the assigning.
  • I think we need a forum without Mesos. I’m feeling a little repressed.
  • No, no--I’m sorry you feel that I’m repressing you. I’m just trying to honestly represent the situation.
  • Hey--I think we can all present our ideas in a civil way. I can see both viewpoints, and I think having a forum open to all is the best way to go.
  • edited October 2016
  • Hey…I know you don’t mean that.
  • Hey, not cool. Maybe I’ll quadrupify you two so you can work this out.
  • Alright everyone, a lot of thermophiles have very strong feelings about this, and if it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for you. But that doesn't mean it can't work for others, right? I'm not sure I would want more than one Fac in my quad, but it doesn't make sense to get angry at others if being quadrupled with more than one Fac makes them happy.
  • I could never see myself in a quad with another fac. It just isn't right.
  • More than one Fac might be dull, but more than one Hype could be a party!
  • But then again, how do you define a party? Three Fac would be a crowd and one Hype alone, might not work well without the crowd.
  • But then who is, or should I ask what is a "LadyJ"? That sounds like a masked named individual. Is it even a lady?
  • I think adding Fac's adds encouragement. We're the best hypemen
  • I agree. You need more hypes to get hyphy.
  • I like the idea of more than one Fac. I could use a couple of other thermophiles on my side that will share my love of calm and order. Keep those Hype's away from me though. You know the old saying... good from far, far from good!
  • As I sense this mass of beings from above as I descend the flow I am struck by the warmth I see but cannot immediately feel. Is this the sight of Love? Is this a space for all?
  • Acido here! More than one Fac doesn't bother me. Why only stick to one of each?
  • @hype_corgirexicus I totally agree with you, the more hype the better. People tend to work well with at least one other person that is similar to them, to cause a little mischief, and then some that are different to balance them out.
  • I don't think anyone should be left out of the equation first of all. Additionally, there is no biological reason to not let some double up! The more the merrier!
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