Friday: How Did Last Night's Warm-Up Date Go?

1) Find out which quadruple the Mesos put you in!
Search for your name in this document and see your quadruple assignment.

2) Pretend all four of you went on a date last night.
Post in your quadruple’s thread/discussion in the Warm-Up Date category.
Share (imagine/invent) how your date went from your perspective.
Build on each other’s account, and/or contradict each other about the nuances.
Was it comfortable? Awkward?
What went right? What went wrong?
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Stay in Character, and Share Yr Experience of TiL this week! (Write Sun Nov 6 or later)

Staying in character as your thermophile, please tell us about how you experienced this week of intrigue, love and (hopefully) lifetime quadrupling! What did you learn about the other genders? Your own gender?


  • It has been a rather exciting week in the land of Thermophiles. I experienced love and replication on many levels, both within my quadruple and with thermophiles from other quadruples. I guess that proves that even thermophiles aren't perfect and sometimes engage in adultery :o . I would say that hypes are certainly the coolest beings I've encountered. All this talk about gender has led me to one exciting revelation. Gender is irrelevant. I've met funny thermophiles, arrogant thermophiles, entertaining thermophiles, etc. It doesn't matter what group you come from. Thermophiles are amazing all around
  • I am so glad that I decided to face my fears with dating sites and join Thermophiles in Love. I had no idea what to expect. I came in with so many fears (especially with my future quad and with replicating), but I met some amazing philes that helped me. What intrigued me most is the diversity within each gender. I met some very arrogant acidos and thought that I didn't like the gender, but I met some very nice ones too. I'm just proud to be an obli through and through and this was an interesting experience meeting so many other amazing thermophiles!
  • It has been great learning how to come out my shell and open up myself to quad love. I met some other the other therms but i still believe Aminos rule.
  • There's so much out there and I am so glad I decided to explore myself alongside other Therms! I may still be single, but I'll divide sooner or later! Having fun finding myself! Go mesos!
  • This experience was great. If only every Therms were open to sharing their feeling. We have too many shy archaea out there. We need to help them break out of their peptidoglycan shell.
  • Even though I didn't hook up with any new Therms, this experience was interesting to say the least, and kind of makes me want to branch out more! Also I learned a lot about myself as an Obli. Good luck everyone!
  • So, this was all such a fascinating experience. As an acido, I can be pretty self-absorbed and, honestly, too self-involved so it was great to find a site like this that facilitated all of our interaction for us. Even though nothing really came of my quad, it was so much fun to be able to interact with all kinds of other cells I otherwise would not have had the ability to. And, there really was such a range of characters when it came to the genders--there really was no solid stereotype for any one. I felt like everyone, no matter their gender, was able to communicate something distinct about their own personality in all of their responses (at least, the more thoughtful ones). It was sort of nice to see that choosing a gender--or, however you want to talk about your gender selection/lack thereof--didn't necessarily mean uniform conformity. Everyone was there own cell :)
    Getting to spread my membrane here definitely got me thinking more about gender and its fluidity--since, in my humble opinion, no thermophile was a total stereotype.
    Also, being an acido, I was able to really explore my own cell-f-expression! Really exercise my voice and express my feelings in the heat of the moment. No holding back, not being an acido. It was rather ex-cell-herating.
  • If it's cool to have deep superficial connections, I certainly had them on Thermophiles. The cells I got to know were exciting and beautiful. I appreciate everyone's honesty and love how much they made me feel welcome. ;) I just want to let everyone know that as an acido, I was able to skip my acid wash once this week. That has never happened. I'm more comfortable than ever before.
  • This week's date was pretty chill. I wanted to talk more bc I'm a hype but everyone wanted me to listen. It was kinda weird though only 1 other person in my quad was actively like are we a pair are we a quad. Idk.
  • I think it went pretty well. Since my gender is right there on display, I felt some people were judging me before I even spoke! It kind of rubbed me the wrong way, and I felt like I was trying to fix something I didn't even do!
  • My experience with this dating site was not the best when it comes to the actual dating part. My quad was not responsive at all. There were times in which I felt that I was losing heat and I had to remind myself that being disappointed with my quad shouldn't get to me. The rest of my quad didn't even show up to the big date and at the end I had a date with mycellf and honestly, it was great. I learned that I don't need another therm to feel happy. Maybe this dating site experience was not the best, but it helped me love mycellf more. Maybe next time I will find the right quad for me, but I'm okay for now.
    It was great meeting and reading what other therms had to say. It was really funny. I saw different personalities and realized that no therm is the same, no matter what type of therm they are.
  • I did a lot talking this week, even more than usual! And it was pretty fun just yelling into void when my dating group didn't work out. Maybe didn't go as planned but still went well!
  • I joined not expecting much from this dating site in all honesty, but wow was I mistaken! I connected with cool and awesome thermophiles when we went on the first date as a quadruple. Definitely do not regret deciding to join! Thanks to Thermohpiles in Love! I can't wait for future dates and replication with my intimate quad. ;)
  • I wasn't totally sure what to expect from this dating site. I guess I still feel as reserved as ever, definitely still uncomfortable with the process. I guess what I learned from this experience was not that I seek to change who I am, but rather I seek to accept it. I was born an obli and I'm proud of what I represent, my future romances will have to embrace that as well.
  • Well due to the fact that none of the other thermophiles in my quad were able to hang in the extreme environments our dates took place in and thus conversate with me I didnt get to meet many other thermophiles or get to know their personalities. Maybe its just me and being a fac means i just cant have friends because I'm to deceptive?
  • I had been looking forward to the big date, and I thought that we all had fun, but I haven't heard back from anyone since.. :(
  • Well I not the most outgoing thermophile so this was a learning experience for me. The other thermophiles I went on a date with really helped me get out of my shell and really become someone I never thought I would be able to be!
  • This was definitely and interesting week for me and I am happy I participated. I have always thought of myself as an extrovert and was able to take full advantage of my outgoing personality to connect and chat with other thermophiles. While although the big date did not go as well as I planned, it was an eye-opening experience and one that I can learn from.
  • I'm glad I too the time to experience this type of dating scene. Although my group has been silent about how they felt the date went, I like to think that my careful planning made the start of the evening very enjoyable. My. Farrell's presence, however made the night a bit too loud and rambunctious, now allowing me to really get to know the rest of my matches. Perhaps we can make plans to try again in the future (once again, without Will) to try and make it work.
  • This week was very interesting and I'm glad I had the opportunity to talk to other thermophiles. However, I feel that I was able to bond more with other hypes than my quad because I'm really not looking for love, life moves too fast for that.
  • With that being said, the date with my quad was spectacular and they will definitely be considered life-long friends to me. We danced and laughed the night away!
  • I would say that the dates were a little sub-par. I would have enjoyed being matched up with another hype, someone who could keep up with me nonstop lifestyle. I learned that genders of the other thermophiles didn't matter as much as I originally anticipated for the most part! I know that I am a very headstrong type of thermophile, but I was still worried about mixing with my quadruple's individual personalties based on what they said and wrote as opposed to paying attention to their gender in their name.
  • Well, this week of dates was interesting. I tend to be very shy so the first warm-up date went poorly. Like I explained in an earlier post, the acido insulted me AND spilled his water on me. But, the next big date went a lot better. We all let loose and I wasn't as shy because I know the other three thermophiles by that point. I thought we all had a great time but apparently the other three thermophiles didn't think so because they never commented about it. That made me sad. :/
  • Oh what a wonderful dating experience! I learned so much about myself and was able to learn about many other thermos!
  • All of my thermos showed up and by the end of the night I was able to merge us all as one cell.
  • By the end of the dates, I'm not sure if I'm an acido, hype, obli or fac!!!! Maybe I'm a little bit of both, how fun!!!
  • I was always a little hesitant to get on one of these dating sites. But after a few recommendations from friends (who had some luck ;) ) i had to give it a go. I gave it my all at the in-person dates, but looking back, I think more time perusing the forums, making my voice heard. Althought I didnt find love this weekend, my time at the hot springs isn't over. The love train never stops!
  • I enjoyed mixing with everyone and felt very at home with everyone. My first date went very well, everyone showed up and imagine my surprise when I showed up with three acidos! However, my second date was pretty disastrous and I was ousted as, to my surprise, three acidos banded together.

    Overall, I think I just need to give it another try! I work well with so many kinds of people and one bad experience isn't going to ruin it for me!
  • As a meso, I found it at times frustrating to see that there is so much potential in relationships but see some of the potential fall through. However, patience is virtue. Thermophiles will find love with one another and I will serve to facilitate and incubate that love. It takes time!!
  • Honestly, as an Obli, there was simply so much going on that it was too much to handle at times. It made it very difficult to open myself up, put myself out there in hopes of finding a thermofile mate. I dont really have time for the drama that people started in this activity, I just wanted to find love and I think this was a waste of time. But I am always right and my expecactions into this were
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