Header Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House
Winner of the Opening Up Digital Fiction Prize for Children's Fiction

The Tales

Read one of the Mrs. Wobbles stories online.  All of the stories are appropriate for ages 9+.  The beginning ones are appropriate for even younger readers.

UnBoxing: The First Ever Mrs. Wobbles Book! 

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When Cece arrives in the magical foster care home, the Tangerine House, Mrs. Wobbles gives her a box of memories and warns her only to open it when she is ready.

If you choose to open it for her, you may unleash a tide of Cece's memories along with Mrs. Wobbles nemesis: Santana, the devil winds. But you will also send the book itself into a jumble.

feat. poetry game by Margaret Rhee

Themes: Childhood trauma, loss of parents

Online Stories

Book 1: The Mysterious Floor:

Two boys look upon the Tangerine House

Pay What you can
Ages 5+

After just arriving at the Tangerine House, Stevie and Leroy cannot sleep.  Turns out, neither can Margaret.  And something is happening to the floor. 

feat. poem by Lewis Carroll

Themes: Childhood Trauma, Courage

Book 2: Parrot the Pirate

A bearded pirate with a sword and a spirally peg leg.

Pay What you can 
Ages 6+

Continuing the tale of Book 1, Margaret, Stevie and Leroy find themselves awash in a pirate tale.  But too defeat the crabby Pirate Fred, Margaret will have to face some fears.

Feat. poem by NE Taylor

Themes: Childhood Trauma, Courage

Book 3: Switcheroo

A girl looks into a mirror and sees a boy in the reflection

Ages 9+

When Derik went to sleep, he was a boy who could not walk, but today he awoke to find more than one thing had changed. Will he be able to find his way in the world as a girl? Will he be able to go back to who he was? Who does he want to be after all?

Themes: Gender, Identity, Ability/Disability, Courage

Feat. poem by Ryka Aoki

Spanish Version: Libro 3: El cambiazo (espanol) Translation by M. Goicoechea


Book 4: Spy EYE

Kids on beds flying around the Capital Records building

Pay What you Can

Ages 9+

💫Winner of the Opening Digital Literature Prize! 💫

Juan and Ichel are recruited for a spy mission to find their birth parents, only to find that the reunion is not what they expected. As they navigate the gadgets, villains, and flying beds, they must also sort through their feelings of hurt and loss.

feat. poem by Margaret Rhee

Themes: Childhood Trauma, Sibling Relationships

Book 5: The Land Down Under

Land Down Under Cover Image

Ages 9+

Through a glass in the floor of the Tangerine House, Lin has marveled at the perfect miniature world of The Land Down Under. But when her two foster siblings go missing, Lin must pursue them into this world only to learn the price of perfection.

Feat. poem by Genevieve Marino

Theme: Conformity, Divorce, Bullying

Illustrations by Noel Tinsman-Kongshaug