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The Cook-Off (live-ish)

In Cooking with Anger, you can also compete in teams to get the most yums for a storecipe.

On this thread, you can post videos of your team's best effort. Here are some basic guidelines on how to play:

  • Form a four-person team
  • Generate a basket (Master Chef mode)
  • Assign each group member a spice pack
  • Go around in a circle telling the story until you've used all your spices.
Since each person represents a spice ingredient, they are responsible for adding that emotion in the proportion specified in the recipe. So a pinch of sadness might mean just one sentence or one word when their term comes around; a tablespoon, multiple sentences.

Judges: We recommend you also have some judges, though people can play judges on this thread, as long as it's in the spirit of good fun and good food.

We also recommend a few props: a cooking spoon makes a great "talking stick" to pass around. Also, if you write the basket's ingredients on scraps of paper, the team can throw them into a big pot or basket as they use them.

When you post your video, please post your basket's ingredients in case another team wants to compete using the same basket.
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