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Peeky eater

Main Ingredients:
bibb lettuce
lamb chops

Spice Pack:
1 dollop of frustration
1/3 dash of worry

One more meal.. and the almost eternal..conversation.." Vamos, vamos come tu lechuguita. It's a bibb letucce! It is healthy.. fresh...Today mama made a special dish to go with it.. lamb chops, apple sauce.. and dash of happinessI I have to admit .. I added --almost in a hidden act.. a dollop of frustration...Will she/they eat it? Yes, there was a dash of worry in all this ! Why ? Because.. she/they , the seeker or seekers..will always find an excuse to avoid.. the bibb lettucce .. But I had a plan.. How about engaging everybody in their favorite conversation? How did the basketball game go last night? Yes, and without realizing and like a player who runs and positions himself to score a three point field goal.. they all finished up the fresh and delicious bibb lettuce!!
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