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How to Play Cooking with Anger

edited April 2017 in General
Welcome to Cooking with Anger, a netprov where you get to cook up a story out of a basket of ingredients.

Cooking with Anger runs April 10-17.

To join the feast, just sign up for an account, and once you're approved you can get cooking!

What is Cooking with Anger?

Modeled on TV cooking competitions, Cooking with Anger is a netprov where storyteller chefs improvise a tale and a recipe from a given basket of ingredients.

Many have written about cooking with love; now it’s time for all the other emotions

How to Play

  1. Get a basket from the Protag-o-Matic ingredients machine. Copy and paste your basket at the top of your tale.
  2. Create a small dish of a stirring story -- 300 words or less -- using ALL the ingredients from your basket. Use people places and things as narrative; use food items for a recipe folded into the fiction. Season the tale with the emotional spice packet.
  3. We encourage you also to post a video in which you either tell the story, tell about the story, or tell how you made the story.
Cooking with Anger was created by Rob Wittig and Mark C. Marino. For more information contact them: Mark C Marino [at] Gmail or Wit [at] Robwit [dot] net

This netprov is being played by the Meanwhile Netprov Studio featured players and students from Kean University (Prof. Mia Zamora & Alan Levine), The U.S. Naval Academy (Prof. Perla Sasson-Henry), Winona State University (Prof. Talan Memmott), University of Minnesota-Duluth (Prof. Rob Wittig), and the University of Southern California (Prof. Mark Marino).

We welcome all chefs! For more information about netprov or Meanwhile..., go here.
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