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Rehash: Apple of my Eye by Luisandrea

Data Entry Worker

A dash of moodiness
A dollop of fear

About two years ago, a Data Entry Worker for the Court of Justice in Washington D.C. had an argument with his supervisor about the methods they were using to record data given the newly instituted interface. The Worker made the claim that he had more than a dollop of fear that they were being slowed down by all the new interface functions and features, and that the various cases that they were recording would not be filed as fast as they used to.

"For instance," the Worker started gesturing, with just a dash of moodiness, "The case last year of the woman who choked on a piece of apple and died simply will not be recorded right. For some reason, the interface keeps auto-editing to chocolate, as if an apple is not an option."

The Supervisor started to laugh. "Message to Garcia," he said.
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