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In Class Exercise - REHASH

Gruyere cheese

Bzzz. The screen blacks out yet again. For the third time this month. This is what I get for buying a cheap computer off craigslist. Time to call my code monkey step-brother Sam again.
I kind of hate calling him though. He has a tendency to talk on and on. About his boring friends and his boring job and his boring cat. Even when he’s already fixed my computer problem and I’d like for him to go home. But no, he always has to stay and chat. I kind of just want to be alone but I also want to watch Netflix…
Ding-dong. He’s here. I take a deep breath and open the door. He’s standing there with his sister, my step sister, Jane. I’m pleasantly surprised to see her since she’s been traveling all around the country lately. She’s always fun to hang out with and always brings over food. I send Sam upstairs to take care of the laptop and bring Jane into the kitchen. She’s into doing experimental dishes and today she’s brought over some gruyere cheese and fried okra. The dish is alright. Nothing too special. We gossip about various family members and about Sam of course. Sam’s taking forever though…my computer must be really screwed up. Probably shouldn’t have let it fall off my bed this many times. We get bored so we turn on the TV and watch cars racing on the racetrack. I feel my eyes grow heavy.
Next thing I know, I wake up with my computer on my lap and the house empty. Did they even come over? My call log is empty and kitchen empty. But somehow my laptop is working perfectly fine.
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