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Main Ingredients:
yoga mat

Spice Pack:
1/2 dash of homesickness
1/3 pinch of glumness

The past couple of weeks I have been struggling without the presence of my parents. You see this has been my first month out of the house and at college. I haven't made that many new friends except for this weird girl who let me borrow her yoga mat for or yoga class. But other than that, college has just seemed so gloomy lately. So after talking to my brother, he said my family hasn't been reaching out as much because they think my schooling to becoming an actor is very time consuming. This is actually not the case. Especially as a freshman. So my brother got whiff of how I was feeling and passed it on to my parents and they took it upon themselves to make and send me my favorite carrot cake. With all the bells and whistles. I mean it was even topped with tarragon which is my absolute favorite. So a week goes by and I still haven't received my cake yet. So I'm like wtf. Turns out my damn RA ate it. I hate college.


  • Hahaha khalil wtf. This is hilarious, makes me wonder if you experienced something similar to this. But thank you, that last line made me actually laugh out loud. Good work hahaha
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