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Girl Stay In

Main Ingredients:

Spice Pack:
1/4 cup of passion
1/2 smidge of embarrassment

What started as a night out with the girls to let off some steam ended somewhere between Bridesmaids and The Hangover.

Beginning: Spinach and green apple vodka shots (don’t ask)
End: World getting the privilege of seeing new lovers Riley and Rachel express their commitment in the ultimate way (matching name tattoos on their chests).

She was normally a sensible and practical mechanic working for an egotistical maniac in the big city. Which is why when she found out that she was yet again with child, she freaked. I mean when your employer’s idea of a safe workplace is disparagingly berating you every time his wife cheats on him it doesn’t scream job security. The only thing that got her to work each morning was that extra large cup of dark roast java from her favorite coffee shop with 2 shots of milk and now she wouldn't even be able to indulge herself with that.
During a quick 15 minute break from her exciting Thursday morning, she gets a surprising text from her new lova.

Riley: Turn around.

There he was down on one knee doing what he thought he was supposed to when your new girlfriend gets knocked up.

The gesture was grand, sweeping and everything it was supposed to be but there was a slight problem.

Before she met Riley that night, she did have an…..encounter with a sexy and sympathetic bartender that same night. There was a lot of cheap vodka flowing and before she met Riley, Rachel decided to let her inhibitions go and be comforted by Steve the Bartender. Normally, Rachel would be extremely nervous and not even have the courage to have a one night stand, but the ONE time she lets herself go she meets a guy she really cares about 20 minutes later. Go figure.

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