Interview with Jeremy Hight part 1 — s4, ep. 17

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Interview with Jeremy Hight part 1 — s4, ep.17

It’s part one of our interview with writer extraordinaire, bag of hyphens, Jeremy Hight, author of many works of electronic and print literature, and nice guy to boot!

Featured Netprov: Monstrous Weather

Alex Mitchell’s adaptation: Monstrous Weathered

Mark Marino’s adaptation: Monstrous Weather twine

  • 34 North, 118 West
  • Jeff Knowlton and Naomi Spellman
  • Vanilla Sky, Abre Los Ojos (Did he say, ‘Obre’?)
  • Cake Frosting, Unsweetened Oatmeal
  • Teleconnected Weather
  • The Worst Pumpkin Ever
  • The LA Flood Project
  • Ghosts and other hauntings
  • Horrific Pudding

Intern: Charlene
Sponsor: Buzzword Begone

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