Fall 2017 Update

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Fall semester, I was on sabbatical, working on the Critical Code Studies book, a musical, and a new netprov called “One-Star Reviews,” which runs through November. The kids and I are developing the fourth Mrs. Wobbles story, called SPY E.Y.E., and it will be launched in the 2018 Spring Thing! This past summer, we exhibited Maria Goicoechea’s translation of Switcheroo, el cambiazo at the ELO conference in Porto in an exhibit I coordinated with Maria, Astrid Ensslin, and Lucas Prieto. Switcheroo also won the 2017 Opening Up Digital Fiction Children’s Fiction Award. We also exhibited a preview of Salt Immortal Sea, a new collaboration with John Murray, Joellyn Rock, and Ken Joseph. Finally, my kids and I just made a Hallmark Holiday Movie generator bot, which I’ve discussed in this post about making Twitterbots.

BTW, the 2018 Critical Code Studies Working Group rand from Jan 15-Feb 5. Check out our discussions and the new CCS research group in HASTAC.

Fall Talks:

  • 11/6 Guest lecture Willian and Mary
  • 11/15 Guest lecture Winona State
  • 12/9 Poetic Research Bureau: Reading as part of the book launch for Love, Robot, Margaret Rhee’s fabulous book of poetry.

Winter Talks:

Spring Talks:

  • CCCC Conference in Kansas City: Panel on Fake News
  • UC Berkeley, April 5, performance, talk April 6

In the News:

Here are a few recent articles: One in which Jeff Young discusses humor in my teaching, a New York Times article in which I give a little history of Selfies, another in which I comment on Facebook’s changes to its newsfeeds, and another about Fake News. Here are some thoughts of mine about alternatives to #DeleteFacebook, though I’m not really against that move.

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