News: Floods, Netprovs, and More

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Since the Fulbright in Norway last semester, I have been busy collaborating on:

  1. 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10: a Critical Code Studies book written collaboratively by 10 authors on 1 line of code.
  2. CLOSE READING ELECTRONIC LITERATURE, A CASE STUDY: William Poundstone’s “Project for the Tachistoscope: [Bottomless Pit]: another collaborative reading of a digital object, this time with Jeremy Douglass and Jessica Pressman
  3. Netprov: Networked Online Literature: Rob Wittig and I have been collaborating on an article about netprov and various performances including his amazing Grace, Wit, & Charm and The LA Flood Project.
  4. Critical Code Studies Symposium 2011: the second annual CCS conference at USC hosted by the NEH IML Vectors Summer Institute. This was the first event of the newly formed HaCCS Lab.

Ongoing: Performance of the LA Flood Project October 20-27th on Twitter (search #laflood)
Upcoming: October 27th, 7pm, USC, The Mobile Voices of LA’s Immigrants: a presentation of the LA Flood Project along with Voces Moviles and the Transborder Immigrant Tool.

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