Happy New Year 2011

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Upcoming: HASTAC Scholars forum on Critical Code Studies begins Jan. 18th. Come join the discussion. Also, the Electronic Literature Collection, volume 2, is due out in 2 weeks. It will feature “a show of hands” along with a host of AMAZING works.
Talk at USC: What Matters to Me and Why. Jan. 19, 12pm, Ground Zero.

Recent: Jan, MLA 11, Los Angeles, presented the LA Flood Project and a paper on the Transborder Immigrant Project.
Dec. 14 “a show of hands: las hermanas de la palma,” the play adaptation of my online hypertext novella will be read at Repertorio Espanol at 6:30pm on December 14th in New York City. You can read the novella here.

My students developed a new project called @Wall Watch in response to the tragedy of Tyler Clementi at Rutgers.

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