2019 update

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This fall I continued to work on the Critical Code Studies book (to be published with MIT Press) and launched a few new projects. A new version of Salt Immortal Sea was featured in the gallery of the ELO 2018 conference in Montreal. The kids and I enjoyed sharing Mrs. Wobbles, episode 4 Spy E.Y.E. at IndieCade. I also presented on teaching Fake News at the 4Cs conference with Talan Memmott (my co-teacher at UAC), Robert Emmons, and Dennis Jerz. You can see the syllabus for my Fake News course with exercises here. The kids and I are working on the next Mrs. Wobbles story (my daughter’s “The Land Down Under”) and the Hallmark Holiday Movie generator bot, which was discussed in this Wired UK article.

Recent Publications

  • Salt Immortal Sea: an interactive storygame about the endless return of war.
  • Spy E.Y.E., the latest episode of Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House
  • Baksteps: a netprov about self-improvement apps with Rob Wittig
  • Behind your Bak: A netprov about the joys of push notifications (also with Rob)

This Spring

  • Co-Teaching a Master Class in Dad Jokes for UnderAcademy (1/18-28/19)
  • Speaking at Convening on Public Theology and Media Strategies at USC (Feb 22)
  • Speaking on panel on Teaching Students to Read Critically in the Age of the Internet at USC (Feb 22)
  • Teaching a course in digital literature at USC
  • Finishing up the Critical Code Studies Book
  • Publishing Special Issue of Hyperrhiz: Buzzademia: Scholarship in the Internet Vernacular. (with Anne Cong-Huyen & Kim Knight)

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