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Dirty Little Grammar Error
I admit (quite frankly) that my mind–that is to say the part of me that thinks about these things ( in some cases more than it should(though in others much less than average))–loves to depart (and arrive, such as at conclusions (and climaxes, preferably multiple–though not always my own)) from its original (and even the outright (and forward) cliche) ideas to consider other [expressions, sensations, devices, restraints] suitable for discursive (reasoning|representations|realizations|play|sessions) of the limits/extent/lengths/depths of our collective [r|st|h]acks, [h|b|sl]angings and [l|str]engths; where/when/how(why?) do such alternative (pathways|timelines|devices) result in a single (albeit [multitud|libid]inous and even auto-erotic asphyxiatiion-inducing) result–especially when regularly and thrust+ into otherwise innocuous vessels of thought prematurely–?