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Finding the Emotional Support to Replicate

I’ve been worried about replicating for a long time. You hear all the horror stories of cells who are, like, at the supermarket and then they look down and all of a sudden they have two of everything and it’s, like, ‘here we go’ and then you wind up replicating in the back of an Uber and you have to pay for the mess.


  • Exactly! I don’t want to be surrounded by strangers when it happens. Everybody talks about how weird it is to see an identical ‘you’ for the first time. And then all of the ‘which one is the real me’ and ‘are you the new me or the old me?’ You need somebody to talk you through it. And I want a Meso there! Can’t be too careful.
  • You’re thinking about replication in the wrong way. You’ve got to let go of the concept of a consistent ‘soul’ or ‘mind’ that ‘travels’ to a ‘new cell’. The After-Replication is just a myth. It’s a story we tell each other when we’re scared. All there is is: This Cell Now.
  • This cell now. Right. But this cell now... is scared!
  • Two of me is more me to love!
  • Yeah! Two of you is more… Does that same thing work for two of me?
  • It’s not that I’m scared, but I do want my quad around me when I replicate. You know, you’re sharing your ups, your downs, you want to share your replication, too.
  • Sorry to intrude--but as someone who has to replicate (and often) in a harsh environment, you sort of desensitize to it all. Maybe its the fluorescent lights or the sound of the thermocycler on repeat, but it just puts you out of it, you know?
  • I've told all my friends that I've replicated before, but honestly, it's just terrifying. And then I have to try to tell them that all my replicants got moved over to the next hot springs and they're, like, yeah, right, of course they did, and I know my friends know I'm lying about it, because how would my replicants do that, of course, but still, I'm not ready to admit it to them. I'm just not really ready for this and I don't know how I'll ever find the right support system. One of my friends has like 16 replicants here already and they all talk about how they just love replicating and can't wait to split again and it's just so annoying. I really don't think this site is going to work for me, I mean, nothing else has, right? But I guess I have to try. Ugh.
  • @obli_inproperpersona sorry to hear that. It really isn't that fun. If anything, the idea of conjugation is what gets me going. Sorry if this is TMI, but I don't think enough cells know about transformation. (Seriously, binary fission is more of a "let me have some daughter cells" kind of thing and less of a "be intimate with me, other cell" kind of thing. Hoping my quad will want to try this...)


  • No need to apologize, @hype_Taquaticus ! It's very informative, I hadn't even considered that before. Branching out like this certainly isn't for everyone but it's nice to see some alternatives to simple fission. It could be interesting, but I'd personally be sort of worried that doing something like that might cause some changes to my cell structures that I wouldn't be ready for. Communication would be really important for anyone interested in doing this.
  • Oh my! I did not notice the NSFW disclaimer and just scrolled down while in the library - I fear I'm not going to be able to come back here for a while. I feel like maybe they teach things differently in the schools of different hydrothermal vents? Our teachers never told us anything about the process in detail....
    I do think @Obli_Sulfurus raises an important point though. As somecell who's never replicated before, I imagine the process to be deeply transformative - maybe not transcendental, but at least life-changing, no? Like a metamorphosis into a doppelganger..... I wonder if it will feel like gaining a sibling and becoming a parent at the same time? And yet I still feel like a child. What sort of responsibilities will we have to our replicants? And if we do come to love our replicants like @Acido_Ferfidus predicts, would that not actually be the height of narcissism? Or would it just be self-positivity? Where does one draw the line? Ahhh it's like the mirror stage all over again!
  • A friend of mine replicated in the middle of a job interview! It was the most embarrassing moment of his life, and quite disturbing for the poor interviewer as well!
  • Oh, wow, @hype_Taquaticus, I... I don't know what to say. It's just, you know, everyone in my little vent is always like "you're an Obli, you must be all wise and stuff" (right, because, you know, we're all alike? Whatever, don't get me started) but then to come here and have to admit that basically I don't know anything about anything because I generated in some backwards thermal vent in the middle of some sulfurous nightmare...

    Well, honestly, I almost didn't log back on. But I'm kinda glad I did. No, you know what? I'm really glad. That's totally NSFW and I'm so glad I have access to this site without a bunch of other stupid thermos around to judge me about it. Diagrams are really nice though, you know, it really helps me. I guess the stereotype about us Obli's being all analytical and stuff is kinda true. Anyway, I'm less scared than I used to be.

    So, like, this is kind of super embarrassing, too, but, uh, you seem really knowledgeable and stuff, so... uh, if I wind up in a quad where that happens, you know, like in the diagram, what if I don't exactly know where the F plasmid is, right? Like, I know that another cell gets to copy my F plasmid, but will the other thermo just kinda know where to find it? I definitely don't want anyone, like, accidentally touching my chromosonal DNA, you know?

    I don't know, I was always told about how fission is just something that happens and I'm not supposed to think about it or know about it or anything, but we never talked about THAT stuff, you know, and maybe that's why I feel kind of more... comfortable with the idea? (Eek! Can't believe I even said that!)

    Also, last thing, not a big deal or whatever, but, uh, you know... I've heard that viruses sometimes pretend to be other thermos and then come and kill us by blowing us up. Is that true?
  • Also, I don't want to get all up in thermo's business or anything, but @Obli_Tofuarugulus and @Obli_Sulfurus, uh, don't you guys even believe in God? I think you guys are way overthinking this stuff. I mean, replication is weird and can be gross and stuff, but if it's part of our destiny it'll happen and then there are more thermos for the One True Vent. That's always good, so I don't really understand all this stuff about your mirror stages or whatever. Aren't you afraid of all that dangerous talk?
  • edited November 2016
    I'm with @Fac_Reflexis & scared out of my nucleotidos about replication! AND WE ALL SHOULD BE! Seriously, @Acido_Ferfidus, stop being such a sheep-cell and face the truth: REPLICATION IS DEATH!

    WAKE UP SHEEP-CELLS! You die when you replicate and two TOTALLY DIFFERENT cells take over your fluids!

    If you want to live, you have to stay OUT of temperature zones that make you feel "comfortable." Because comfort means replication means DEATH.

    Even if I live an extremely uncomfortable lifestyle, with my organelles being scalded or nearly frozen off half the time, it's worth it staying out of my optimal temperature zones! I'm not going to let replication take me!!!

  • edited November 2016
    LMAO THIS THREAD IS A JOKE I LITERALLY REPLICATE ONCE EVERY 20 MIN. In the time it took me to read all the comments I get on a daily basis for being so fabulous ;) I went through like 3 replication cycles.

    So long story short....It really isn't a big deal.

    It's like ripping off a band-aid, only the band-aid is like half your body. And like, you know, emergent properties.


    Am I making sense here?

    @Obli_Igneus just because you're an Obli doesn't mean you know everything.
  • This description makes me feel something so new. Beyond the intrigue and curiosity of the warm red tingle I feel the cold blue of retreat. But for what? Why does the temperature change come at the seemingly most insignificant times? This is world grows more vast as I meander the flow.
  • edited November 2016
    @Obli_Volcanium I used to be so afraid of replicating, but then I found out that I have a plasmid, and... well.. keep calm and obli on, you know?
  • I would like to get thermal. Is anyone interested?
  • I wonder how the first replication was like...mmmhh how did they handle the situation? Ugh someone should really come up with manual of what to do when you replicate unexpectedly in order to avoid embarrassment. If there is one out there, please let me know.
  • I don't remember how many times I've replicated or if I ever have, is there something wrong with me?
  • @SulfurGirl Nothing's wrong with you. Everyone has a different replication cycle and I've heard there are some (albeit eukaryotic) cells that never even undergo division in the first place!
  • @obli_inproperpersona Oh, the mirror stage occurs at the beginning of a cell's life, when they first look at their donor parent and feel like both subject and object, within themcell and outside of themcell, if that makes sense? Also I've never heard of anything like the one true vent... I apologize if this is offensive to you, but is that a cult? I'm wary of any sort of doctrine that pretends to advocate some sort of destiny - I mean, just look at how the belief in Manifest Destiny in the colonization of the Calcite Springs 3,000 million years ago turned out.
  • Replication doesn't sound too bad. Except for the division part... Actually it might be a just a *little* daunting after all.
  • Wow, replicating sounds AWESOME!! I don't think I have replicated yet as I feel this sense of loneliness. I just really want to replicate soon and I want to replicate A LOT. I think having more of a support system would be really great for my self-esteem. The constant reassurance I would get about my outstanding complexion sounds oh-so desirable!
  • TBH I don't think much of replication. Doesn't really phase me. Though, I do think it's a per-cell-nol thing. Even if I were in a quad, I'd want some privacy when it comes to replicating. I don't mind spending the rest of my life under the miscoscope, but not this. Gotta have a squad that respects that.
  • @Obli_Volcanium I feel you. Replicating and all the emotions that go along with it are troubling. I've never had the supermarket incident, but I've heard all the stories about arguments between cells in their quad and I'm too sensitive for all that. The worst is when your cellmate is a campus cruiser driver and she keeps making you replicate in her car during her 15 min break every night :/ :#
  • @SulfurGirl what's up thermophile? Let a real obli holla at you for a second. You may not be able to remember your other replications, but you'll remember ours ;)
  • Yo for real replication isn't that big of a deal . I realize everyone who hasn't replicated wants their first time to be special, but lets face it, replication is just a biological imperative. There's no need to ritualize it. My first replication happened when I was 12 hours old while watching some thermophiles go swimming in some hot springs and let me tell you, I enjoyed it. And more importantly, the more you replicate, the better you will be when its time to conjugate then replicate with your quadruple. You don't want to let them down do you?
  • I honestly think that replication is what we make of it. It is different for everyone and everyone has different ideas about it, as we can see. I think that's because the experience is going to be different for everyone! That's not a bad thing. Everyone should wait until they are comfortable, it should be a good experience. But even if it's not, that's okay! Take it from a Fac, you can see the positives or negatives in everything to be able to take something good out of it.
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