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Post College Special

Main Ingredients:
chia seeds
striped bass

Spice Pack:
1 whisper of exhilaration
1/2 teaspoon of disapproval

Graduating college was not as glorious as everyone made it out to be. In fact, I liked it when I had no real world worries and just studied books from day to day. Hi, my name's Ron and I've been outta college living at home for about 6 months. I have a degree in art history so I guess I'm unemployed and with boredom overflowing, I knew today would be the day. I always knew that the academia was not for me but I loved to cook. Being a chef was my dream ever since I was old enough to turn on the food network at home. I fell in love with the mystery boxes with chia seeds and striped bass to Batali's cool style. I wanted to be him. I would tell my parents that I wanted to learn to be a chef. The operation seemed like a suicide mission, but I had to follow my gut.

I spent thirty minutes walking back and forth from my desk to the door mustering up the courage to tell my parents. Finally I stepped out. My heart was beating out of my chest. I knew my mom was always less strict so I anxiously stepped toward her. She put down her ukelele that she was practicing and asked me what I wanted. I told her about my plans to be become a chef and she called my dad over. I knew it was over. She didn't say yes, there's no way dad would agree with anything, hell they barely let me do art history in college and now I'm telling them that they just wasted 200k so I could realize that I wanted to cook. Shit, shit, shit, dad is here now. I told him everything. He nodded. Then told me it was ok.

Holy shit, I just did it, I told my parents what I really wanted and they agreed! I know some to some of you this isn't that big of an accomplishment, but in my world, stepping up and doing something unorthodox is near impossible.

As I got to my room, I heard my mom yell from the kitchen," Dinner is your responsibilty now!"


  • This story flowed very naturally and you incorporated the ingredients very smoothly. Nicely done!
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