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The complications of success

Main Ingredients: 
former boss
lamb chops
hair net

Spice Pack: 
1/8 pinch of liking
1 whisper of agitation

As I adjust the poorly-fitting hair net on my head to protect the hour and a half of effort I put into my hair and take another drag of my cigarette I ponder the course my life has taken over the past year. Just a few more hours whipping up asparagus and lamb chops for the Bel-Aire folk and I am back in my own McMansion with a bottle of wine and a good TV show. Unfortunately, I have more work to do before the night is out.

The event is a lavish party and I should be excited, it's my chance to showcase my skills as a chef and lover of fine dining. However, I cannot glean too much joy for the sole reason of the party being for my former boss, a middle-aged pig of a man who thinks he is God's gift to everyone. Normally I don't speak so hostile about former employers but the reason for my malcontent is perfectly rational- he fired me as his assistant because I refused to sleep with his son! I thought I was doing the right thing by telling him but no, it just cost me my job and a month's worth of rent.

As I look back, though I cannot help but be a tad bit smug, he told me I wouldn't amount to anything so naturally I went back to cooking school, graduated top of my class, and have been a global sensation ever since amassing more money than his family combined- so I guess I owe him a special kind of thank you.

As I make my way back to my domain I start to smile as I can only imagine the looks on their faces when I come out to surprise the dining room later that night with a little speech on how he 'inspired' me to be the best. Perhaps this night won't be so bad after all.


  • Nothing's better than making a great comeback in your life so you can laugh on people who looked down on you, a short but nice story!
  • This is actually really good! Typical I find it hard to pick up on the "Spice Pack" but you did a good job presenting them. I could sense the pinch of liking and the whisper of agitation through your voice and the story wasn't choppy or felt rushed at al. Good job.
  • I love you sort of left the ending being unsaid because we can imagine what will happen next! This story is very juicy!
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