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My terrifying experience last year

edited April 2017 in Dishes
I think my roommate Jack is a nice person, and it is enjoyable to live with him. We have similar hobbies, both of us love anime and games so we talk to each other a lot. That is a lot better than my previous roommate since he is a terrible person.

Last year was my first year in USC, everything is new to me, environment, people around me, dorms...etc. It sure took me a while to adapt to new stuff, but it’s worth it. My new roommate is a very weird person. He barely talks, even I am just trying to be nice and friendly, he ignored it.

Refuse to communicate is not a big deal, maybe some people are just too shy, that’s what I keep telling myself, A few weeks later, I found a very disturbing fact. When I left for class, he checked something on my laptop as if he is a spy and I had some confidential data in the laptop. I asked him what happened and he said he is just curious, then I told him this is privacy and he has no right to do so, he refused to talk and apologize, I am baffled. How come like, 5 roommates in 4 years and 4 of them are freaks? Why do I have to live with people like that? Am I a freak magnet or something? I feel depressed.

Then another day I saw that he was trying to bake a cake. He mixed all the ingredients like milk and baking powder together then he put it into the oven. I was surprised since it is rare to see someone making dessert, at least to me. When he finished the whole cake, he wrote a note with his name on it and stick it on the plate with a duct tape, saying that if he found anyone stole it from him he will call the police.

Well, I didn’t live with him for a long time, I just can’t handle it anymore and I asked for reassignment right away, that was terrible. Maybe that’s why I treasure my time with my current roommates now, but it is sad that I can’t live with them next semester, they are moving out to an apartment off campus.

Main Ingredients:
baking powder
duct tape

Spice Pack:
1/3 smidge of joy
1/8 cup of grief


  • Great story! I thought it was very funny and you used all of the ingredients really well (:
  • I definitely did not expect the story to turn out that way which was a cool surprise!
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