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condensed milk
bowling alley

Spice Pack:
1/2 cup of disgust
1 dollop of neglect

The secretary, Ms.Neg, was sitting at her desk with a bag of groceries she bought at the expensive Ralph’s from the corner. She didn’t buy much just some condensed milk, vanilla, strawberries, squash, chips, utensils and several types of drinks. She was planning to make her favorite aunt’s party quite special. It was going to be her 60th birthday and she had planned to celebrate it at a retro bowling alley in Pasadena.

It was about time for her to head over to the bowling alley and set things up. As she set up the tables and chairs, she remembered that she forgot to buy a cake. It was almost time for people to start coming to the birthday party. She didn’t have time to go to the store and come back, so she looked at the only food she had brought with her and decided to improvise the main dish.

She mixed in all the perishable foods together and hoped that mixing them together wouldn’t cause so sort of life-threatening combination for her guests. She poured the experiment into small bowls and set them on one table. Guests were beginning to come in and helping themselves to the rest of the food. Finally, everyone was here and so was the birthday girl. As it got closer and closer to revealing the main dish, Ms. Neg, served a bowl of this new interesting food to the guests. They all looked down, examining it and smelling it as they have never seen food looks so similar to vomit. They all took a spoonful of this food in question, and as their’ tongues touched the liquid, they repelled it out quickly and fainted.


  • Interesting title. The was a great story, and I have to say the title caught my eye. Cute and funny short story with good use of the basket ingredients and spices (y)
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