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Cooking with Gas

Main ingredients
step brother
code monkey
gruyere cheese
race track

Spice Pack:
1/4 tablespoon of reluctance
1 pinch of surprise

Luke: Brrrrrrrrrrrm. Brrrrrrrrrrm.
Bo: Will you stop doing that!
Luke Brrrrrm Brrrrrrm.
Bo I said, Stop it!
Luke: Fine. Are they really going to let us drive it?
Bo: No, Mom just said that so we'd shut the heck up.
Luke: The heck. You can say the word.
Bo: Nope, mom might hear -- she's got super ears.
Luke: Fine. I've got a surprise for you.
Bo: What?
Luke: I reprogrammed the car.
Bo: You what?
Luke: Yup -- well, I didn't -- this code monkey I found on the Internet did it.
Bo: The Internet?!! You are not allowed on the Internet.
Luke:So what? Mom'll be glad. Wait'll you see what that puppy can do.
Bo: Shsshhh. Here comes mom.

[A car pulls off the racetrack. It is bright red, lightning McQueeen colors. And it is sparkly. A window lowers. The driver pulls down her goggles to reveal bright beautiful eyes.

Luke: Mama!
Mama: You got it?
Bo: Yep, here's your fried okra and gruyere sandwich, just like you like it.
Mama: I've got get back in there.
Luke: Mama, there's something we should tell you.
Mama: What? I gotta go.
Luke: Well, it's just that.
Bo: Tell, her.
Luke: Um, right, it's just
Mama: I gotta go, boys.
Luke: Tell her.
Mama: Stop abusing your step-brother.
Luke: But....
Mama: I gotta go.
Luke: All right. I'll tell you late.

[The car speeds off]
Bo: What is WRONG with you? Why didn't you tell her?
Luke: I don't know. I was worried she'd get upset.
Bo: Wait, why is the car spitting out all those things -- they're firing out the exhaust pipe -- oh, no, look-at those guys skidding. What are they?
Luke: oh, no....
Bo: But what are they?....
Luke: Bananas!
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