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Which Rhythm

Main Ingredients:
whole chicken

Spice Pack:
1/2 tablespoon of infatuation
1/8 pinch of serenity

The music began to crescendo, the chicken sizzled, the spice shot across the potatoes. Headphones thumping, I sat over the meal I was creating, cooking to the beat of the song. The idyllic, masterful calm of cooking given new life through the excitement of music. I was no master chief but I felt as like a playwright crafting a musical. I imagined each piece of food bringing the music to life. Hoping that the emotion I felt came across in my cooking. Going beyond the salt and pepper I applied to the chicken, would my guests feel the beat of the food. Will eating the food make you feel as alive as I do cooking it. Is disrupting the normal serenity of cooking with the opposite, the right move. Am I destroying some sort of cosmic recipe for cooking by using cooking as an excuse to listen to the music I had such infatuation for. Was I cooking for my housemate to eat, or was I cooking for the experience I was currently having. Was the experience worth upsetting this cosmic balance? Was cooking even the right choice, I have never cooked before. I mean I’ve cooked 100’s of TV dinners and mac and cheese, but never a whole chicken. The music was my excuse to cook, but would it be my downfall? Should I be cooking to the beat of the music or the beat of the ingredients, which rhythm should I follow? I guess this will be a test for the next time I cook. You know 10 years from now when I find myself in the same situation. Maybe I should just order pizza, maybe that’s the right choice.
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